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FVR Chapter 4

Fantasy (VR 1v1)

Chapter 4

The male warrior and the female elf entwined with each other while tearing off each other clothes forcefully. It wasn’t long before that they were both naked and were about to move on to the next step.

Suddenly the huge beast lying on the ground started to stir and the face of the woman at the top of the serpent’s body became harrowing and horrifying as it spat out a mouthful of flame from its scarlet pupils and cursed angrily: “Where did these cheating couples come from, how dare they make out in front of me?”

The muffled, deep voice sounded like a man but accompany by that gorgeous-looking face.

Wen Zhi froze for a moment.

A transgender beast?

This set-up caught everyone off guard.

“Everyone disperse.” Gu Xian’s cold deep voice rang out.

The two players who were entwined in front of the HuoLaYao stared at each other and let go quickly. They separated and moved to either side while their clothes instantly returned to their original state.

Wen Zhi still stood frozen at the spot, her cheeks were flushed, and was still lost in thoughts.

“Warrior position yourself at one o’clock and taunt, Archer prepares at five o’clock.” Gu Xian commanded calmly: “Assassin, you are at two o’clock position for damaging.”

XiaoZhangErShao immediately rushed to the front of the HuoLaYao and swung his big sword to chop, while ShiXueYaoRao stood at a distance and drew out a longbow with gold lining edge.

Gu Xian stood at the spot and swirled his hands lightly, and the sky was filled with small fire meteors falling towards the position of HuoLaYao.

The beautiful giant beast was attacked instantly which made her face turn pale, her pretty face was covered with bulging veins. She bared out her sharp fangs and spitting out fire towards XiaoZhangErShao.

The scene changed in an instant, Wen Zhi was still a bit dumbfounded until XiaoZhangErShao shouted at her twice: “Assassin, assassin do your attack ah.” Only then did she come back to her senses.

Wen Zhi gave an awkward glance at the few of them and answered: “Sorry, got lost in thought.”

She hadn’t spoken all this time, her voice was muted, now that she suddenly spoke up, her voice sounded so sweet and tender, with a touch of shyness.

“Yo, I didn’t expect *Xiao ZhiShui’s voice to sound so nice.” XiaoZhangErShao flirted while swinging his big sword around.

(T/N: 止水 zhi shui translated as stopping the water and 小 xiao translated as little or small. This added together to be little stopper. XD)

Wen Zhi was even more embarrassed at how this person whom she had just met, called her so intimately.

Wen Zhi’s voice already sounded very sweet, and this moment with slight shyness made her voice even more tempting. XiaoZhangErShao very pertinent comment made ShiXueYaoRao feel slightly jealous.

A sharp arrow grazed Wen Zhi’s side and a female voice tinted with anger followed: “Focus on your aggro.”

XiaoZhangErShao lightly grunted: “I’m doing it. Come, Xiao ZhiShui, do your attacks, I’m doing the taunt so you don’t have to worry.”

And he was addicted to calling her that?

Wen Zhi felt very uncomfortable with being called so intimately.

Any name with the word Xiao in front of it made her feel uncomfortable to listen to it.

However, everyone had the freedom to say whatever they want, so she couldn’t control it. Right now she could only glare at XiaoZhangErShao before pulling out the twin blades hidden on her shoulders and leaping towards the HuoLaYao.

With a swing, the two sharp blades slashed a beautiful arc. The buff for the weapon made the blades glow with a flaming red light as she danced around the beast’s body while attacking.

The demonic snake beast reached out and swung, Wen Zhi simply dodged it and slashed down with her twin blades, stabbing precisely into the spine of the HuoLaYao.

A piercing roar rang out and the whole cave shook. The next second, the twin flaming blades circled to the front of the snake beast, cutting two long slashes into the black scaled armour.

“This speed, this reaction.” XiaoZhangErShao stared at the female orc wielding her twin blades in front of him with astonishment: “Just incredibly fast!”

Previously, it was too easy to fight with the small monsters, thus everyone attacks with just the default skill without using too many tactics. Yet when fighting with the BOSS, it was a great test of skills and coordination.

Wen Zhi’s series of actions were sharp and neat, fierce and valiant, truly astonishing.

“Keep your aggro.”Gu Xian interjected coldly.

After hearing this, XiaoZhangErShao then realized that because Wen Zhi’s attack frequency was too fast, her hit streak was surging and the threat had begun to shift.

A fireball sprang towards Wen Zhi and she immediately lost half of her health points.

XiaoZhangErShao was so shocked that he immediately hacked at HuoLaYao, but the fireball in the next instant still aimed at Wen Zhi.

Just as Wen Zhi thought that she was about to be finished, a silvery halo of light wrapped itself around her. The fireball smashed into the silvery light and shattered with the halo, sending red and white dots of light crystallising in all directions.

The magical barrier shielded off some part of the attack just in time.

Only one of their party member could use magic, and Wen Zhi subconsciously glanced behind her.

Gu Xian met her with a bemused brow for a second, before glancing over to the HuoLaYao and forming another hand seal which cast out a majestic bolt of Starfire.

“Use the Double Dragon Piercing Burst and the Sun-Chasing Slashes.” He said.

Wen Zhi froze for a moment before she realised that Gu Xian was teaching her how to use the skill combos.

She felt a sense of déjà vu at this very moment. In the previous game which she played before, there was also a person who would always save her in the nick of time when she was in danger and taught her how to maximize her damage with a combo skill.

Her reflexes and speed were getting faster and skilful under the teaching from the person.

“What are you waiting for?” Gu Xian’s voice rang out again.

Wen Zhi shook off her thoughts and brought up her twin blades to attack the beast again.

This combo was effective, not much threat yet deals lots of damage. In a short while, the snake-like human-headed monster in front of her was down to half health.

HuoLaYao became increasingly furious and roared: “How dare you few little b*tches fool around in front of me.”

The huge snake’s tail swept horizontally, striking XiaoZhangErShao to the side and sending him tumbling to the ground.

Wen Zhi moved swiftly to dodge the attack and took several steps backward.

“Use Phantom Axe and hold the aggro steadily.” Gu Xian commanded.

XiaoZhangErShao immediately rose from the ground and the large sword in his hand transformed into a huge axe, slashing towards the spine of the HuoLaYao.

“Archer use continuous shot and attack on the brow of the HuoLaYao, until all the blue is depleted.”

ShiXueYaoRao nodded at Gu Xian and drew her longbow into a full arc and began her continuous attack.

Wen Zhi rushed forward and used the skill combo which she had just learned.

She thought to herself as she attacked the HuoLaYao, this was the beta test for Desolate Forest of Demons. No one had ever played this game, and it was surprising that Gu Xian knew and memorized various skills, not only for his game classes but also other game classes too.

She thought that she had done enough character strategy walkthrough, but she didn’t expect Gu Xian to be more prepared than she was. It was so reassuring to have a teammate like him.

With four of them working together, the HuoLaYao was soon down to red-blood.

When Wen Zhi’s rage level was refilled, Gu Xian and her released their ultimate skills at the same time.

In the next moment, a system announcement light up above their head:

[Congratulations to players: Gu Xian, XiaoZhangErShao, ShiXueYaoRao, XinRuZhiShui, for completing the first kill on the world server for HuoLaYao! Rewards: 1000 gold coins, 100 reputations, and the title (Demon Slayer)]


The system announcement was made three times and soon the world chat channel was flooded with messages:

HandsomeSinceYoung: Am I reading this right, just four players cleared the dungeon? Where are these gods from?

MastersWifeYouShouldGiveInToTheOldMonk: What is this speed? This is too fast, pleading to team up.

Heartless: Gods, begging for guides, our team of six had died in the secluded cave every time.

OneNightEighteenTimes: Fuck, I thought our team was already so fast, but you guys are even faster and there are only four of you!

TheClownReturns: Bros, which game did you guys play previously? Let’s hang out and get to know each other so that we can grind together in the future.


Gold coins were required to speak in the world chat, and these players must have really felt so shocked to send a world message when everyone was at the starting phase with little money on hand.

Wen Zhi thought to herself, XiaoZhangErShao’s gaming skills were still decent, but ShiXueYaoRao was just there for decoration. She didn’t have any gaming skills nor did she even know how to sidestep, all she could do was to use the basic attack.

Luckily, both she and Gu Xian’s operational and reactions skills were top-notch that they made up for ShiXueYaoRao’s deficiency.

It was not impossible for a party of four players could kill a six-player boss, or there wouldn’t be a condition for a minimum of four players to enter the dungeon. Yet, the total damages must be calculated precisely.

They didn’t have a healer, and as long as the few of them lessen the damage output even by a little, there was no way XiaoZhangErShao could hold on until they finished the BOSS.

So another reason why Gu Xian would team up with her was that he had calculated the total damage output, right?

Not only did he know the exact skills of each class, but he could also calculate the damage output of each class with such high accuracy, that’s simply brilliant!

If she could hang out with them, then the first kill for the next BOSS would definitely still be them, and it probably wouldn’t be long before the whole server would remember their names.

Just as she was distracted, a prompt lit up above the huge beast that had collapsed with a loud bang:

[HuoLaYao had been killed. Will you accept the additional reward.]


(T/N: Additional rewards huh~ hahaha. Anyway, thanks for reading!)

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