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FVR Chapter 2

Fantasy (VR 1v1)

Chapter 2

Wen Zhi wondered if she should do something with Bette when another female player came to her side while holding to another Bette.

The female player smiled shyly and blushed as she negotiated with Bette: “Bette, will you take off your clothes if I take off mine?”

Bette didn’t answer, the female player whined and leaned over to Bette’s ear and licked his earlobe, and asked: “Just promise me……will you please.”

This time Bette responded, nodding his head.

The female player was an elf, sweet-looking with a tall slender body.

After seeing Bette’s agreed, she began to undress, the gauzy like outer coat falling gently to the floor as Bette took off his suit too.

Wen Zhi looked on in surprise, this worked fine too?

The female player felt the gaze on her and she glanced back, while her movement of undressing didn’t stop, and she raised an eyebrow towards Wen Zhi.

Wen Zhi swallowed her saliva and stared straight at them, almost right in front of her eyes, watching the woman undress her clothes with charm and shyness.

One, two, layers of the thin, soft fabric peeled away, revealing the soft skin inch by inch.

The female player’s in-game name was ShiXueYaoRao1, and she stripped herself down to just her tiny panties when Bette was already completely naked.

Wen Zhi took one last glance before she hurriedly skimmed her eyes to look elsewhere.

Seeing men up close. Ah no, seeing male NPC’s naked, she was still slightly embarrassed as being a single dog for too long.

Luckily Bette had only been n*ked for a short period before he disappeared, presumably returned to the tavern on his own accord once the quest was completed.

ShiXueYaoRao shook the two white round flesh on her chest and said half-lightly to Wen Zhi: “This is just a game, there is nothing to squirm about.”

Having said that, the clothes on her body returned to their original state and she walked away.

Wen Zhi glanced around, everyone was doing their mission and didn’t care about what she was doing. She was also a virtual game character with an Orc’s face, so no one could know who she was, but she still couldn’t bring herself to do it.

As she was hesitating, a cold voice rang out: “Will you undress yourself, or should I help you?”

Wen Zhi glanced over to the voice not far away, under the fluttering green willow stood a male player wearing an ancient-style robe.

The man’s stance was tall and still, his slender profile looked kind of dashing. At that moment, he was holding his sword in one hand and lifting the chin of the female NPC with it, while the tip of the sword was directly pointing at the NPC’s throat.

NPCs couldn’t be killed nor could they be threatened……

Just as Wen Zhi was thinking about it, she saw the female NPC nodding in panic and replied: “I, I, I’ll take it off myself.”

Having said that, the NPC immediately stripped herself clean and then disappeared without a trace.

There was still this way?

Just when Wen Zhi was still in surprise, the man glanced over in her direction.

The indifferent and detached gaze shot out from underneath the white hollow mask, making others shiver in fear.

Wen Zhi’s heart stuttered, this aura was just too strong…… how a virtual character could have such a strong aura!?

She quickly shifted her gazes away, and mentally breathed a long sigh of relief, and stared thievishly at Bette with a raised eyebrow.

Since threatening NPCs worked, there was nothing to dwell on.

She reached for her back and drew out her twin blades and said: “Bette, strip n*ked now and let me see.”

The tone sounded like a full-blown old client for a prostitute.

She expected Bette to be very submissive, but to her surprise, the NPC sidestepped and tackled her into his arms.

Damn…… Male NPCs even had strength stat?

Wen Zhi’s reaction was fast and she quickly selected the Evasion skill.

Just as she was pulled into his arms, she smoothly retreated from Bette’s armpits, and then in a swift spin, she had her twin blades placed on the NPC’s neck and commanded him from behind: “Undress.”

Bette froze for a moment and meekly gave in.

Fortunately, all her skill points and attribute points gained previously were added to her agility and speed stats, which improved the character’s reaction speed. Also, in the beginning, she had chosen an Assassin class that comes with attack power at its initial stats.

Otherwise, she wouldn’t escape the fate of being naked.

After completing another two more quests, she could finally leave the starting village.

At this point, a selection screen popped up in front of Wen Zhi’s eyes, and the glowing green screen showed:

[Select to go to Momiya and make love with Joseph!]

[Select to go to Kunnatu to slaughter the HuoLaYao!]

Wen Zhi stared at the two options and was speechless. There were two methods to level up in the early stages of the game, one was through intimate contact with NPCs or with other players to gain equipment and experience points whereas the other method was to kill monsters and level up.

The game guide had explained that once chosen one of the methods in the starting village, they could not change it within level 60. Only after they had reached level 60 and above and went to the bigger world, where there would be another method to play.

She didn’t want to get into intimate contact with the NPCs, so without any hesitation, she simply chose the second one to kill the HuoLaYao.

At first, she thought that there should be plenty of players chosen this quest, but when she arrived at the dungeon entrance, she realized that there were few people. Thus, it could be concluded that those who chose the method of killing monsters to level up belonged to the minority.

Among the players waiting at the dungeon entrance to do the quest were two people that Wen Zhi had met before. One was the Bloodthirsty Enchantress who had stripped down to her tiny panties in front of Bette, and the other was the male player who used his sword and threatened the NPC to undress.

The male player’s in-game name was —— Gu Xian2.

The name Gu Xian was a perfect match for his virtual game character, as the virtual character who just stood still was already emitting the aura of exceptional and independence feeling.

The aura of cold arrogance was simply impossible to be ignored, making it seem as if he didn’t belong in this game world.

“How much longer do we have to wait?”

The player standing next to Gu Xian was named XiaoZhangErShao3 asked him.

“Let’s stop waiting, and just form a random team of players.” The ShiXueYaoRao conformed and tried to tug the corner of Gu Xian’s coat, but missed as he avoided it by twisting his body to the side.

Wen Zhi finally understood that these few people were a team.

The HuoLaYao was the big BOSS of the starting village and could only be killed by a party. A small dungeon party usually consisted of a minimum of four members and a maximum of six party members.

Were they planning to fight the BOSS with just four party members? Were they that good……

ShiXueYaoRao beamed in defeat and then pouted before swaying her hips to XiaoZhangErShao and holding his hand and said: “Let’s form a party first, that stone man who wanted to join the team just now seems good.”

At that moment, a cold deep voice rang out: “Wait a little longer.”

“Bro, it’s been half a day, let’s stop waiting. Maybe he had something to do today and can’t join the first Beta day?” XiaoZhangErShao continued: “Let’s get out of the starting village and level up first, so once he is here, we could carry him to level up.”

Turned out they were waiting for a teammate, but that guy didn’t seem to be online…… Wen Zhi thought to herself as she secretly listened to the conversation.

“That’s right, let’s get out of the starting village first, once we reached a higher level, it will be easier to carry others.” ShiXueYaoRao whined: “We are short of a healer, let’s group with that stone man from earlier.”

Just when ShiXueYaoRao’s words fell, a sentence swung out in front of Wen Zhi:

[Gu Xian invited you to join the party, do you agree.]

She glanced silently at the slender figure in the distance.

The handsome figure was covered in a basalt-coloured robe, with a white jade belt around his waist, looking so elegant. His long, black hair was tied back casually, and beneath a half mask with silver-lined patterns, his eyes were staring at her with cold gazes.

Wen Zhi’s heart was slightly tempted, this character creation was just too good.

Although the mask on Gu Xian’s face stretch from the left forehead to the right half of his cheek, which covered some of his features. Yet his thin scarlet lips, the straight and elegant nose, the cold gazes from the slanted eyes.

This stance, this aura, was like an immortal who did not inhabit the mortal world, untamed and lonely.

She unconsciously touched her face, she had chosen the Orcs races, her features were messily created, and her skin was dark. Moreover, she had two fangs and none of them matched the normal beauty standards except for the deep pupils of her eyes.

In comparison, she was simply unpleasing to one’s eyes.

In this game, the character’s appearance could be randomly generated or manually created, and there was also another option to automatically generate by scanning a real person’s face. Thus, she didn’t know which one was Gu Xian using.

In the middle of her thoughts, the message invitation for the party came beeping again.

Wen Zhi was puzzled, didn’t she just hear that ShiXueYaoRao wanted to team up with some Stone Man? How come they would invite her to a party?

She glanced at their classes, XiaoZhangErShao was a warrior, ShiXueYaoRao was a long-range archer, Gu Xian was a mage, and she was an assassin.

One tank and three damagers……. They would recruit another healer right?

The quest had to be cleared by a party, so she accepted the invitation anyway.

ShiXueYaoRao1 : Bloodthirsty Enchantress
Gu Xian2 : Lone String
XiaoZhangErShao3: Arrogant Second Master
(T/N: Well … I prefer using the Chinese name than the English name for the frequent appeared sidekicks and mains. Whereas those cannon fodder characters will have their English name as they just appeared once in the story. Thank you for understanding. =) )

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