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LW Chapter 4

Opening the back point

Chapter 4: Opening the back point.

Even though Xiao Qi felt like his penis was about to burst, he didn’t really just insert it impulsively. Instead, he took out a lubricant, applied some to the little daisy, and applied most of the lubricant to his penis and then inserted it into the slightly opened hole.

He had been observing the movement of his little wife when he inserted, watching the white back tremble, he stopped, and took a breath before asking, “Does it hurt?”

Chen Guo shook his head quickly, his voice clearly contained with sobs, but what he said was: “It doesn’t hurt at all.”

Xiao Qi laughed, and his heart was a little warm, “I’m in pain, relax a little.” He pressed Chen Guo’s tailbone with his fingers, the inserted glans retreated a bit, but Chen Guo thought he was going to withdraw completely, and hurriedly clamped his hole to make it stay, “Don’t go out…I…I can bear it…”

Xiao Qi didn’t know what’s the feeling was in his heart, he only knew that his penis had become bigger, “I won’t go out, you relax a little bit, I can’t go in like this.”

Chen Guo flushed and tried to relax himself, feeling the hot penis come in again. The sensation of thick tendons rubbing against tight intestinal flesh was so vivid. And whenever he thinks about who the owner of this penis is, he feels hot all over, and the tension slowly dissipates into lust.

Xiao Qi felt a little loose in the meat hole, and it was filled with wet and sticky juice, which made his entry smoother. He couldn’t help but thrust a little harder, breaking the tight, hot and humid intestines to reach the deepest point.

“Ah…” Chen Guo couldn’t help but let out a moan from his throat. It’s the first time to feel the back hole wrapped around the thick penis, and it was obviously painful, but there was also some pleasure mixed in. Xiao Qi stopped moving and stroked his slightly softened penis and kneaded his nipples. “Does it hurt?”

Chen Guo shook her head quickly, “It doesn’t hurt at all.” He turned back and rubbed his head on the man’s cheeks, whispered, “Husband, move and fuck me…”

Xiao Qi was a little helpless, “You don’t have to force yourself so hard.”

“I really didn’t force myself

 Husband, I want you…” Chen Guo slowly shook his ass, enduring the soreness caused by the foreign body, swallowing the penis deeper. Seeing that his cock had hardened, and his asshole was wet and moist, Xiao Qi didn’t restrain himself any more. He clasped the delicate waist and started to thrust in shallowly.

The wet sound of the hole being inserted was gradually heard in the room. Xiao Qi looked at the pink fleshy hole that was slowly rubbed by himself into a bright red color. His eyes darkened, and couldn’t help but thrust more deeply into the hole.

“Ah, husband…” Chen Guo was inserted so deeply, feeling like his soul was about to go out of his body, he couldn’t restrain the voice coming out of his throat, and began to let out soft whimper under the continuous thrust by the big dick.

Xiao Qi is immersed in the pleasure, those soft moans were tantamount to an aphrodisiac for him at the moment, and feeling the little wife’s meat stick still hard, he continues to go inside without restrain.

The quality of the bed is so good that it doesn’t make a creaking sound, and the quiet atmosphere is filled with the wet sound of flesh slapping against flesh that could make one blush. The hard and swollen sex organ is grinding against the wall of his hole. Chen Guo couldn’t help but shake his white and tender buttocks to cater with the man’s movements. After a few deep thrusts, his urethra opened and he unexpectedly ejaculated.

Xiao Qi felt his orgasm and did not rush in recklessly. Instead, he slowed down and rubbed his cock again to extend his pleasure. Chen Guo felt so comfortable, whole body was drenched with sweat. His white skin was covered with a layer of shining sweat, and there was a constant panting from his mouth. When he slowed down a little, Xiao Qi changed his position. He separated his thighs from the front, and aimed his penis to the wet, gaping hole, and inserted it to the end.

“Ah……” Chen Guo looks at the handsome man with his misty eyes, feeling the gentle impact and the sweet pleasure of sex. He couldn’t help but wrap his legs around the man’s waist and put his arms around his neck, and sighed gently, “My husband is great…”

The man in his early thirties almost accidentally ejaculated from hearing these words. Xiao Qi tried to hold back his desire to ejaculate, feeling the tight flesh of his intestines wrapped around him. It only took him a while to slow down, but it was enough to make him sweat behind his back.

If he ejaculates now, he will be a joke, right?

He continued to attack the tender flesh cavity with some irritation, his thick penis grinding the flesh into a scarlet color. Chen Guo was naked beneath him and screamed “mmn ah ……”, the rod rubbing against his abdomen soon became hard again.

There was a constant gurgling sound of water during thrusting. Xiao Qi fucked a man’s ass for the first time, but he did not reject it at all. Instead, he was pleased. Finally, after Chen Guo was shot by him for the second time, he also sprayed out the thick white liquid into the tight hole.

Xiao Qi originally only planned to do it once, but Chen Guo pestered him and prevented him from retreating. He turned his body over and rode on the man, holding the man’s handsome face and kissing it lingeringly. He kissed boldly and arrogantly, with the tip of his tender red tongue poking out of his mouth, licking the man’s lips. Xiao Qi was seduced by him and also sticking out the tip of his tongue to entangle with him.

After the wet kiss, he was still breathing unevenly, and licked the man’s chin, neck, and the small nipple tip on his chest. He tried several times yet couldn’t put the nipple tip into his mouth, so he could only give up and lick it with his tongue.

Xiao Qi never knew that he would feel pleasure from there. The semi-soft penis was sucked by the hot and humid hole, and it raised its head after a moment, filling the thirsty flesh cavity completely.

Chen Guo also felt his changes. His eyes were wet and bright, and sincerely complimented, “My husband is so hard.”

Xiao Qi felt that sooner or later, he was going to be dried up by this person.

For the second round, Chen Guo kept riding on Xiao Qi. He spread his legs with his face flushed. He opened his mouth slightly to breathe, but the uncontrollable saliva flowed from the corners of his mouth. He used his drenched asshole to fiddle with the man’s sturdy penis, and the excessive lewd juice was splattered out between their crotches.

Xiao Qi looked at his little wife contentedly, and noticed that the pink fleshy flower was also gurgling with juice. The two fleshy lips were like two flower leaves, opening and closing softly with the movements. The small hole below has been slightly opened, and the bright red flesh inside can be seen within the gap, and it is hungrily widening at this time.

He began to look forward to how comfortable it would be to insert his penis in.

Chen Guo had never tasted such extreme pleasure. It is as if the other organs of the body no longer existed, and the whole body’s touch was concentrated on the parts connected with the man. It was so comfortable that his scalp was numb and his waist was sore.

His stamina was not really good, and it was also the first time for him to do this kind of thing. After only riding for a while, he lost all his strength, and lay limp on the man’s sturdy chest. He softly pleaded, “Husband, help me. I have no strength…..”

Xiao Qi’s eyes darkened. He rolled over while holding the man and started attacking the wet hole. Chen Guo could only moan.

After the two round of sex, Chen Guo looked as if he was just run over by a car. He couldn’t raise his arms. He could only embarrassedly watch the newlywed husband take a hot towel and help him clean up.

The sweat of the whole body, the semen in the abdomen, and even the semen in the back acupoints was dug out bit by bit and wiped clean with a hot towel. Then he was carried to the sofa by Xiao Qi, and the tall, strong man continued to clean up their battlefield. Changing sheets and duvet cover for the new bed.

Chen Guo felt that he was going to faint from happiness, and then fell into a deep sleep.

The next day, he realized that something was wrong. The two of them were on the wedding night of the bridal chamber. Logically speaking, the place to be broken should be the female hole in the front, because that’s where the babies will be born. But why do they do it from the back hole both times?

Chen Guo was embarrassed to ask, and Xiao Qi had already gone to the company. The house was deserted, but the sunlight was abundant. He dragged his sore body to get up to wash. When he went downstairs, he saw the breakfast on the table, and his heart suddenly became warm.

When eating breakfast, he was always thinking about what reason to find to send a message to Xiao Qi. He clicked on his WeChat avatar. After adding him, Chen Guo didn’t know how many times he had looked at the picture. At this moment, when he looked at the red peach pattern above, he suddenly woke up as if he had been splashed with a basin of cold water.

He only remembered the scene of Xiao Qi dating his sister Chen Qian last night. Their back garden is full of peach trees. Every year they bear plump and juicy peaches. Did Xiao Qi use peach as his avatar because he was still remembering his sister?

Thinking of this possibility, the breakfast in his mouth became a little bit tasteless. Chen Guo looked at the red peach with discouragement and turned off the phone. After a while, he couldn’t help turning on the phone to edit the text only to delete it again. After typing and deleting for a while, he finally sent the simplest sentence: Breakfast is delicious, thank you husband!

A grinning expression was added at the back.

Regarding the fact about Xiao Qi still remembering his sister, Chen Guo told herself that he should have been mentally prepared. Otherwise, how could Xiao Qi still think of revenge after so many years? And how could he marry himself?

At least, he gets a chance to make him fall in love.

What he has to do now is to hold Xiao Qi’s heart firmly, and keep his attention to be only on himself. So that this retaliatory relationship turns into a harmonious love relationship.

He believes he can do it.

Chen Guo waited for a while before receiving a reply. He opened his eyes and looked at the line of words, and couldn’t help smiling at the corner of his mouth. Xiao Qi asked him—— how are you feeling?

——Very good, nothing wrong. Can eat, drink, sleep and work. I will clean up the house and make dinner and wait for you to come back! Make a fist!

Chen Guo hurriedly replied, and felt that he shouldn’t say something like this. He should’ve acted coquettishly again, so maybe the other party would chat with him a few more words.

He was waiting for the other party’s reply, looking at the prompt “The other party is typing” nervously, and then he received the text that was meant to end the chat.

——That’s good, I have a meeting.

Chen Guo was disappointed and somewhat ashamed. He was ashamed that he disturbed the other party. As someone who manages such a big company, he must be very busy, right? Chen Guo didn’t dare to reply again, and read the short chat history between the two back and forth several times before putting his mobile phone away and starting his life on the first day after the wedding.


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