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LW Chapter 7

Oral s*x under the quilt, begging his husband to grind his p*ssy with his d*ck.

Chapter 7: Oral s*x under the quilt, begging his husband to grind his p*ssy with his d*ck.


  After entering, his vision was filled with blue. The wall, desk, and bed, including the quilt, are shades of blue mixed with white, making the whole space look very clean. There are no extra decorations in the room. Apart from the books, there are only some cartoon figures in the bookcase, and they are all very masculine characters. Xiao Qi squinted his eyes. He doesn’t like to watch cartoons. At best, he knows Sakuragi Hanamichi playing basketball.


  Chen Guo was falling into a deep sleep under the soft quilt, his lips were tightly pressed, and his eyebrows were also wrinkled. Xiao Qi leaned over, hesitated, and did not wake him. He took off his coat and slippers, and slept directly next to him.


  The weather in May and June was a particularly comfortable time to take a nap. Because it was not too hot or cold, Chen Guo didn’t know when he fell asleep, and when he woke up, he was a little confused. Then he saw the man lying beside him, breathing evenly, looking handsome with his hand circling his waist.


  When Chen Guo moved closer to him, he could smell the scent on his body. It was very pleasant, mixed with the fragrance of shower gel, which made him a little addicted.


  Although he didn’t know when he was lying beside him, Chen Guo didn’t plan to give up this opportunity. He thought about it. No matter what kind of feelings Xiao Qi still holds towards his sister, since he got married to him, he will not let go easily. Even if Xiao Qi regrets it, he will act shamelessly and keep this person by his side, and then find a way to make him fall in love with himself.


  Chen Guo is very soft-tempered, and sometimes unbelievably stubborn. His parents often didn’t understand what his little head was thinking.


  He sneaked into the bed, pushed the man’s body into a flat position, and then fumbled to untie his belt. Chen Guo himself basically didn’t use a belt, so he had to work hard to unbuckle it. Because of the lack of oxygen in the quilt, he had to raise a corner so that the air could circulate in.


  Pulling down the zipper, Chen Guo moved cautiously, fearing that Xiao Qi would wake up before he finished. He touched the huge mass that was wrapped in underwear, even in a sleeping state, it was enough to make Chen Guo marvel at its size.


  He first smell at the place like an idiot, and there was no peculiar smell at all. He held the penis with his hand, opened his mouth and put half of the glans and stem that wasn’t yet erect.


  The soft touch brought him a novel feeling, but his body instantly became hot. As long as he thought of what he was doing and for whom he was doing it, his eyes were always moistened easily. The tip of the tongue licked the tender skin over and over again, moisturizing it with saliva, and feeling it slowly swell up. In the end, the mouth couldn’t wrap it all, and it was held to the point where there were no gaps.


  Chen Guo was unconvinced, backed up a bit, took a deep breath and swallowed the swollen cylinder a little deeper. Until it reached his uvula, he had to stop, spit out a little, and swallow again.


  Chen Guo doubted that he had no talent for oral sex at all, and did not know how those people swallow the whole genitals in the small movies. He only swallowed a small amount and couldn’t swallow it any more, and the glans always touched his uvula, making him feel the urge to vomit. He had to give up the plan, spit out the penis, and licked along the thick blue veins with his tongue over and over again, even licking the root till it soaked. Finally, he noticed the two heavy sacks, hesitated, and opened his mouth to suck them up.


  When he sucked one of the balls in, Chen Guo found it particularly fun and was a bit obsessed with the touch. He couldn’t help sucking the two balls in turn, licking the skin there wet, before returning to the thick sex organ.


  As soon as he swallowed the glans and tasted the salty prostatic fluid in his mouth, the quilt was lifted, and Xiao Qi looked at him with burning eyes.


  Chen Guo’s face was very red, his eyes glowing with water, and his ruddy lips contained the man’s thick penis, his whole person looked pure and lewd. Xiao Qi drank too much and slept very deep, but he couldn’t resist the pleasure. When he woke up, he realized that this was not his own spring dream. A young and bold person was lying under the cover and gave him naughty oral sex.


  Xiao Qi stroke Chen Guo’s cheek, his voice was dumb, “Is it delicious?”


  Chen Guo felt ashamed, and he wished he could be a little bit wilder, turning the man in front of him into a wolf that would rush towards him and eat him. He did not withdraw from the genitals in his mouth, and answered while holding it in his mouth, his words were vague and incomprehensible. After saying “delicious”, he looked at the man’s eyes while continuing to give him a blowjob.


  The horse’s eyes kept secreting salty and fishy fluid, ​​but Chen Guo didn’t reject it at all. On the contrary, he liked it very much. He rolled it all into his mouth with the tip of his tongue, and the excessive saliva in his mouth flowed down along the thick cylinder, dyeing the penis a shiny layer. It was clear that the sky was still bright outside, but the two in the room were engaged in lewd affairs. Chen Guo tried to deep-throat again. He pulled the penis back with only the glans left, and swallowed it quickly into his throat.


  ”Cough, cough, cough…” The moment he wanted to vomit, he was choked with saliva. Chen Guo’s entire complexion was flushed, and he had to spit out the hot sex organ and coughed. Xiao Qi hurriedly helped him smooth his back. It took Chen Guo a while to calm down, and then lowered his head to continue, but Xiao Qi stopped him.


  Xiao Qi looked at the person with red eyes like rabbits, and smiled helplessly, “Why are you so reckless?”


  Chen Guo anxiously tried to explain, but before he could say anything, his lips were sealed by Xiao Qi. The familiar taste invaded his mouth, making him addicted. The moist tip of his tongue came in along the gap between his lips. Chen Guo obediently put on his tongue and took the initiative to wrap it around.


  Even in such a bright environment, it can’t stop the lust from spreading. Chen Guo is almost in a state of being at the mercy of the other party. He put his arms around the man’s neck and desperately wanted to deepen and extend the kiss, not willing to leave him at all. Xiao Qi still had to take into account whether his breathing was smooth or not, and where they at, it would be inconvenient to have a relationship at this moment. After kissing, he originally wanted to stop their entanglement, but when he saw Chen Guo’s longing desire in the watery eyes, he didn’t have the heart to do it after all.


  He unbuttoned the buttons on Chen Guo’s trousers with one hand, pulled down the zipper, took out the swollen sex organ, and moved it up and down with his own.


  ”Ah…” Chen Guo couldn’t help but cry out softly from the pleasure. The thought that Xiao Qi was actually masturbating him made his passion rise. The prostatic fluid was constantly coming out, wetting the man’s slender fingers.


  Xiao Qi touched his forehead and kissed him little by little, “Baby, are you comfortable?”


  Just the word “Baby” was enough to make Chen Guo tremble with pleasure. He squirted out semen when he said the word “comfortable”, making his clothes wet and soiled.


  Xiao Qi didn’t expect him to be so fast. He was taken aback, and saw Chen Guo’s blushing eartips, smiled lightly, and kissed the eartips, “Baby’s body is so sensitive.”


  Chen Guo struggled to take off his trousers and exposed his white and tender legs, wrapping the wet flesh between his legs, and the anal opening that was still a little red and swollen after being used a few times. He looked expectantly at the handsome man in front of him, “Husband, come in.”


  Xiao Qi’s gaze was attracted by the beautiful pussy. It was pink and tender, it was also slightly closed, looking as shy as the owner. The stamens in the middle have already emerged, and the thin seam underneath is squirming uneasily. Some transparent juice came out, dyeing the surrounding tender meat wet.


  Chen Guo wanted to learn from the little movie and begged the man to come in, but he was ashamed, so he could only bite his lip and look at the man. Xiao Qi watched for a while before withdrawing his gaze. His eyes were deep, like an endless ocean. He kissed Chen Guo’s ruddy lips, then inserted his sturdy genitals between his legs, closed his legs again, and began to rub back and forth in and out.


  Chen Guo was a little disappointed because he only used his legs.


  He wanted to dedicate himself wholeheartedly to this man, unreservedly, using this deformed and pure body.


  Xiao Qi seemed to see his thoughts and kissed his cheek while continuing to rub the white and tender legs with his thick and hot penis, “Baby, now is not the right time.”


  Chen Guo put away his disappointment and hugged the man’s neck, clamped his legs tighter, and used the soft voice to cheer the man, “My husband’s big cock is so thick, it’s hot and so comfortable.”


  As expected, Xiao Qi’s movements were a bit faster, and his breathing was a little short. There is no water between the legs and not enough lubrication, but both of them feel good in their hearts. Chen Guo adjusted his posture, “Husband, come down a little… I want to grind…” He hesitated for a while, but still shamefully said the lines he often heard in the small movie, “Grind my pussy…”


  The man was stunned for a moment, his eyes darkened, he moved the hot sex organs down, loosened Chen Guo’s legs, and directly rubbed the hard and swollen penis against the soft labia, rubbing over the anal opening and the clitoris, “Baby, is that right?”


  Chen Guo almost fainted from the pleasure of being rubbed so hard at that moment. He never knew he had so many sensitive points. His eyes were full of tears after being rubbed by the man’s penis, but Xiao Qi thought he was in pain, and looked at him nervously, “Baby, are you hurt?”


  Chen Guo shook his head carelessly, “It’s too comfortable, husband, more…”


  Xiao Qi founf that he couldn’t control himself at all, and when he heard the word “more”, his already hideous genitals became bigger. He let Chen Guo hold his leg, making his whole body almost folded in half, and whispered: “Baby, take a good look at how your husband uses a big dick to grind your pussy.”


  The man’s words passed to Chen Guo’s ears, making him almost go crazy. A lot of transparent juice came out of the twitching hole between his legs. He stared closely at the thick genitals that grinds between his legs, rubbing the two shy labia until it blooms, from the white color into a brilliant red. The extremely sensitive clitoris was constantly being rubbed, and the cock in front of Chen Guo also hardened, it was held by Xiao Qi, and rubbed along with his movements.


  The delicate and unmanned hole is constantly gurgling with lewd juice and dye the whole cock wet, and the pouch will be slapped on the anal mouth every time it is rubbed, which brings a different kind of pleasure.


  Chen Guo almost went mad with pleasure. This was no less than real sexual intercourse. He watched the genitals of the man he liked constantly rubbing his female cunt, and his two fleshy lips were wide open, as if wanted to wrap and suck the thick penis. Chen Guo’s breathing became heavier and heavier, and his saliva flowed down the corner of his mouth uncontrollably, “Husband…husband…so comfortable…the big dick grinding my pussy is so comfortable…ah…ah…”


  Every lewd cry of him was exchanged by the man’s more intense action. The obscene juice became a lubricant, and gradually the squelching sound was heard, which sounded lewdly inconceivable in the quiet air. Chen Guo was so comfortable that he couldn’t help himself, and straightened his body, “I…I’m going to shoot…husband…”


  Xiao Qi accelerated the speed of his hand. After Chen Guo shot it out, before he recovered, he saw the man had already withdrawn his penis, but he held it in his hand and stroked it quickly against the wet pussy and then a thick stream of sperm was shot and poured all over the tender pussy.


  The bright red pussy is covered by a thick layer of white pulp. The picture is very lewd. Even though Chen Guo is very shy, he refuses to close his eyes, watching the man’s sweaty forehead and handsome appearance. His heart beats fiercely as never before, as if it was about to jump out of the cavity.


  Xiao Qi came over and kissed him, and the two exchanged light kisses. Chen Guo waited for his breathing to calm down, and smiled at the man sweetly, “I really like my husband’s semen.”


  Xiao Qi was almost hardened again by that sentence.


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