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MBRCE Chapter 1

Played by the roommate in the middle of the night.

Translator: Hua

It was 11pm. It was raining all day. Li Ming put away his umbrella at the door of his dormitory. 


The droplet of water flowed along the umbrella leaning against the wall, and the noisy sound of video games came out from the crack of the door, a few excited men shouted vaguely.


He lowered his eyes slightly. The moisture on his eyelashes trembled slightly. Finally, he inserted the key into the lock hole.


“Yo.” He was obsessed with fighting with the enemy across the Internet, Fang Yan had no time to respond when he heard the door opening. With a cigarette dangling from his mouth, he just grinned and said, “It’s so late, I thought you wouldn’t be back today.”


Unsurprisingly, he didn’t get any response, “I’ve already washed up. Go ahead.” He was not angry at the lack of response from his roommate. Fang Yan put out the cigarette and turned back.


He and Li Ming were graduate students admitted to University A this year. Due to the lack of dormitories, the current graduate students have to live in double rooms and they became roommates. 


Fang Yan was not upset, but Li Ming, who got first place in the written test of his major, didn’t seem to be satisfied.


Even at this moment, Fang Yan moved over to greet him, he still had a cold expression. The sharp eyebrows were coldly constricted, and the black eyes were deep, as if saying any strangers should not get close.


However, it rained heavily in the summer night, and his collar was slightly open. Wearing only a simple white shirt, the rain-soaked cloth sticking to Li Ming’s body, vaguely outlined a waistline that was too thin for a man. A section of delicate collar bone was exposed, moistened by rain, with some water marks.


Recalling something, Fang Yan didn’t raise his eyebrows: “Say…” He was about to show some concern, but Li Ming stepped into the bathroom and slammed the door shut. Fang Yan angrily turned his head back.


After closing the door, he finally couldn’t stand the strong stimulation. Biting his lip, Li Ming slowly knelt on the floor.


In the dormitory, Fang Yan was still tapping on the keyboard. Separated by a door, there was another subtle vibration in the bathroom.


“Wu” He couldn’t help but clamp his legs. Li Ming’s indifferent face was flushed, even the corners of his eyes were stained red. However, the posture change made the vibrator drill deeper. 


The vibrator stayed in his body for a long time, the original cold stuff brought the temperature, desperate to go deep into the female acupoint. That’s right. It was a female acupoint. 


His teachers and classmates would never have imagined that Li Ming, who had excellent grades and indifferent personality, was actually an inters*x person who could be easily played by a vibrator.


“Wu”. Biting his lip, Li Ming instinctively told himself that couldn’t make any sound at the moment.


However, every time he tightened his legs, the vibration of the vibrator was very distinct, the erect clit*ris and the underwear stuck together, and every friction would bring out water marks.


It was not only the shirt that got wet, but also the female c*nts that had been soaked all the way through the vibrator. And it was no one else who stuffed this thing in him, It was Li Ming himself.


Back to forty minutes ago.


During the holiday, late at night, there was no one in the teaching building. After recording the last round of experimental data, he quietly walked into the men’s bathroom at the end of the corridor, bravely spreading his legs in front of the grooming mirror.


Taking off his trouser, and water mark on the pure white underwear, Li Ming carefully pulled his underwear aside with his hand.


A wet female c*nt appeared in the grooming mirror.


He was so busy with the experiment for the whole day that he didn’t get to caress it. It was just exposed to the air, and his full p*ssy was already wet. The tender red clit*ris rose slightly and he was staring at it from the top, the p*ssy lips subconsciously tightened in anticipation of more rough treatment.


Li Ming just let nature take its course. He stretched his finger and put it in. Without penetrating, it was still a virgin female acupoint. He did not dare to go too deep, only shallowly entered half of the knuckle.


This half of the knuckle was enough for the female acupuncture point to clench violently and contract for a few seconds, then it spit out mucus tremblingly. Even the roots of his legs could not be closed. The clitoris suddenly swelled up, erecting from the vulva.


Li Ming felt dizzy from the surging pleasure. He was still going to explore the tunnel again, but the sound of the security guard clearing the building came from the corridor. 


He was afraid that his deformed body would be discovered, but the female acupoint had not been satisfied. On the spur of the moment, before putting on his pants, Li Ming took the vibrator from his bag and stuffed it into the h*le without hesitation, and then ran out of the toilet.


He was so nervous that he didn’t feel anything before he left the building. He didn’t realize what a stupid thing he had done until he was on the way back to the dormitory.


The vibrating egg was designed with a big and small head. He only had time to insert the smaller end in. The vibrating egg was rigidly sandwiched between the female hole, like a penis against the female hole. 


As long as he stepped forward, it followed the frequency of the movement, again and again, f*ck him without restraint. 


However, the vibrator was still shaking uncontrollably against the erect clit*ris, rubbing and wringing, and trying to go deep, regardless of the fact that he was in public.


A short walk back to the dormitory, Li Ming didn’t know how many times he had org*sm.


“Hey!” The door of the bathroom was heavily slapped twice. Li Ming who was still struggling to keep quiet, clenched his legs abruptly and bit his lips, but the female acupoint did not constrain at this moment, and seemingly wanted to swallow the vibrating egg even deeper.


However, the vibrator was unwilling to be bound and slipped outside, and once again touched on the swollen clit*ris with a fierce tremor. Li Ming’s eyes widened suddenly. 


At this moment, he no longer had the strength to close his mouth, but he couldn’t make a sound. Only the water marks on the outer pants showed how violent the cl*max was.


“I’m going to bed first, and you should rest early too!” It seemed that he didn’t intend to continue playing games. Outside the door, Fang Yan’s voice was drowsy.



Lying on the ground with a flushed face, Li Ming replied weakly, “I see.”


Easter egg content:

3am in the morning.


The sound of even breathing came from the dormitory, but when you listened carefully, there was only one person’s voice.


With one hand resting behind his head, Fang Yan stared at the ceiling, and silently counted to a thousand, before crept out of the bed.


The rain had already stopped.


The moonlight shines in from the window, illuminating Li Ming’s slightly frowning sleeping face and Fang Yan’s slightly playful expression.


Perhaps because he had too many org*sms today and was too tired, Li Ming didn’t even realize that someone had climbed into his bed.


Gently taking off the other party’s pajamas, and looking at the scenery underneath through the moonlight, Fang Yan couldn’t help but smile.


After being tortured all night, even after the vibrator had been removed, the cl!toris was still pitifully swollen. The p*ssy was also abnormally puffing with an ambiguous watery glow that could be vaguely seen.  


The female acupoint was obviously swollen from being played so hard, but it still suddenly tightened after a knuckle had entered, spitting out a small mouthful of thick and hot mucus.


“You really played yourself like crazy.” Fang Yan said softly while thrusting his knuckle. 


In response to him was the unconscious Li Ming whining in his dream.

Hua: The word 日(ri) in the title is a slang word for f*cking. So the title could also be [F*cking My Beautiful Roommate into Tear] (/▽\)

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  1. Avatar Sushicat says:

    Thanks for discovering this smutty series, Hua! 🌼

    In return, I am sharing the Easter Egg at the end of Chapter 1
    (You might have missed the Easter Eggs:















  2. Avatar Sushicat says:

    (Warning spoilers!)

    Don’t read after this line if you don’t want to be spoiled!

    This was basically an “afterward” of Chapter 1, showing Fang Yan knew what Li Ming had been doing on campus and in the restroom, and well, he (don’t do this in real life, kids!) fingers LM in his sleep.

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