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LW Chapter 2

Wedding night, learn to give husband’s big d*ck a bl*wjob

Chapter 2: Wedding night, learn to give husband’s big d*ck a bl*wjob

Chen Guo came out of the bathroom and saw Xiao Qi already sitting on the bed with a pair of gold-rimmed glasses on the bridge of his nose, reading a thick book in his hand. Chen Guo saw that he had changed his bathrobe and his hair was a little wet. He must have taken a bath in another bathroom. He couldn’t help but feel a little embarrassed. “Sorry, I occupied the bathroom for too long.”

Xiao Qi closed the book and the corner of his lips curved upward, “It’s okay. There are a total of five bathrooms here, and this one in the bedroom is specially reserved for you to use alone.”

Chen Guo heard the word “alone” and thought of the oversized bathtub in the bathroom. He was slightly disappointed in his heart, but did not show it on his face, and walked towards him stiffly.

Xiao Qi stared at his face without blinking. He was almost certain that the “little brother” he hadn’t seen for a long time was still a virgin. His beautiful face was flushed, and there was a thick water vapor in his eyes, as if he was about to burst into tears, arousing love and affection. His facial features are five-point similar to Chen Qian. Xiao Qi feels as if he has returned back to a few years ago, but Chen Qian always smiles wantonly and brilliantly, unlike the person in front of him, who is calm and always trying to conceal his shyness.

Before he recovered from his daze, Chen Guo had already walked up to him, carefully examined his facial features, stared at his face for a long time, and then sighed softly, “You look good with glasses on.”

Xiao Qi returned to his senses and pulled his arm. Originally, he just wanted to pull him onto the bed, who knows that the young man will take the initiative to straddle on his lap and sit down cautiously. Then asked a little nervously, “Will this be too heavy?”

Xiao Qi froze and shook his head. Chen Guo then relaxed, his hands were a little stiff when he hugged the man’s neck. After he hugged his arms, his eyes uncontrollably stared at the thin red lips. Xiao Qi’s lips were plump, and he had seen how it looked when kissing, under the young peach tree. He was only thirteen years old at the time. He was greedy and wanted to pick peaches that were not yet fully ripe, but as soon as he climbed up the tree, he saw his sister and her boyfriend coming over, full of laughter. Chen Guo had his own thoughts, and did not disturb them. Instead, he hid himself deeper. He listened to the laughter between the young couple, and suddenly all the voices stopped abruptly, making him curious and poke his head out of the dense leaves and he saw them kissing.

The scene of handsome man and beautiful woman kissing is very romantic, but Chen Guo’s thoughts are all on his lips, watching it get wet with liquid, watching it become redder, watching it suck the other two lips that are painted gorgeously with lipstick.

But now, in front of him, they are still the same full lips, and still attracted his gaze the same way.

Xiao Qi watched him stare at him for nearly two minutes, and raised his eyebrows somewhat puzzledly, “What’s the matter?” As soon as his voice fell, Chen Guo approached him and kissed him with his soft lips.

Chen Guo has never kissed, so he can only sucked on the two lips according to his own imagination, and tentatively stretch out the tip of his tongue and licked it. Seeing that Xiao Qi hadn’t avoided it, he boldly put his tongue above the lip line, so that he could better feel the lips that have always appeared in my dreams. He licked it back and forth, sucking for a while, but didn’t know how to continue, and was trying to back away in shame, but Xiao Qi’s hand pressed the back of his head, deepening the kiss.

The flexible tongue entangled the tender tongue that hesitatingly trying to retract, entangled and sucked it into his own mouth for a while, then opened the other’s mouth, licked his gum, mucous membrane, and even his teeth, and finally took his tongue and kissed fiercely.

Chen Guo passively felt his first kiss. Xiao Qi’s mouth had no peculiar smell at all, and there was a slight refreshing minty smell. He was drooled over by the other party and tried to swallow his saliva in a panic. The fluid in his mouth was also sucked clean by the other party. When he was a little out of breath, Xiao Qi let him go.

There was still a lewd silver thread between the separated lips. Xiao Qi licked his full lips, and whispered, “Is this your first kiss?”

Chen Guo was a little embarrassed, he nodded his head and admitted. Xiao Qi kissed him on the lips again, his voice hoarse, “Then I will be gentler.”

Chen Guo blushed, Xiao Qi wanted to take off his glasses, but he stopped him, and asked boldly, “Can we do it like this?”

Xiao Qi paused, touched his red cheeks, leaned on his ears, and sucked on the white and tender earlobes, “In exchange for what?”

Chen Guo was licked and his face turned redder, his breathing was short, and he let out a soft gasp. He opened his crimson eyes, and it took him a while to think, “I…I can lick…”

Almost no man could refuse the pleasure of oral sex, especially for someone like Xiao Qi who had actually been abstinent for a long time, he himself didn’t have much experience of being licked. He watched as his little wife, who looked like a big boy, untied his bathrobe with his trembling hands. When he saw the tent supported by the fully erected sex organ, he was slightly taken aback, but still take off his underwear and exposed the sex organ completely without hesitation.

“It’s so big…” Even though Chen Guo didn’t have much contact with sex knowledge, he still knew that Xiao Qi’s sexual organs were much bigger than average, or at least much bigger than his own. His hand was a little small, and he felt as if he couldn’t hold it in a full circle. He blushed and looked at Xiao Qi and continued to praise, “It’s so long, is it more than 20 centimeters?”

Xiao Qi smiled and deliberately frightened him, “21.5 centimeters, it can probably go directly into your womb.”

Chen Guo blushed even harder when he heard these words, bit his lip, eyes filled with shy expectation, without any hint of fear at all, “That must be very comfortable.”

Xiao Qi thought that his little wife might be a very capable person in sexual matters.

Chen Guo shyly looked at that straight and somewhat scary sexual organ, with blue veins on it, the gland was as big as an egg, and its color was purple-red. Chen Guo leaned forward and tentatively licked it with his tongue. There was no odor, so he continued to lick it again.

Xiao Qi looked down at his little wife sticking out his red tongue and licking his penis, a little bold yet a little cautious, and occasionally raised his eyes to look at him, and then nervously lowered his eyes again, licking his dick just like a kitten drinking water.

Chen Guo regretted why he didn’t use his cell phone to check the correct way of oral sex. He felt that only licking it with his tongue didn’t seem to be very comfortable. The man’s expression was still calm, but fortunately the penis did not soften. He licked the whole genitals wet, noticed the urethra on the top of the glans, and thought that men usually use it to pee, but he only hesitated for a moment before he licked it.

Well, it tastes a bit fishy and salty, but he likes it very much.

Almost intoxicated, Chen Guo began to lick the man’s urethra, licking the sticky juice into the mouth cavity, twirling his tongue and sweeping the sensitive glans. When he was not paying attention, Xiao Qi’s face slowly changed.

So comfortable, too comfortable that he can’t wait to thrust his dick directly into that tender mouth.

Xiao Qi frowned slightly, feeling the light and heavy touch on the glans, the tip of the wet tongue licked his genitals wet, but his little wife was still spinning around the gland, not knowing how to do the oral sex. Xiao Qi endured for a while, but still couldn’t hold back saying, “This is wrong.”

Chen Guo looked up at him blankly, with a shy face, “Is it? Then what should I do? Teach me.”

Looking at his little wife who had an appearance like an easy-to-learn baby, Xiao Qi couldn’t help but smile, “Open your mouth and hold it in, like sucking on a lollipop.”

Upon hearing the word “lollipop”, Chen Guo seemed to have thought of something and looked somewhat unnatural, but the next second, he nodded obediently, “Okay.” He opened his mouth, facing the huge glans, not confident enough to fit it in. But fortunately, although his mouth was full, he was still able to contain a part, sucking hard.

The intense pleasure made Xiao Qi’s scalp numb, but this was far from enough. “Be good, hold it a little deeper, move your tongue up and down.”

Chen Guo is the best and most diligent student in school, he learns everything very seriously and is focused. At this moment, he seems to have become a student. Under the guidance of the teacher, he tried to swallow the thick penis, served it with his tongue, and moved his head up and down. His mouth sucked the penis tightly, and his saliva flowed out of the corners of his mouth uncontrollably. After hearing the disordered breathing of the person above his head, he felt a sense of accomplishment in his heart. He wanted to make his husband more comfortable and couldn’t help it and tried to swallow the thick fleshy stem fiercely.

The nausea caused by his small tongue made him have to spit out the delicious dick, and retched for a while. Xiao Qi quickly patted him on the back and gave him a sip of the water prepared by the bedside, until Chen Guo was feeling better.

His lips turned bright red, he looked extremely gorgeous, and his eyes were full of tears, watery and affectionate, especially since he was still apologizing sincerely, “I’m sorry, husband, I didn’t do a good job.”

Xiao Qi couldn’t bear to bully him, he put on a gentle expression, held him in his arms and coaxed, “It’s okay to not do it well the first time.”

Chen Guo still didn’t want to give up, “I will work hard in the future. Husband, Today, use the lower mouth first, okay?”

Xiao Qi was shocked, and the lust that has somehow subsided was provoked to raise again by these words.


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