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LW Chapter 8

Candlelight Dinner

Chapter 8: Candlelight dinner.


  They went back to their home that afternoon, and didn’t even eat dinner. After they went back, Xiao Qi began to prepare dinner, and Chen Guo was standing on the sidelines. He watched the man’s skillful vegetable cutting action, and couldn’t help but marvel, “My husband is so amazing, potato shreds can be cut so quickly and so finely.”


  Xiao Qi’s face was a bit hot. He has been praised for his excellence since he was a child. However, others did not praise everything like Chen Guo, and the tone was especially sincere, with a sense of worship, which made Xiao Qi listen very comfortable, but also a little embarrassed.


  After dinner, the sex scene he was looking forward to did not happen. Xiao Qi went to the office to deal with documents, and Chen Guo could only play games in the study.


  When his classmate saw him online, he curiously sent a message, “How can you play games when you are seriously ill?”


  Chen Guo went through multiple reasons that he had come up with, and in the end he only typed four words and sent it—— that wasn’t me.


  Then he gave up the game, read the book boredly, and fell asleep after a while. It was already the next morning when he woke up, he was already in bed, lying on the soft blanket, next to the man he loves.


  It was very early. Chen Guo looked at Xiao Qi for a while, and then intended to get up. As soon as he moved, there was a pain emanating from between his legs. His face twisted in pain, and he let out a loud noise from his throat, which awakened Xiao Qi, “Baby, what’s wrong?”


  Chen Guo quickly said, “It’s okay.” He moved cautiously, but found that it was still painful. Xiao Qi twisted his eyebrows and lifted the quilt. “What’s wrong? Let me see.”


  Chen Guo originally didn’t want to show him, but then he thought about how much he was going to seduce this person, he took off his pants and spread his thighs obediently, “It hurts here, feel like burning.”


  Xiao Qi leaned in and saw that the original pink flower had been turned scarlet. The two fleshy lips almost doubled in size, the clitoris was also swollen, and the skin next to it was red. Knowing that he was a bit too intense yesterday and made his little wife’s pussy swollen, he suddenly felt a little distressed, “It was swollen by me yesterday. Sorry, I’m going to find you an ointment.”


  ”It’s okay…” Speaking of yesterday, Chen Guo couldn’t help but think of yesterday’s scene. His heart was pounding and his face flushed. Xiao Qi got up and searched for a while, found a tube of swelling ointment, and helped Chen Guo to apply it carefully, “It’s best not to move around today, otherwise it will hurt even more if you rub it, and don’t wear underwear.”


  Chen Guo wanted to cry without tears, “Then what should I wear? I can’t just leave it like that…”


  Xiao Qi touched his cheek and smiled lightly, “Wear a skirt.”


  Chen Guo flushed, “I don’t have a skirt.”


  ”I’ll make arrangements after making breakfast for you.”


  Xiao Qi made porridge and brought them to Chen Guo with delicious pickles. Chen Guo awkwardly went to wash up. He heard the doorbell ring while drinking the porridge, and Xiao Qi went downstairs to open the door and came up with a box in his hand.


  When the box was opened and they saw the nightgown inside, both of them were embarrassed because they were too sexy.


  One white and one black, they were both in suspenders style. The fabric is very smooth and transparent. It also has an open back. Just unfold it and one can imagine how it will look like on a woman.


  Both of them were a little embarrassed, Xiao Qi said, “Sorry, I told the assistant to buy a nightgown, but I didn’t expect him to send such sexy ones.”


  Chen Guo’s face turned redder, “It’s okay…I…I like it very much…”


  After putting it on, he almost only dared to lie in bed. Xiao Qi originally planned to take him out to play today, but now he can only cancel the plan. He took care of his work, and now he has a lot of free time. He first went to the drugstore and bought a box of more suitable ointment for Chen Guo, then took a book and sat by the window to read it.


  Chen Guo was a little bored playing with his mobile phone. He opened WeChat and was stunned when he saw a certain avatar. He came to his senses after a long time, clicked in to open the big picture, and saw the most common blue sky, there was also a white cloud floating. He felt a little excited and couldn’t help but look towards Xiao Qi. He was holding a book, wearing glasses, and looking very serious, which fascinated him.


  Why did he suddenly change his profile picture? Obviously, when he (X) saw his (C) sister yesterday, he (X) looked like he was still in love.


  He didn’t dare to ask at all yesterday. His whole person was in panic and fear, and his mood only relaxed after doing lewd things with Xiao Qi. After returning home, he had completely forgotten about this matter, and now he thinks about it again.


  He hesitated to ask, frowning while staring at Xiao Qi. But after a long time, he still didn’t make up his mind. Instead, he drew Xiao Qi’s gaze over, “What’s the matter?”


  Chen Guo hastily lowered his head and shook it, and then raised it again, looking at him with some bewilderment.


  Xiao Qi put down the book, walked over, sitting on the bed, and asked with a somewhat softer voice, “Baby, what is it?”


  Chen Guo put his heart down and smiled slightly, “Nothing.”


  The swollen pussy took two days to heal. Xiao Qi has been doing the work of applying medicine. Every time Chen Guo saw his slender fingertips pick up the milky white ointment and smearing it on his lower body, the whole person would be as red as a boiled shrimp, but even though he was ashamed, he did not refuse Xiao Qi’s help because that’s just what he has wished for.


  No matter how it is, if he can touch Xiao Qi, or let Xiao Qi touch him, he will not evade.


  In these two nights, they were naturally pure sleep. Chen Guo found himself hungry and thirsty now, always wanting to let Xiao Qi take possession of himself. He waited eagerly every day. Sometimes, just imagining it a little bit will get his body all hot, the dick is stiff and cocked, but he doesn’t feel too good when he strokes it himself, only wanting those pair of dry hands.


  After finally waiting for the swelling to disappear, Chen Guo began to plan how to seduce Xiao Qi. He went to the largest supermarket during the day to buy the best steaks, he bought nine roses on the way back, and then spent the afternoon studying how to make steaks.


  He thinks that he has a good talent for cooking, and the things he makes are still quite decent. Although it doesn’t taste particularly delicious, it is enough to create an atmosphere. He arranged the roses in a vase, used a candle holder, and iced a bottle of red wine.


  Xiao Qi came back in the evening and saw the darkness in his home. Thinking that Chen Guo was not at home, and felt a little lost.


  Even though they haven’t been married for long, he has become used to being greeted when he comes back every night. As long as he sees Chen Guo’s smiling face, the exhaustion of the whole day will disappear, and his heart will also be warm. He didn’t know that a person could fall into a habit so quickly, he could form a habit in just a few days, and once this habit was broken, he would be a little at a loss.


  In addition to being uncomfortable, he was more worried. Chen Guo would tell him wherever he was going. He hadn’t come back until this late. Where did he go?


  Xiao Qi thought a lot during the journey from the car to the door of the house. When he just wanted to take out the key to open the door, the door was opened from the inside, revealing Chen Guo’s smiling face.


  Xiao Qi breathed a sigh of relief, “There was a power outage at home?”


  Chen Guo was too shy to answer. He took the slippers for him to put on, feeling nervous all over. The room was very dark, but it was not completely without light. When Xiao Qi saw the two candles on the dining table, he realized that his little wife was preparing a surprise for him. The corners of his mouth couldn’t help but raise up, “Baby, what delicious food you prepared tonight? It smells very fragrant.”


  Chen Guo said in a low voice, “Steak…”


  ”It’s really a steak. I’m looking forward to it.” Xiao Qi walked quickly to the table and saw the beautifully placed steak. There are also several broccoli flowers on the side, and there are not only candles in the middle of the table, but also fiery red roses with water droplets on the petals, which looks very beautiful. He noticed that Chen Guo was still standing in the hallway and hadn’t come over. He was puzzled, “Baby, what’s the matter?”


  Chen Guo looked at the tall, handsome man standing there, his teeth trembled with nervousness, and he forced himself to calm down, but the heat on his cheeks seemed to be burning. He hesitated for a while, and approached the table little by little in the man’s focused gaze.


  Xiao Qi somewhat guessed the reason for his shyness, but the shock in his heart was still very great when he really saw it. The calm heart couldn’t help but also became restless. Only at this moment did he deeply feel the charm that the candles, roses and steak set meal revealed.


  Chen Guo wore the black nightgown that he hadn’t worn before. The suspenders style exposed a large area of ​​skin on his chest. Even though he didn’t have the plump breasts of women, it still looked very attractive. The nightgown was thin and transparent, and somewhat slim cut, highlighting his slender waist and two long white and delicate legs. The place covered by the nightgown faintly revealed the erect penis and a dense black hair.


  Xiao Qi’s eyes darkened and stared at him for a while, his voice was already hoarse uncontrollably, “Baby, turn around and let me see.”


  Chen Guo gave him a shy look and turned around obediently.


  The backless design reveals his beautiful butterfly bones. His back is white and flawless. The black fabric only covers the plump buttocks, which makes his waist appear very thin and his buttocks curved.


  Chen Guo stood nervously, seeming to feel the man’s scorching gaze, and then heard the sound of footsteps slowly approaching in his ears. Not long after, a pair of powerful arms wrapped around his waist, and the man’s warm breath deliberately blew in his ear, bringing him a trembling itch.


  Xiao Qi licked his earlobe with the tip of his tongue, his voice was low and magnetic, “Baby, are you seducing me?”


  Chen Guo was short of breath, and his red face was even more delicate than a rose. Xiao Qi couldn’t help but lick his chin then kissed his lips. Before the lingering wet kiss was over, Chen Guo felt something hard and hot against his butt, and even erotically drew circles on his buttocks. He would hardly be able to stand if it hadn’t been for the man to hold his waist.


  Even if Xiao Qi wanted to eat the person in his arms immediately after the kiss, he didn’t want to waste his carefully prepared dinner. He took him to the dining table, opened the chair for him to sit down, and went to drink the wine by himself.


  The dinner was eaten elegantly and with eroticism. Chen Guo’s mind was not on food, and Xiao Qi’s mind was also not on food. However, the two of them ate the food cleanly, and then Xiao Qi cleaned up the plates and washed them.


  When he came out, he noticed that most of the glass of red wine poured for Chen Guo had been drunk clean, and the wine in the bottle was also less than a half, and smiled helplessly. He sat on the sofa, held the already drunk person in his arms, kissed his lips, kissed his eyebrows, and jokingly said in a low voice, “Why did you drink so much? How can we make love if you are drunk?”


  Chen Guo immediately widened his eyes and his voice got a little louder, “I’m not drunk, husband, we can do it.”


  Xiao Qi didn’t intend to let him go. His little wife prepared it all so meticulously, even if he was really drunk, Xiao Qi did not intend to stop. His lust has been aroused to the highest point, even in the process of washing the dishes, the hard and swollen thing hasn’t softened.


  Xiao Qi smiled and said in a low voice, “Is it really okay? Has the swelling gone?”


  Chen Guo nodded heavily. Xiao Qi leaned in his ear, his voice containing an intoxicating smile, “Baby, show it to me.”


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