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FVR Chapter 1

Fantasy (VR 1v1)

Chapter 1

The sun was scorching, the clouds were shallow, and the fields were lush and green. The beautiful scenery was everywhere and the birds and insects were chirping joyously.

This should be a great place to enjoy the scenery, but currently, no one had the time to enjoy it.

The wide plains were filled with people as far as one could see, and they were strangely dressed and exotic game characters kept popping up.

Wen Zhi stared blankly at the chaotic scene in front of her for a second, when suddenly a fluorescent green light popped up in front of her eyes, displaying:

[Will you accept the beginner quest.]

She was stunned for a moment, before nodding her head in agreement.

This game was a new revolution of virtual reality online games “Desolate Forest of the Demons”, where one could enter the game virtually. It’s like one’s consciousness travelled into another character’s game body.

The beginner quest was to let the players familiarize themselves with the game environment and gameplay. Wen Zhi was guided to chat with NPCs for a while, sending gifts, changing equipment, as well as looking for Li ErGou, and so on.

It was undeniable that this game was very well made and advertised as 99% realistic, which she didn’t believe at first.

After entering the game, she realized that the game company was true to its conscience for the industry. Selling what they preached without any deception at all. If it wasn’t for the overly flashy NPC look, she would have thought that she was interacting with a real person instead.

After familiarizing herself with the basic gameplay, Wen Zhi was assigned to eliminate a few small monsters.

The game synchronizes the player’s physicality with the game character, thus the sword-slashing felt the same as if it was a real battle with realistic graphics and details.

When one entered into a battle, the skill icons would light up on both sides of one’s visual field and one could activate the skill by confirming it with just a thought.

Unlike previous keyboard games where hand movement speed was a major factor, here it’s all about the speed of thoughts.

Right now, Wen Zhi was still low-level and had only a few skills that she could use. After confirming a skill, she slashed towards the small monster in front of her.

The short and hideous creature was split in half, spilling virtual blood onto her boots, and she could feel a sticky mess underneath her boots while smelling a faint blood scent.

She couldn’t help but gasp in awe as the realistic level was simply brilliant.

After collecting ten monsters fragments, Wen Zhi was ready to return to the starting village to turn in her quest. Before she could teleport away, she heard the players who had come to kill the monsters discussing: “There are already very few female players at the starting point, and still quite a few of them look so ugly till the max. Look at that player just now, it’s impossible to look straight at her.”

“Yeah, damn it, I’m not going to team up with such an ugly woman.” Another player chimed in.

“Yes yes, I’m afraid I’ll throw up if I am required to do intimate tasks with a player that looks like that……”

On the other hand, Wen Zhi already returned to the starting village and shook her head lightly as she remembered the conversation between the two players just now.

This game was an adult game, in addition to the violence and gore realistic images of various massacres. There was also an adult love system that allows you to fully experience it as if it was like the real physical sex.

She wasn’t interested in that, so she chose the Orcs races specifically and she gave herself a slightly ugly face when creating it.

In the past, she used to play the game as male gender to avoid any hassle. Yet the Desolate Forest of the Demons could only be played by using a game pod and to achieve complete synchronization between the senses of the real entity and game character. The body structure was automatically scanned as well as the gender was also determined, so there was no way to fake it.

Now hearing the conversations of other players, she was even glad that she had made the right decision. Due to the mandatory love system later in the game, it was inevitable that a good-looking character might be sought after and was likely to be r*ped in the game.

The game character was virtual but her senses were in sync with the character, and even if she was not really being violated in reality, she didn’t want to experience that feeling.

After completing the task of collecting materials, the next moment, another quest guide appeared in front of Wen Zhi’s eyes:

[Go to the tavern, find Bette, and flirt with him.]

Wen Zhi froze for a second, the initial task of familiarizing the gameplay had been completed, now it was time to start getting familiar with the so-called love system?

She was a single dog who had never been in a relationship, and she didn’t want to explore this kind of content……

Yet it seemed like the main quest line!?

There was no other way out, so she could only force herself to accept it.

In the starting village, the tavern was easily located and there were already many people who had completed this quest.

Unsure if it was because that there were relatively lesser female players, there weren’t many players in front of the NPC Bette. When a female player took away a Bette, a few seconds later, another one will spawn in the same place.

It was Wen Zhi’s turn, she hesitated for a long while before confirming once again about the flirting quest in her mind.

Bette was an NPC set up to guide the player through the love system and was designed in such an appearance that was acceptable to most female players.

A tall and board human male body structure with a neutral appearance, yet a rigid facial profile with a touch of femininity to his features. The costume was not overly exaggerated, simple short and neat haircut with a light blue suit that made him look polite, friendly, and gentle.

After following Wen Zhi out of the tavern, Bette asked: “XinRuZhiShui, May I ask what you want from me?”

(T/N: 心如止水 xīn rú zhǐ shuǐ translated as heart is like stopped water means the peaceful feeling in the heart like still water.)

XinRuZhiShui was the in-game name for Wen Zhi.

She glanced at the NPC beside her and thought, if she was dealing with just a graphic character or an NPC that just looked different, she might be able to relax a bit more. Yet this was just too realistic and it’s almost equivalent to ask her to flirt with a real man……

Bette waited quietly by the side while Wen Zhi checked the surrounding situation. Some of the female players were already touching Bette, but more of the male players were pressing and rubbing the female NPCs.

She thought about it and dragged Bette off by the corner of his shirt and led the NPC away from this place.

Everywhere there were players doing quests, and it was impossible to find a less crowded place, so she could only find a relatively less crowded area. She stared at Bette and gathered enough courage before raising her hand and touching Bette’s face.

The surface of the gloriously supple skin was invisible to pores, and it was soft and silky to the touch.

Due to it feeling too good in her hand, she didn’t control her strength and pinched Bette’s face.

Bette shrieked: “What are you doing, XinRuZhiShui?”

The NPC immediately covered his face which was pinched red.

Wen Zhi’s tense mood was relieved, looking at his expression as if he was being m*lested, and she found it to be quite interesting.

She pinned Bette against the wall, one hand on his waist while the other lifted Bette’s chin and said: “Come, give your Master a smile.”

Bette froze and replied in a serious voice: “XinRuZhiShui, please behave yourself.”

Wen Zhi became interested while touching Bette’s face, her other hand pinched Bette’s waist and asked: “Nice little body, do you have abs? Let me take a look.”

This should be considered as teasing or flirting?

Bette’s cheeks blushed and cowered in the corner while shaking his head.

Wen Zhi’s small hand ran along Bette’s waist and all the way to his abdomen. She could feel the firmness and abs but it didn’t feel too good to touch.

A virtual character was always slightly inferior to a real person, so she couldn’t ask for much.

She had been touching for a while now, yet Bette still didn’t respond and there was no hint that the quest was completed, so what next?

Wen Zhi glanced around, a male player not far away from her had reached his hand inside of the female NPC’s clothes and groped all over her body. The NPC’s wobbly breast were jiggling here and there, and after a short while, the button on the front of her chest directly burst off. Two round and soft white flesh was exposed, the male player obediently lowered his head and took the pinkish nipple in his mouth and sucked hard on it.

Wen Zhi couldn’t hear the sound because of the distance, but she could see the female NPC’s intoxicated face with a look of enjoyment and her small mouth was slightly ajar, supposedly she was moaning.

The male player ripped open the female NPC’s skirt with his other hand and reached between her legs, not long before he began to move his hand up and down. Not knowing whether was he inserting his fingers directly into the NPC or just caressing it.

This, this was equivalent to watching a live p*rn show up close……

Wen Zhi blushed, she hadn’t even watched much p*rn previously, and it was too intense to watch this kind of performance directly up close.

At this point, a screen popped up in front of her:

[Flirting quest completion requirement: Remove all of Bette’s clothes!]

Wen Zhi was stunned, taking off all of the clothes?

She stepped forward and tugged at Bette’s shirt, but the suit and white shirt seem like they were growing on him and didn’t budge at all.

She glanced around the surroundings again and there were mostly male players. They used a uniform tactic of kissing the female NPCs fiercely and aggressively, before ripping or taking off their clothes as the NPCs became disoriented in lust.

There were prerequisites to undress an NPC?

Wen Zhi was having a headache.

(T/N: Wooooots my first smut/gaming translation! Hope you all enjoyed the chapter, it’s slow in the start haha. If you enjoy the story, do remember to support the Author =) )

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