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LW Chapter 1

Married to the former prospective brother in law.

Chapter 1: Married to the former prospective brother in law

As soon as Chen Guo got out of the laboratory, he received a call from his father who asked him to go home because there is something important to tell him. Listening to his father’s serious tone, Chen Guo didn’t dare to delay, he grabbed his coat and backpack and hurried home.

The school was only twenty minutes away from his house, and he ran for twelve minutes before he arrived. However, because he didn’t exercise regularly, he was still a little out of breath. He stood at the door and rested for a while before he went in.

The Chen family’s house is very large. After entering the iron gate, he has to go through a garden before he gets to the main house. There are two luxurious dragon carved pillars at the entrance of the main house. Chen Guo used to ridicule these two pillars, he thought it was not good looking and only wasting money. But he was still young at that time, so his opinions weren’t accepted at all, and the house was still decorated in a luxurious European style.

After he went in, he found that there was a guest at home. He didn’t dare to look more, and went straight to his father and mother to greet them, and then sat down beside his father. Father Chen’s face was not very good-looking. His complexion is awful, yet he still tried hard to squeeze out a smile. Chen Guo didn’t understand, so he asked in a low voice, “Dad, what’s the matter, calling me back in such a hurry?”

Father Chen let out a dry laugh. He asked him to look at the guest sitting opposite them, “Guoguo, do you still remember this big brother?”

Chen Guo then looked at the person sitting opposite him. The man was about 30 years old, with handsome eyebrows and sharp eyes. The overall look is very handsome. Chen Guo was taken aback for a moment, the feeling of joy bursting in his chest, and he blurted out, “Brother-in-law?”

When he called out these two words, the people inside the room looked at him with peculiar sight, and even the man opposite raised his eyebrows at him. Chen Guo also realized that he had said the wrong thing and quickly changed his words, “Brother Xiao, long time no see.”

Xiao Qi smiled at him, “Long time no see.” He paused, then said, “I didn’t expect you to remember me.”

Chen Guo responded with a smile, thinking, Xiao Qi is his first love, how could it be so easy for him to forget? He didn’t know why Xiao Qi came to the house. Although he didn’t know much about the family’s affairs, he also knew that Xiao Qi was quite embarrassed when he left the Chen’s house at that time. It stands to reason that he would never step into this door again in his life.

He asked his parents with his eyes, but his parents looked dodgy, one black and the other white, the two of them were frowning with a distressed look. Chen Guo didn’t understand, but Xiao Qi spoke up, “I’m here to propose a marriage.”

Chen Guo was startled, looking at him with a helpless look and hesitated for a moment before saying, “But my sister has already….”

Xiao Qi smiled, “Not Chen Qian,” he raised his chin, “It’s you, Chen Guo.”

Chen Guo didn’t know what method Xiao Qi and his parents used, but after one week, the 20-year-old Chen Guo became the wife of the 31-year-old Xiao Qi. They were legally certified, and naturally, they did not have a wedding ceremony.

Chen’s father went through the formalities for leave of school for Chen Guo. Chen’s mother helped him organize his luggage. On the night of receiving the certificate, Chen Guo took his luggage and moved into Xiao Qi’s villa on the hillside, becoming his official wife.

Chen Guo sat on the floor of the master bedroom, looking at his suitcase, a little dazed, until he heard the sound of footsteps coming closer. He looked at Xiao Qi, who was tall and had long legs. For a moment, his mouth opened, but he didn’t know what to call him.

Standing in front of him, Xiao Qi seemed to see his entanglement clearly and made the choice for him: “Call me husband.”

When Chen Guo heard these two words¹, two red clouds climbed up on his delicate cheeks, shyness appearing in his eyes. Xiao Qi looked at him condescendingly, “I hope you can adapt to your new identity as soon as possible. In this way, I may have a little free time to communicate with the Chen family.”

The heat in his chest quickly faded when he heard the ironic words. Chen Guo then realized that he married Xiao Qi for some reason. Because the Chen family looked down on Xiao Qi seven years ago, because the sister Chen Qian had agreed to elope with her boyfriend Xiao Qi and broke her promise. Instead, the Chen family gave Xiao Qi a beating. So after Xiao Qigong returned to fame, the first thing was to suppress the Chen family, and when he was suppressed, he had to come down to admit his mistake and apologize.

And he was the gift that the Chen family paid to Xiao Qi.

Chen Guo wanted to understand. He smiled slightly at Xiao Qi, “Husband.”

Xiao Qi was surprised to see him so obedient. He stared at him for a few more seconds before leaving a sentence, “Come down to eat after you finish tidying up.”

Chen Guo’s work efficiency is very good when he wasn’t in a daze, and it was mainly because Xiao Qi’s bedroom is well set up. One side of the closet is full and the other side is empty, so Chen Guo puts his clothes on the empty side. He also placed some small objects on the bedside and desk. After finishing it, he goes down to eat.

Xiao Qi’s villa is very large, larger than the Chen’s, but the decoration is simple and comfortable. When he went downstairs, Xiao Qi was already sitting at the dining table. On the table were three dishes, one was beef stew with potatoes, one with shrimp and one vegetable. It looked pretty good and smelled very good. Xiao Qi watched him come down, went to the kitchen to fill two bowls of rice, and handed a bowl to Chen Guo. Chen Guo thanked him, and looked around curiously, “You didn’t invite an aunt to work?”

Xiao Qi said, “Yeah” , pulled out a smile at him, “That’s why I let your father suspend you from school.”

“Huh?” Chen Guo was stunned.

Seeing his expression, Xiao Qi smiled with genuine joy, “Exactly what you think, I marry you (as a wife), you need to be a full-time wife and have children.”

Xiao Qi seemed to want to see the opposite person more shocked or embarrassed expression, but was very surprised seeing that Chen Guo only froze for a moment and then returned to the original state, eating the food normally, but the more he ate, the more wrinkled his face, like the rough pumpkin lantern carved on Halloween, his beautiful facial features are a bit distorted.

Xiao Qi felt a little pleased in his heart, but he didn’t show anything on his face, “Why? Don’t want to?” He was still thinking about what to say to scare the kid opposite him, but saw the kid shaking his head, his tone was sad, “If only it was one year earlier.”

Xiao Qi raised his eyebrows, “Why?”

Chen Guo chewed the potato piece in his mouth fiercely, “That way I wouldn’t have to study day and night to prepare for the college entrance examination. I was lucky to be able to get into a good school ne.”

When Xiao Qi heard his answer, his face showed an unexpected look. His heart beat violently, and he suddenly felt that the person in front of him seemed very interesting.

Chen Guo is not as relaxed and comfortable as Xiao Qi seems. His tension is buried in his heart, especially when he thinks that night is their “Wedding Night”, and Xiao Qi said before that he wants him to have children, so will they do that later?

When Chen Guo took the bathrobe and walked to the bathroom, he was a little nervous. When he saw the mirror, he suddenly realized that his face was so red, as if it was about to drip blood. He patted his face, tried to wake himself up, and then began to undress. He has a thin figure but has a lot of flesh, especially the layer of soft flesh on his stomach, which can’t be seen when he is wearing clothes, and can only be felt when he touches it. He has an Adam’s apple, and his chest is flat, there are two pink milk tips dotted on it. He takes off his pants and underwear. The meat stick is smaller than ordinary people, and the color is also pink and tender. There is a short circle of short black hair underneath, and below the testicles, there is a narrow slit that only exists for women, which is gently wrapped in two petals, the color is also pink, and it is now moist.

Chen Guo has always been reluctant to face his own flaw, but because of this flaw, his birth certificate states that his gender is “female,” and he changed it only after he entered high school. His parents used to ask him to undergo surgery, but they were told that between the two sets of organs in his body, the female parts are relatively complete and have an uterus that can give birth to life. On the contrary, the male part has defects. Although it can have normal erections, it has no spermatogenesis function. So if he has to undergo surgery, it is best to choose to remove the male organs.

Chen Guo has been a man for more than ten years, and he also believes that he is a man, and he always urinates while standing up. Thinking that he will become a squat-peeing person in the future, the always well-behaved person became stubborn for the first time. He stubbornly refused to go to the hospital no matter what happened, and then this matter was given up.

But how did Xiao Qi know that he has a woman’s sex organ?

Chen Guo didn’t dare to think deeply. He can only wash himself as clean as possible, so that his husband can enjoy it more comfortably. Then he awkwardly do enema, making sure that the two holes are clean and fragrant before he walks out of the bathroom in his bathrobe with a red face.


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