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LW Chapter 6

Coming home together
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Chapter 6: Coming home together.


Afterwards, Xiao Qi wiped off Chen Guo’s body fluids with a paper towel, and didn’t intend to hug him to take a bath together. Chen Guo wanted to do it again and asked him to fuck his pussy, but Xiao Qi gently touched his sweaty hair and whispered, “Next time, you are tired today.”


Chen Guo is indeed tired, but he still wants to give himself completely to this man, as if he was afraid that he would be abandoned if he didn’t give himself thoroughly. But since Xiao Qi refused, he was too embarrassed to mention it again. He ran upstairs to take a bath and then went to bed obediently.


There is a custom for the bride to return home after three days of marriage. Chen Guo thought they had a special relationship and Xiao Qi would not abide by it. Unexpectedly, in the early morning of the third day, Xiao Qi was all packed up and asked him to get up.


Chen Guo looked at the man wearing a well-fitting high-end suit, making his whole person become more handsome. He couldn’t help but open his arms to him and act coquettishly, “Husband, hug…”


Xiao Qi looked helplessly at the person on the bed but still leaned in and hugged him, “Are you a child? So coquettish.”


Chen Guo doesn’t do this in front of other people, even his parents. But for some reason, he especially wants to act spoiled in front of Xiao Qi, although he doesn’t dare to overdo it. After a short hug, he immediately got up, brushed his teeth and washed his face to clean up himself. After he went downstairs and had breakfast prepared by Xiao Qi, he realized, “Are we going out today?”


Xiao Qi nodded, “Go back to your house.”


Chen Guo got in the car and was still a little confused. Xiao Qi came over to fasten his seat belt and looked at him with some doubts, “Why? Don’t want to go back?”


Chen Guo quickly shook his head and took out his mobile phone to send WeChat to his mother, “Then I will tell my mother, she may not know we are going back.” He just edited a few words, Xiao Qi already shook his head, “No need, I have notified them. “


Chen Guo looked at his handsome profile, and silently put away the mobile phone. The atmosphere inside the car was a bit depressing. Chen Guo was actually reluctant to go back with Xiao Qi. He always felt that the two of them stepping into that house together would remind him of many bad things. For example, the two of them actually got married because of a deal, or rather revenge.


Moreover, he didn’t know if his sister Chen Qian would also be at home.


When he arrived in front of the familiar villa, Chen Guo was still nervous, with stiff hands and feet. He got out of the car and saw the familiar nanny greeting him, and he tried desperately to squeeze out a smile to greet her back. He then saw his father and mother come out, and when he saw the person he least wanted to see at the moment come out, his heart sank to the bottom.


Although his relationship with his sister is not particularly close — after all, the age difference is there — but the relationship is still good, and now he can’t face his sister calmly, so his face is a bit ugly.


When his parents saw his face, they misunderstood and thought that Xiao Qi was treating him badly, or that he resented his family. They couldn’t help but show a cautious flattery on their faces. His mother even took his hand and asked in a low voice, “Guoguo, are you okay?”


Chen Guo nodded. He saw Xiao Qi and his father chatting on the other side, and his sister Chen Qian also leaned over. He hurriedly lowered his head but still wanted to hear what they were talking about.


Chen Qian has been going on a blind date not long after she broke up with Xiao Qi, and finally found the right family to marry. She lived a relatively rich life, and gave birth to a daughter in the second year of marriage, and a son in the third year. But over time, her husband gradually revealed his true nature. At first, it was secretive. Later, it was blatant. Fooling with little third and fourth, hooked up with little fifth and sixth, and even took the girl home and was caught by Chen Qian.


Chen Qian has also been pampered since childhood, so how can she swallow this breath? She took photos and videos to collect evidence, and soon she sued for divorce, and got the child custody. The other party didn’t have the slightest nostalgia for her, he just wanted to win over the two children. When he saw that they hadn’t even won one, he became angry and made a move against the Chen family’s company.


Therefore, the previous financial crisis of the Chen family was not the work of Xiao Qi alone.


At this time, the Chen family’s financial burden has been reduced a lot, but they were also severely peeled off. They were  not as good as before, but they were still much better than ordinary people. If Chen Guo was not pushed out to marry Xiao Qi, probably The house in front of him is not named Chen anymore.


Chen Guo listened to the movement there, and heard her sister say the old-fashioned “Long time no see”. The profound meaning in the tone was understood by the few people standing here. Chen Guo waited nervously for Xiao Qi’s answer and seemed to have been waiting for a century before he heard Xiao Qi’s flat “En”, and then his voice rose a little, “Baby, come and pick up things.”


This “baby” made several people stunned. Chen Guo shook for a moment, and intense joy quickly spread from the soles of his feet to the top of his head, causing him to stumble a bit when he walked. Happiness flashed on his face, and he walked quickly to Xiao Qi’s side to pick up the gifts Xiao Qi had prepared in the trunk.


The Chen family’s parents and Chen Qian came back to their senses, looked at them with complicated eyes before they remembered to be polite, and hurriedly went to help carry things.


Xiao Qi prepared a lot of gifts, such as bird’s nest and ginseng, which are for the middle-aged and elderly people to nourish their blood and qi. Mother Chen thanked him, and went to make tea in person, but Chen Guo’s share was not left behind. The people in the room looked relaxed and ordinary on the surface, but in fact, everyone except Xiao Qi was nervous and helpless. Father Chen looked for a topic to chat with Xiao Qi, Xiao Qi calmly responded, and the conversation became more cordial.


Chen Guo sat next to Xiao Qi, feeling a little uneasy. Seeing his sister winking at him, he followed her into the room. As soon as they entered the room, Chen Qian relaxed her whole body, her face filled with guilt, “Guo Guo, sister is sorry for making you suffer.”


Chen Guo was bitter. He is now unwilling to face his sister, especially her apology made him even more aware of why he could stand beside Xiao Qi.


Chen Qian took his hand and sat on the small sofa next to the bed, “Last time, mom and dad agreed hastily, and even hid it from me. I just learned about it yesterday. Guoguo, don’t worry, I will go and make it clear to Xiao Qi. I know that he is here for me this time. He is upset, but he can’t involve the innocent you. Sister is really very guilty of you.”


Chen Guo opened his mouth, wanting to say that he doesn’t need to feel guilty, and that he is very willing to marry Xiao Qi. No matter which way it is, and what thoughts he holds. Before he could say it, Chen Qian said again, “He knows that you have a special body and deliberately wants to humiliate our Chen family, but you are innocent. I will apologize, and I will tell him what happened back then. Guo Guo, did you suffer any harm?”


Chen Guo only felt particularly uncomfortable in his heart, and shook his head.


Chen Qian breathed a sigh of relief, with a smile on her face, “That’s good, I know his personality. Because I hurt him too much back then, so he hasn’t forgotten it for so many years. If he wants to get revenge, he should come after me, not you.”


Chen Guo thought of a possibility, and his heart twisted together. He was particularly uncomfortable, “Probably he is reluctant…” After he said this, he saw a trace of approval-like joy in his sister’s eyes. There was a little despair in his heart.


When eating, he had no appetite. Obviously, his mother prepared all his favorite dishes, but they didn’t taste at all when chewed. Father Chen wanted to drink with Xiao Qi. Xiao Qi said he needed to drive, so he refused. Father Chen quickly said, “If you drink too much, you can sleep here. Tomorrow is the weekend anyway.”


Xiao Qi glanced at Chen Guo and did not refuse. Father Chen likes to drink. Seeing him willing to accompany him, he shows a sincere smile on his face. They drank for nearly two hours before stopping. Father Chen was drunk and muttered nonsense, and was helped by Chen’s mother to go back to the room.


Xiao Qi also drank a lot, but it didn’t show on his face. He looked like an okay person on the outside, only his eyes showed a little drunk. Chen Guo sat next to him and just as he wanted to make a cup of strong tea, Chen Qian had already brought a cup of honey lemonade and handed it to Xiao Qi, “Drink it quickly, so you don’t throw up later.”


Xiao Qi took the cup then took a big sip and tasted the familiar taste. He looked up at Chen Qian who was still beautiful. His memory drifted back to many years ago, “Qian Qian, thank you.”


Such an intimate call made both sister and brother feel somewhat stunned. Chen Guo felt that his breathing was a little hard, and the things he was afraid of happened one by one. The sweet time of the first two days was like a gorgeous dream, but in a short time, he was woken up.


Chen Qian smiled, “No problem, I… I feel sorry for you all these years, but the pressure was too much at that time, I… I…”


Xiao Qi fixedly looked at her without blinking his eyes. Chen Guo couldn’t understand the meaning behind it, but could still vaguely guess.


He didn’t know how he went upstairs and went back to his room. He seemed to feel that he was a little too ignorant if he continued to stay there. Enough for him to be an electric light bulb.


He was in love early in his enlightenment. When Xiao Qi handed a lollipop in front of him from outside the iron gate, the moment he raised his head, he was already in love, and he hadn’t broken free after many years.


At that time, when he knew that the big brother who he liked at first sight was his sister’s boyfriend, he was heartbroken. At that time, he liked to read some sentimental youth literature, and learned the style of writing above to write a diary every day. Looking back at it now, there are some unexplainable thoughts. Someone else’s secret love may still blossom one day, but he never feels that he can wait for his to blossom.


He loves to dream. Sometimes he always wants to be a little older. So he can get to know the big boy in front of his sister and take the initiative. Writing a love letter, delivering breakfast and gifts. Also pestering him so that his clean and slender hands touch his cheeks, and his beautiful thin lips kiss his lips.


Now the dream seems to come true, but why is he still so uncomfortable?



Xiao Qi talked to Chen Qian for a while. He drank too much, and started to face Chen Qian in a trance, but soon became sober. Chen Qian’s topic has always been around her own guilt and last resort, and she said, “I know you hate me in your heart, but you can come to me. Guo Guo is still young, so there is really no need to be a sacrifice between us. Will you put an end to this mistake before it goes too far? If you are not satisfied, I can… Whatever it takes… “


Without saying it, both of them knew what it meant. Xiao Qi looked at the person in front of him, she is still well maintained at this age. The skin is tight, smooth and white, without a trace of wrinkles. The eyes have been lined with eyeliner and eyeshadow, and the lips are painted with bright red lipstick. The whole person still looks so young and beautiful.


But it was a little different from the person in his heart.


He didn’t know why the appearance of Chen Guo in the morning suddenly appeared in his mind. With sleepy eyes, opened his arms softly asking for a hug, and his heart beat fiercely.


Xiao Qi breathed a sigh of relief and smiled, “No need, I have put it down.”


Chen Qian obviously had an expression of disbelief, but Xiao Qi didn’t want to be alone with her anymore and stood up and walked upstairs. He didn’t remember which room Chen Guo was in, so he thought about it for a moment, and opened one of the doors with confidence.


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