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FVR Chapter 5

Fantasy (VR 1v1)

Chapter 5

Wen Zhi had looked through the game guide before the beta test, but what she mainly understood was the professional characteristics of each character, and how to make equipment and consumables. There were so many dungeons so she only glanced at them casually but didn’t study them so much. Thus, she didn’t notice that there are conditions in unlocking a dungeon, let alone knowing that there was such a thing as an extra reward.

She looked blankly at Gu Xian, this man surely know what the extra reward was about, let’s wait and watch what he chooses.

After staring at the prompt for a while, Gu Xian walked confidently to the treasure chest in front of HuoLaYao, dividing the items that were suitable for each profession, and then said indifferently: “Killing the HuoLaYao without using a single healing spell during the process will unlock the hidden reward, but there are additional conditions for obtaining the extra reward. Whoever of you wants it, go and complete it yourselves.”

There were additional conditions……

Wen Zhi shook her head after hearing it. She was already satisfied with completing the newbie quest and getting an Elite quality attack speed weapon.

She didn’t know what the extra reward would be but if Gu Xian didn’t want it, so it’s probably not a good task? So It’s better to follow him.

Neither Wen Zhi nor Gu Xian had any intention of accepting the additional rewards, but ShiXueYaoRao couldn’t stop thinking about it.

She spoke with a wide smile: “I will accept it.” She glanced at XiaoZhangErShao: “How about you?”

XiaoZhangErShao stared at the low-grade weapon in his hand and replied: “Count me in.”

Afterward, the two of them arrived at the snake beast’s corpse, and accepting the quest to receive the additional rewards, a line of confirmation appeared in front of the HuoLaYao:

[A male player and a female player have chosen to receive an additional reward, confirmation complete.]

The huge snake beast slowly opened its eyes as it came back to life. Its body began to shrink smaller until the size of a normal game character.

The fierce scary face also eases back into a stunning beauty.

Not long afterward, the beast spoke with a sad expression: “I have been guarding the cave for hundreds of years, but I have a long-cherished wish that has not yet been fulfilled. Thus, I would like to ask a favour from the two brave players to fulfill it for me, and I will give you a generous gift in return.”

ShiXueYaoRao and XiaoZhangErShao glanced at each other before replying: “Please tell us, we will try our best to help you in fulfilling your wish.”

The beast’s lowered its eyes slightly, and her cheeks were tinged with a blush: “Since ancient times, my race has reproduced itself as one of the two sexes. There was no love like in the mortal world, nor the pleasure in bed from both man and woman. I have been expecting to be loved ever since I’ve taken a form, so I pled the both of you to fulfill this wish of mine.”

Having said that, a prompt lit up on top of HuoLaYao’s head:

[Additional reward requirement: Make love with the HuoLaYao to fulfill its wish.]

Wen Zhi was glad that she had bet on the right move when she saw the big glowing words.

She quietly glanced at Gu Xiang, who rejected the additional rewards, did that indicate that he didn’t want to experience the in-game love system either?

Yet why did he deliberately refuse to heal the party, like he had the intention of unlocking the hidden quest……

Unless he was interested in watching other players make love with NPCs?

What sick kinks!

After the requirement for additional rewards disappeared, another prompt lit up:

[Two sets of sexual organs have been created for HuoLaYao, both players must have sex with the beast at the same time to gain the extra rewards!]

“I can’t believe that we’re having a threes*me, this game is just too damn exciting.” XiaoZhangErShao exclaimed with excitement.

ShiXueYaoRao silently glance at the prompt and her cheeks flushed slightly.

Wen Zhi stared at HuoLaYao.

Staring at the requirement on top of its head, she had the feeling of narrowing escaped a fate.

Wen Zhi was speechless and her gaze shifted down.

The upper half of HuoLaYao was female, below her breast was still the long snake tail and the surface of her skin was still covered in scales. It was impossible to see where the sexual organs were exactly.

How could this game have sex organs based on the number of players?

If six players fight this dungeon and all choose the additional rewards, will that turn out to have six sex organs?

This game……should it be referred to as humane or hardc*re.

“It must be great to have sex with such a beautiful NPC.” XiaoZhangErShao was obviously a face-judger. Whenever he saw a beautiful woman, he didn’t care if she was a human or a beast, all he wanted to do was to fuck her.

ShiXueYaoRao beamed with disdain: “No matter what, NPCs are still fake, having sex with players is more sensational, right?”

XiaoZhangErShao strolled to ShiXueYaoRao, his hands circled her waist and he asked without any avoidance: “How about we have a date sometime?”

“In-game? Or reality?” ShiXueYaoRao asked.

XiaoZhangErShao was stunned for a moment, before narrowing his eyes and smiling lightly: “Either, as you wish.”

His large hands started roaming around her body, causing ShiXueYaoRao to be aroused. She said with feigned indignation: “You men, all you ever think were sex. You’re all using your lower body, and doesn’t care about anything as long as you get a date to fuck.”

XiaoZhangErShao smiled even more widely after hearing her words, he glanced at Gu Xian: “That’s not necessarily true, some people ah……” He deliberately trailed off: “They are so pure-minded, they don’t even touch any men or women. They probably want to be a saint or become an immortal.”

ShiXueYaoRao knew that he was referring to Gu Xian and quietly glanced at him as well.

She had long wanted to take down this cold, lonely, arrogant, and indifferent man.

It’s just that even though she had tried everything she could, this person just didn’t budge, so she had to settle for the next best thing.

Wen Zhi didn’t know either of them or their personalities.

However Gu Xian….. This man was very similar to someone she knew.

He was a man of a few words and a cold stony expression gave off a sense of rejection deep from his bones.

“There are 48 minutes left to exit the dungeon.” Gu Xian reminded with an indifferent look.

The time limit duration for the dungeon was suggested by the system, but ultimately it was the player’s decision for the duration.

Gu Xian had roughly estimated the damage output and operation of all of them before setting down on the time limit of two hours.

Yet he didn’t expect Wen Zhi to be so skillful like those male players, so he had calculated a longer time frame.

XiaoZhangErShao knew that Gu Xian was getting a little impatient and was telling him to cut the crap off.

He shrugged his shoulders and strolled over to the front of HuoLaYao and asked: “RaoRao, have you tried a threes*me before?”

ShiXueYaoRao cheeks turns red as she shook her head.

“I thought that you’re quite open-minded, I can’t believe you’ve never tried a threes*me before?” said XiaoZhangErShao as he beckoned to her: “Come here, *Ge will take you on for a taste.”

(T/N: Ge means elder brother.)

Wen Zhi thought to herself, you guys aren’t just having a threes*me but performing it in front of other audience too.

It’s simply double the excitement.

Yet the people performing it probably didn’t think anything much about it, instead, it was making it difficult for the audience like her who had to watch the performance.

XiaoZhangErShao examined the half-human snake beast in front of him.

The pretty beauty had her long black hair pulled sideways over her shoulders, nods shallowly, her eyebrows flicking upwards slightly. Her big, watery eyes looked at him with a pitiful expression.

This look of shyness and pitiful looks made him want to bully her.

XiaoZhangErShao’s blood rushed up to his body as he watched.

This beast was considered a captivating beauty as long as she kept quiet.

He squatted down and lifted the mournful and stunning face to caress before gently kissing it.

Seeing that XiaoZhangErShao tenderly and intimately french kissing the HuoLaYao, ShiXueYaoRao felt her body heated up from arouse.

She strolled to the back of them and slowly caress the body of HuoLaYao.

(T/N: hehehehe interesting next chapter~ XD Thanks for reading!)

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