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FVR Chapter 3

Fantasy (VR 1v1)

Chapter 3

Wen Zhi had just agreed to the party invitation on her side, and the next second, they entered the dungeon.

So fast….. It’s just four party members to fight the dungeon!

She thought to herself that if four members without any healer dare to fight the BOSS, and if they were really that good, she should hang out more with them since today there were lesser people.

Another feature of this game was that you couldn’t go offline after entering a dungeon for hunting.

There was a time limit for the dungeon, and all players must be sure that they would not be offline during this duration before they could enter the dungeon. There was some dungeon where there was no time limit and they must either complete the quest or kill the boss before they could leave or log out.

The game itself was bridged to the game pod, the synchronized brain and body were covered with fluid within the pod that used quantum entanglement technology to link to the game end. It didn’t require electricity or any other energy source to use it.

Therefore, there would be no such incident where the power supply was cut off and they were forced to leave the game. They could not log off or get out of the pod without following and completing the game rules.

This means that once the time duration was determined, they could only complete the mission or kill the boss, otherwise they couldn’t leave until the allotted time had expired.

If they encounter a dungeon quest with no time limit requirement and they couldn’t complete the quest, there was the last option left. That was to wait in the dungeon for the once-a-week mandatory log-off and then choose to return to the main city when they re-enter the game.

Wen Zhi thought that this setting was actually quite good. In the past, when playing games to fight BOSSes, there was often the situation where teammates suddenly went offline and they couldn’t finish off the boss. The fact that they couldn’t go offline for a specified period was a protective mechanism for most players and also improved the gaming experience.

However, that was her thought at the moment, after that she simply hated this setting.
After making sure that all the players won’t need to go offline for two hours, they officially started the dungeon quest.

This was the easiest dungeon, the small monsters were very easy to kill. Although it was a four-player team, they felt no pressure at all.

The items dropped by the starter-level monsters were not rare nor useful to anyone in the party, but Wen Zhi was having fun looting them.

To get rich during the starting phase, these were all she needed.

After following the only route in the dungeon and killing a few smaller waves of monsters, they finally arrived at the secluded cave where the HuoLaYao was located.

The demon was a giant monster with a human head and a snake body, covered in black scales, with a beautiful woman’s face on its head and a giant snake tail below its chest.

It was now quietly sleeping on the ground.

After all of them had entered the secluded cave, the entrance closed automatically. Not long afterward, a prompt appeared above the head of the HuoLaYao:

[Unlocking BOSS requirement: Male player and female player need to flirt in front of the HuoLaYao, thus angering the HuoLaYao.]

Wen Zhi’s instantly felt speechless, damn, wasn’t this supposed to be a combat fighting quest to level up, why were there still flirting missions……

She was so regretful at this moment, why didn’t she read the dungeon guide more carefully.

At the same time, she had a wicked thought that if it required a male and a female player to flirt to unlock the BOSS, so what if there were players who didn’t read the dungeon guide and all of them grouped were male players…… Would they have to wait for the set time to expire and re-fight the BOSS?

Or did the system automatically detect the gender of the players entering the dungeon and then set up the requirement for unlocking the BOSS according to the specific gender?

She couldn’t figure out how it worked, and it was useless to think about them now.

Hmmm… to flirt…

She subconsciously glanced at Gu Xian.

Gu Xian was very focused, staring straight in the direction of HuoLaYao.

What was he looking at? Was he, like her, didn’t think that there will be requirement for unlocking the BOSS?

Their team happened to be two men and two women, so naturally, they had to find a partner to flirt with to fulfil their mission.

Whoever moves the first takes the initiative.

ShiXueYaoRao glanced at the requirement and walked in the direction of Gu Xian but stopped after taking two steps. Gu Xian’s cold and warning gaze swept over her, so she just stood there awkwardly for a while before walking over to XiaoZhangErShao direction.

Wen Zhi couldn’t help but think wildly, that ShiXueYaoRao had gone over to XiaoZhangErShao, so does that mean she had to flirt with Gu Xian?

Nooo… She doesn’t want it… Not to mention that he was a real player, even if he was just an NPC, she wouldn’t dare as his aura was just too strong for others to withstand.

As if he knew what she was thinking about, Gu Xian glanced back at her and spoke in a clear cold voice: “The requirement didn’t request for all male players to flirt with all female players.”

Wen Zhi froze and read the requirement again carefully.

It was true that it only require the male player to flirt with another female player, and it wasn’t clearly stated that the whole party had to do so.

So… All it required was a male player and a female player to flirt to unlock the Boss then……

Wait… did that mean that he had invited her to join the party, as he already knew that there were prerequisite requirement for unlocking the BOSS?

Female players were already very scarce, so having another female player join the party means there would be more options. If ShiXueYaoRao was not willing to flirt with XiaoZhangErShao, then this task could be passed to her.

She suddenly had a feeling of being calculated by him……

“Go unlock the BOSS.” Gu Xian said to XiaoZhangErShao in a flat voice.

The muscular male warrior immediately pulled the slender female elf beside him into his arms, fearing that the next moment Gu Xian would choose his partner for him.

Wen Zhi was secretly glad that ShiXueYaoRao didn’t refuse, otherwise, she would have to……

Never mind…… It’s useless to dwell on this matter now, so she should be a good audience instead.

The muscular male warrior was Human race like Gu Xian, just that he was very buff while he held the slender female elf in his arms tightly.

They stared into each other eyes and started kissing passionately.

The deep, passionate kiss was so intense that from a distance, they could see the two tongues twirling impatiently in and out of each other’s mouths. Almost like someone who had finally found things to eat after being starved for a long time, and right now they seem to be trying to eat each other in a single gulp.

The sound of slurping kisses accompanied by deep loud moans and low ragged gasps filled the cave.

Wen Zhi felt that the pressure of playing this game was indeed a bit too intense for her, a female single who had never experienced any relationship.

Previously, she treated this game like any normal game, even if she couldn’t avoid encountering a sexual mission, the game was using a virtual character anyway, so she didn’t think it was unacceptable, thus she joined this game.

Yet after playing it, she realized that this game was too real that the characters were so life-like in all kinds of details, even their movements and mannerism were so realistic.

If the protagonist of the adult show in front of her was replaced by herself……

She felt the need to reconsider whether she wanted to continue playing the game or not.

The man and woman who were intensely entangled in front of the HuoLaYao made lustful noises and all sorts of slutty comments.

XiaoZhangErShao ripped open the small shirt on ShiXueYaoRao’s chest and impatiently kneaded that two soft flesh hard.

The next moment he covered his mouth with it, sucking and licking it slowly, causing the woman in front of him to squirm.

“Fuck me…… These tits are so fucking real.” XiaoZhangErShao muttered as he continued sucking it.

ShiXueYaoRao was licked and tickled all over her body, and she involuntarily lifted her breasts, whispering seductively: “So good…… This feels…… So mmmm…. So real…… More, lick me harder.”

“YaoYao, you’re such a slut.” XiaoZhangErShao spat out the boobs in his mouth, staring at the cherry red tips of the nipples in front of him as the blood rushed to it. The next moment, he stuck out his long tongue to lick the hardened and protruding nipples.

“Ahhhh…… It tickles, so ticklish.” ShiXueYaoRao was now blushing crimson, her expression was unbearable as she kept grunting: “So ticklish…… Ahhh……” She lightly hit the man in front of her in a pout: “Touch me down there too, don’t just lick the tits, it’s itchy down there.”

Hearing the plea, the thick palm of his hand worked its way down and ripped open the translucent veil to probe inside.

The movement made the delicate woman squirm even more obliviously.

Wen Zhi’s mouth went dry as she watched, her breath was coming in short bursts.

This was too exciting…… She looked away in embarrassment, not knowing where to stare.

Her gaze wandered for a while before subconsciously glancing at Gu Xian.

This man was standing at the far end of the room elegantly, with a dignified appearance. His indifferent eyes stared at the intensely erotic scene in front of him without any trace of emotion as if he was looking at a dead object.

His willpower was just too good……

Wen Zhi dryly averted her eyes to stare at her feet, she deliberately avoided the explicit images, but the moans could not be filtered away.

Listening to the murmuring moaning, she felt a rush of heat welling up in her body and a certain string kept tugging at her heart.

Despite having no sexual experience or whatsoever, she knew that her body was instinctively aroused.

The sensual synchronisation that had felt so human before was now very embarrassing and awkward to her.

(T/N: Alright three chapters for now, will update again on every Sunday hopefully. Thank you for reading!)

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  1. Avatar Ral Huen Tan says:

    Thanks for translating the novel. Although I already finished reading this one through google translate its good to reread this with a proper translation. Gambatte translator-san and keep up the good work.

    1. Avatar runicle says:

      Thank you so much for commenting and reading it again!
      Hope my translation for the game terms won’t be too off… haha XD

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