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LW Chapter 3

Asking his husband to suck his milk, and shoot in his husband’s mouth

Chapter 3: Asking his husband to suck his milk, and shoot in his husband’s mouth.



Chen Guo unfastened the belt of his bathrobe, took off the bathrobe, and fully exposed his body in front of the man. Although he seemed to be very generous, he was actually uneasy in his heart, and he was not quite sure whether his weird body would cause the man’s disgust or nausea. He even closed his eyes and dared not look at Xiao Qi’s reaction, because he was afraid that he would see the disgust in the opponent’s eyes.


His generous gesture made Xiao Qi want to laugh. But when he thought of why he was like this, he couldn’t laugh. To be honest, he didn’t like men, and he had never had too close contact with men. It was an accident to know Chen Guo’s secret.


He liked his girlfriend Chen Qian very much at that time. The two of them were in a period of passion and wanted to be together almost every day. At that time, their school was very remote and far from the city center, and Chen Qian’s home was close to the school, so it was inevitable that the meeting place for the two would be in the back garden of her house.


They always get together in the garden while the Chen family’s parents are not at home and whisper together. After finishing most of the topics, they start to talk about family affairs. Chen Qian clings to Xiao Qi’s ear with a mysterious look. She lowered her voice, “Did you know? I actually have a younger sister.”


Xiao Qi was a little surprised. He had only seen one boy in the Chen family villa. He also gave him a lollipop to let him ask Chen Qian to come downstairs. He remembered that it was indeed a boy with an immature face, soft hair, and white and tender skin. He doesn’t actually like to inquire about other people’s gossip, but looking at his girlfriend’s appearance, he still cooperates with her and asks: “Which one?”


Chen Qian smiled, “It is the one you often see. You think it’s my brother, right? It’s actually my sister.”


Xiao Qi frowned slightly, not believing it. Chen Qian smiled and curled her eyes, “I know you don’t believe it. Actually, it’s not wrong to say that he is a boy. He has a very special body. He was born with two sets of sex organs. His appearance is more like a male, but it’s actually a female, because the doctor said that his female organs are more complete.” She smiled, her eyes filled with golden sunlight, “This is our family’s secret, don’t tell others.”


Xiao Qi was not a person with a big mouth. At that time, he felt that his girlfriend telling him this thing wasn’t very good. Chen Qian took his arm and said with a grin, “What does it matter? Anyway, we will all be one family in the future.”


Xiao Qi recovered from the memory. Looking at the white body in front of him, slightly startled.


He felt that telling this secret would hurt the little boy, but today, a few years later, he uses this secret to retaliate against the Chen family. Is it because there is a reason for it, or is he just inherently despicable? He not only seeks revenge, but he also pokes other people’s painful spots?


It’s just that thinking of Chen Qian’s words now, there is unexpected irony. Today, a few years later, they have indeed become a family.


Chen Guo had already waited until his heart sank bit by bit. Tears of grievance accumulated in his eyes, but he still resisted and refused to let it fall.


He hasn’t touched himself for so long, is he really disgusted?


He slowly opened his eyes. Looking at Xiao Qi’s thoughtful look, he opened his mouth and tried to squeeze out a sentence, “If you feel nauseous, you can turn off the light…” After he finished speaking, he went to get the lamp switch. But Xiao Qi, who had recovered, grabbed his wrist.


The body spun around in an instant. It turned out that he was pressed under the man’s body. The two looked at each other and breathed together. Xiao Qi kissed his lips with fiery lust in his eyes. Looking at the water marks in his eyes, he whispered, “I’m distracted, sorry.”


He used his still swollen sex organs to rub the soft thighs of the youth, “But I don’t dislike it, so don’t cry.”


Chen Guo stared at him blankly, but the teardrops in his eyes could no longer help but slip from the corners of his eyes. After a while, he took the initiative to hug the man’s neck, softened his voice and acted like a baby, “Husband, you scared me. You have to compensate me.”


Xiao Qi was surprised with this person’s reaction. He felt like he had fallen into a trap, and raised his eyebrows with a smile, “How to compensate?”


“Kiss me…” Chen Guo cuddled the other person and kissed, enjoying the beautiful touch of his lips. As long as he thought of the identity of this person who is so close to him, his whole body would feel hot like never before, as if there was a fire in his abdomen. And the small meat stick that had always been calm on weekdays also hardened and was rubbing against the other’s abdomen.


Surprisingly, Xiao Qi didn’t hate kissing his little wife. The taste in his mouth was fresh and there was no smell of chemicals. It was like morning dew or breeze after rain, natural and sweet. He sucked the liquid from the other party’s mouth, swallowed it without disgust, and badly wanted to fill his mouth with his liquid. He even forgot about the oral sex the boy had just given him.


He kissed the person in his arms until his breathing was difficult, and then let him go. Xiao Qi followed the delicate chin and dropped a series of kisses. He didn’t even forget to bite his Adam’s apple gently. After getting the gasping response did he satisfiedly let him go. His eyes fell on the pink milk tip on that chest.


There is a soft layer of meat there, which is not very obvious, and only can be felt when it is sucked on. Xiao Qi licked the pink nipple and it soon became hard, like a little red bean on the white skin.


Chen Guo let out a rapid groan in his throat, and looked at him with eyes full of tears. He looked pitiful, but the words he said were bold and unrestrained, “Husband has to help me suck my nipples, so comfortable… On the other side too…”


Xiao Qi obediently continued to lick the nipples for him, licking the two little red beans wet with liquid. Licking it from pink to bright red before stopping, and continued to kiss his waist and abdomen.


Hm, the belly is also soft, with meat, and feels good to pinch. The waist is very thin. The meat stick is a bit small, but very cute.


Seeing the juice flowing from it, Xiao Qi felt like he was possessed by a demon and opened his mouth to swallow the sex organ.


“Ah…” Chen Guo yelled out from the intense pleasure, his body bounced. He couldn’t help but raise his waist, eager for more pleasure given by the man. The sensitive area is tightly wrapped in his mouth, and the tip of the man’s tongue is still licking his glans with ease. Such intense stimulation is almost unbearable for Chen Guo, the little virgin who rarely even masturbates. After sucking it up and down more than a dozen times, he happily ejected his semen, and he didn’t even have time to pull Xiao Qi’s head away.


Xiao Qi was stunned for a while when he tasted the salty smell, as if he hadn’t expected it at all. Chen Guo almost died from shame. Regardless of his sore body after orgasm, he hurriedly pulled a few tissues and held them in front of Xiao Qi, “Husband, I’m sorry. Spit it out, spit it out quickly.”


Xiao Qi frowned slightly, didn’t pick up the tissue, “Have swallowed it.”


Chen Guo froze for a moment, then suddenly hugged and kissed the man’s mouth, as if trying to drive away the taste of the semen. He wrapped his legs around the man’s waist, rubbing his lower body against the hard and swollen penis, “Husband, come in.”


Xiao Qi actually didn’t hate his taste, but still unexpectedly enjoyed his act of taking the initiative. He held the delicate buttocks with his big hands and found that it was also plump and soft, and felt good to hold. He couldn’t help but knead a few more times. His fingers inadvertently touched the gap between the thighs, and felt the wet touch. He suspiciously turned Chen Guo’s body over and made his butt to face him, then he pulled apart the two butt cheeks. He saw the small butthole in the middle, and at the same time, he really saw the pink flower that shouldn’t have grown there.


It is a complete female flower with a clitoris, two labia minora, and a small slit underneath. It is pink and tender. It looks like it has not been used at first glance, but maybe because of lust at the moment, the transparent juice came out, and it dyed the surroundings. Including the little butthole, which was also very beautiful. The wrinkles were very cute, and it was clean with no hair around it.


Xiao Qi leaned in and smelled it. In addition to the smell of the little wife’s own lewd juice, there was also a smell of shower gel. He whispered, “Have you had an enema?”


Chen Guo had long feel ashamed of being seen by him, especially now he still put on a posture of pouting his butt like asking for a fuck. But he couldn’t control his physical pleasure, he whimpered “Um…” And accused, “Obviously you prepared it…”


There is an enema tool in the bathroom. He knew that he was going to marry Xiao Qi and wanted to buy it online, but didn’t have time. Unexpectedly, there was one in the bathroom, and a manual was also kindly put beside it.


Xiao Qi smiled, “The cost of marrying you is so expensive, so I must have a lot of fun.” He stroked the beautiful wrinkles with his thumb, and touched the sticky juice on it, “Do you know how to expand?”


Chen Guo shook his head shyly. He turned around to look at the handsome man and shook his plump buttocks, “I don’t think it’s necessary.”


Xiao Qi raised his eyebrows and looked at him.


Chen Guo licked his lips, “It will automatically secrete water inside, husband will understand when you put it in…”


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