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LW Chapter 5

Sweet moment in the kitchen

Chapter 5: Sweet moment in the kitchen.


The villa is very big. The decoration style is simple, and the color scheme is light, making Chen Guo feel very comfortable looking. He went from room to room and found that many rooms were empty. In addition to their own bedroom, there was a study and a gym that seemed to be used frequently.


The house is clean. Chen Guo guessed that although Xiao Qi didn’t hire an aunt, he still hired someone to clean the house regularly. Otherwise, it’s very unlikely that he would have time to do those chores himself since he was very busy. However, now that Chen Guo is here, he plans to do everything by himself. Anyway, he has a whole day of free time.


He actually likes to clean up and decorate. He hummed a song while tidying up. He was in a good mood and he went to clean up all the activity areas. After that, he went through the kitchen refrigerator again and found a lot of food in it. He looked at the time and started to prepare dinner.


He did not have much experience in cooking. All the steps were made according to the tutorials found on the Internet. The taste of the result is not too bad, but also can not be compared with professional chefs. As he was putting the food on the table, he heard the sound of a car from outside the door. He rushed to the door with a pair of slippers in his hand.


Xiao Qi had just entered the house when he saw a person with slippers in his hand standing at the door to greet him nicely. He was frozen for a moment before he remembered that he was already married and the person in front of him was his newly wed wife.


Chen Guo placed the slippers gently at his feet and smiled sweetly at him, “Husband, you’ve worked hard. Welcome home.


Xiao Qi smiled and started to change his shoes, “You seem to be adapting quite well.”


Chen Guo was still wearing a pink apron, and his round eyes looked at the tall man, “Husband, do you want to take a bath first or eat first? Or do you want to eat me first?”


Xiao Qi was choked by his words. Looking at the expectant eyes of the person in front of him, he stretched out his arms and hugged him. Chen Guo even stood on tiptoe and pouted his lips for a kiss. Xiao Qi originally only wanted to hug him, but it was not good to refuse him now, so he bowed down to kiss those pink lips.


As soon as he put his lips, it was wrapped by the tip of the moist tongue, licking his lips and deftly trying to pry his mouth open. Xiao Qi was teased and his body became hot. The original kiss turned into a deep kiss, and finally their tongue became entangled, they tried to suck each other’s body fluids. Chen Guo was kissed until he couldn’t breathe, but he didn’t want to let go until his face was red. But Xiao Qi noticed it first, and let him go. He saw him sucking in a lot of air, and he hurriedly helped him smooth his back, “You like kissing with me this much?”


Chen Guo nodded with a red face. He liked the smell of tha man, liked his whole person, and felt comfortable and excited when he was touched by him. He couldn’t help but hold the man’s waist, with mist in his eyes, looking at him with anticipation.


Xiao Qi has been in the shopping mall for many years, so he can naturally read his little thoughts, but he does not intend to satisfy him now, “Let’s go eat first, I’m hungry.”


Chen Guo’s face flashed a trace of disappointment, but soon showed a smile again and went to serve rice for the man. Xiao Qi washed his hands and sat at the table, saw the two meat and one vegetable on the table. Although they were all home-cooked dishes, they looked good. He put the food in his mouth. Although they were not particularly delicious, he still nodded approvingly, “Very good.”


Chen Guo was very happy after hearing this. His eyes narrowed with a smile, and he excitedly chatted with Xiao Qi at the dinner table. Xiao Qi answered his questions with great cooperation, and even took the initiative to wash the dishes after eating.


Chen Guo saw the handsome man rolling up his shirt sleeves to wash the dishes. His heart beats uncontrollably “thump, thump”, and a blush appears on his cheeks. He was standing not far away staring at the man doing housework with a scorching gaze, thinking that he was really handsome. He could not help but go over and hug the man’s strong waist from behind, rubbing his cheek on the broad back.


Xiao Qi washed the last bowl and put it on the shelf. He looked down at the arm around his waist and smiled, “What’s wrong?”


“My husband is so handsome.” Chen Guo praised him sincerely.


Xiao Qi was praised and felt warmth in his heart. Seeing that the water stains on the cooking table had been wiped clean, he simply turned around, picked up his little wife and put him on top. His hands propped up on the cooking table, completely trapping Chen Guo in it. His eyes looked at him fixedly, “Do you want a reward for having such a sweet mouth?”


Chen Guo hugged his neck, leaned close to his ear and said with a warm breath, “I want my husband’s big cock to fuck me.”


Xiao Qi did not expect him to say such vulgar lewd words. He feels tight in his lower abdomen from the stimulation, and the thick penis immediately has a tendency to raise. He couldn’t help but bite the red lips hard, “Where did you learn the foul language?”


Chen Guo shyly looked at him, eyes full with water vapor, looking extremely tempting, “From the small movie. Husband doesn’t like it?”


Xiao Qi couldn’t deny it, “I like it a lot.” He went to suck the moist lips. Learning from Chen Guo, he licks the lips with the tip of his tongue to wet them, then pry them open and wrap them around the slippery tongue.


Chen Guo’s eyes were rounded by the kiss, as if she didn’t expect him to take the initiative to kiss him. Xiao Qi’s expression carried a hint of helplessness, he stretched out his hand to cover his eyes and deepened the kiss.


After the kiss, Chen Guo began to undress before he could even breathe evenly. The speed was so fast that Xiao Qi could not stop him, and he stripped himself clean in a few moments, and only left the apron wrapped around his body. He stepped on the cooking table with his long white legs, opened his legs and exposed himself completely to the man. His eyes were wet like a kitten, yet his actions were bold and unrestrained, “Husband, fuck me……”.


Xiao Qi tried hard to restrain himself from jumping on him like a rapist, his eyes were deep and his voice was low and husky, “Why are you so lewd?”


Xiao Qi searched around the cooking table and found a jar of honey that was half used. He poured some on his hand and wiped it on the closed back hole.


Chen Guo originally wanted to let him play with his front hole, so as to be truly integrated with him, but was too embarrassed to bring it up. So he could only bite his lips and watch as the man lubricated himself.


Xiao Qi tentatively stretched a finger into it, they had done it twice last night after all, so he asked Chen Guo in a soft voice, “Does it hurt?”


Chen Guo hurriedly shook his head, “It doesn’t hurt at all.”


Xiao Qi did not believe his words. He found Chen Guo incredible in some respects, so he gently and meticulously expanded the narrow hole until the intestinal wall was soft to press. He stuffed three fingers and made sure that Chen Guo’s face didn’t show a pained expression, before pulling out the fingers and pulling out his own long and hard penis. He spread the honey on him again.


Chen Guo watched his action and unconsciously licked his lips, “I really want to eat ah……”


Xiaoqi’s eyes were almost red from the stimulation of his words. He held his penis against the soft hole and whispered, “Husband will feed you now, okay?”


Chen Guo hastily hugged the man’s neck, “Come in, husband. I want my husband’s big dick ah……” His words just fell, and the man could no longer hold back and sent the whole sex organ in. He moved a little eagerly, causing Chen Guo some pain. But he held back and not say anything, trying to shrink his intestines, feeling every  tendons on the hot sex organ, as if wanting to embed it firmly in his body, never to be separated.


Xiao Qi realized that he had been reckless after coming in. He hurriedly stroked Chen Guo’s meat stick and kissed his forehead at the same time, “Sorry, baby, did it hurt you?


Chen Guo looked at him in shock, as if his whole body was frozen and could not move at all, but his heart was beating like a drum. Xiao Qi soon discovered that he was not right and asked nervously, “Baby, what’s wrong?”


Chen Guo slowly came back to his senses, his eyes still filled with incredulity, “Husband, did you just call me baby?”


Only then did Xiao Qi relax. He laughed, “Do you prefer me to call you wife?”


“No, no, I want my husband to call me baby. Husband, call me again, I like it.”


Xiao Qi slowly pulled his penis out and slowly sent it in again. The feeling of the penis rubbing against the hot and wet wall flesh was extremely vivid, he leaned close to Chen Guo’s ear and said in the most tender tone, “Baby, do you like it when your husband fuck you?”


Chen Guo was so stimulated his tears were flowing out. His whole body trembled with pleasure, his arms tightly hugging the man, his legs also wrapped around the man’s waist, “Like, I like it very much…… I like my husband fucking me…… Hurry up and fuck me with your big cock, it’s itchy inside……”


Xiao Qi listened to his lewd words and stopped holding back, pumping his penis hard into the tight hole.


Chen Guo was completely lost in lust. Whether it is the man’s taste, or his breath, his voice, and his temperature, is a potent aphrodisiac to Chen Guo. Chen Guo’s physique is different from that of an ordinary boy, Chen Guo can even secrete rich water from the back hole by being stimulated. The untouched female hole in front is also secreting lewd juice, plus the honey as lubrication, makes the crotch of both people muddy.


The sound of water gradually evoked during the thrusting. Chen Guo kept groaning as he was thrusted, holding the man’s neck softly and yelling ‘husband’, and eagerly asking for more. The man is completely out of rhythm, ruthlessly thrusting the wet back hole, driving him insane. The penis rubbed the hole red, and the wrinkles of the acupuncture points had already been straightened. Every time the man went deep, Chen Guo’s flat abdomen showed the shape of the man’s sexual organ, and the feeling of constant rubbing of sensitive points made his saliva flow out with pleasure. And soon the cock in front shook and squirted semen.


Seeing that he had shot, Xiao Qi didn’t recklessly go deep inside, but slowed down his thrust while stroking his delicate penis with his hand to prolong his pleasure. He noticed a stream of water spurting from the slit of that fleshy flower hole. His eyes darkened, but still held back the rest of his movements.


Chen Guo’s whole body is a little soft after ejaculation, hugging the man’s neck to ask for a kiss. They kissed until the penis hard again. He could not help but shake, “Husband, change the posture.”


Xiao Qi smiled, “Okay.”


The thick penis pulled out from the wet back hole. The hole is still unable to close for a while, the red flesh wall can be seen from outside. Chen Guo turned around, directly put his knees on the cooking table and raised his white buttocks. He was still wearing an apron, and at the moment the ordinary apron is like an erotic clothing, stimulating the man. He could not resist holding his waist and directly stabbed the penis into the hole.


“Ah…. So big….. Husband’s gland went so deep…”


When Xiao Qi heard that there was no pain in his tone, he continued to penetrate deeper and deeper, while teasing: “Doesn’t baby like it when husband fuck you deeper?”


Chen Guo heard the word “baby”, he shrink his back hole fiercely and shaking his ass thirsty for more, “Uh…… husband, fuck my naughty hole harder…… Really like my husband’s big cock…… ah…… mmh…… oh……”


Xiao Qi couldn’t stand his moans. Any syllable could make his restraint collapse. There were blue veins emerging on his forehead, and he couldn’t resist thrusting hard into the wet hole.


“Hmm… Husband fuck me…”


The intense sex is staged in the kitchen. Xiao Qi moved his strong waist, trying his best to satisfy the person in his arms with his good stamina. His ass is obviously red from the thrust, his hole is also dried up, but Chen Guo is still crying for more. Until he was penetrated once again, his voice finally softened, “Husband…… husband…… give it to me….. I want my husband’s semen……”


Chen Guo’s voice was so soft and seductive that Xiao Qi could not hold back and released his sperm and ejaculated into the hot and wet hole with intense pleasure.


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