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MBRCE Chapter 2

Rubbed by the Roommate

Translator: Hua

Perhaps the indulgence last night was too exhausting, when Li Ming dizzily opened his eyes, the alarm clock beside his pillow had actually pointed to twelve o’clock. 


But the strange thing was that the bedroom was still dark. The light was dim, just suitable for people to sleep peacefully. 


He couldn’t get used to this sudden change. He lay on the bed without any reaction for a while. Listening to the usual crackling of the keyboard in his ear, Li Ming realized that Fang Yan was awake a long time ago. 


He was not only awake, but also thoughtfully did not open the blackout curtains. When playing games, he put on headphones. Apart from the sound of the keyboard, he did not hear any noisy game sound effects. 


He didn’t even smoke anymore. There was a faint lemon scent in the air. 


His eyelashes trembled. Li Ming pursed his lips slightly. 


To be honest, when he first arrived, Li Ming didn’t have a good impression of this mysterious roommate. 


There was no other reason. Naturally, it was because of this deformed and thirsty body. 


Knowing how abnormal his body was, he had consciously distanced himself from the people around him since he was a child, for fear that he might be found with a female acupoint that shouldn’t appear on a man’s body.


But the sad thing was that, for so many years, Li Ming had to admit that he had long been accustomed to using this extra organ for pleasure. He didn’t even need to do the last step. With only one finger, it could make him tremble and twist his legs tightly, allowing the female p*ssy to constantly contract and convulse, spitting out streams of lustful fluid, soaking the bed sheets underneath him.


In this way, he maintained the indifference and abstinence image in front of others. Li Ming didn’t want anyone to see his emotional self.


He originally thought that after being admitted to graduate school, he would be able to leave the shared dormitory of the university, and no longer have to be careful about secretly defiling himself behind people’s backs, and always be afraid of revealing his secret. However, when he came to report to A University, it turned out that a double bedroom was waiting for him. 


The long-awaited hope suddenly shattered. Even if he knew Fang Yan was not to blame, Li Ming couldn’t help but find him unpleasant. 


“You’re awake?” He didn’t wait for his response, a person suddenly appeared beside the bed. 




His heart trembled suddenly, but his face still maintained his usual calmness. He tilted his head and glanced at Fang Yan who was standing at the edge of the bed, Li Ming kept his eyes away: “Yeah.”


“The bread is on your table, and there is also milk.” He didn’t seem to notice his abnormality. Fang Yan narrowed his eyes and laughed. “When you go to the laboratory later, bring me a set of data. I’m short on one.”


There seemed to be teammates waiting on the other side of the game. Without waiting for a response, Fang Yan ran back to his side again. 


After washing and coming out of the bathroom, Li Ming really saw red bean bread and chocolate-flavored milk on the table. 


He raised his eyes and glanced at Fang Yan. 


The latter didn’t notice anything, he was still typing on the keyboard happily, and at this moment he yelled a few words at the screen. 


He silently retracted his gaze. Li Ming’s mood was a bit complicated. 


Even though he was prejudiced at the beginning, now he had to admit that, as a roommate, Fang Yan was indeed a good person. When working in the laboratory, he also heard the students from the same group praise how enthusiastic, playful, and generous he was. Fang Yan’s popularity among his classmates was also quite good. 


He was completely different from him, who was a lonely and indifferent freak. 




With this thought, Li Ming internally sneered.


There were probably only a few people in this work who were like him, deformed and depraved, to the point of whimpering with just one finger.


He was in a bad mood.


When he went out, Li Ming’s expression was slightly gloomy. 


But in Fang Yan’s eyes, there was no difference between Li Ming’s expression at the moment and his usual indifferent appearance.


“Hey,” he patted the other party’s shoulder carelessly, “The temperature is high today, why are you wearing so much?”


The climate was unpredictable in summer. It rained heavily last night, but today it was sunny. The high temperature of more than 30 degrees made everyone put on short-sleeved shirts and shorts. Fang Yan was no exception. 


But Li Ming was different. 


He seemed to be living in another season. He wore black trousers and a white shirt as always. The shirt was buttoned all the way to the top, not even showing a bit of his skin.


Fang Yan moved naturally, but Li Ming was not used to such intimate an action. However he didn’t say anything after all. He just picked up his backpack in silence.


Today was the weekend, other students in the group were not here. There were only two of them in the laboratory. Fang Yan was also diligent. He got rid of his appearance of an internet addicted teenager who was addicted to games in his dormitory, and honestly doing experiments.    


The two people worked in a division of labor and finally finished all the work before dinner. 


“I’m going to wash the test tube.” It seemed that he was very hungry. Fang Yan stretched his body, and got up, “Should we go to the cafeteria or order takeaway later?”


As he said this, he stretched out his hand to take the test tube in Li Ming’s hand, but the movement was a bit big. As soon as he raised his elbow, a “pa” sound came out.


The beaker with the waste liquid on the side fell to the ground. 




Fang Yan did not have time to clean up the debris on the ground, “Damn, are you all right!”


Coincidentally, when the beaker was poured, most of the liquid was spilled on Li Ming. Fortunately, it was not a corrosive liquid, but the white shirt got stained at once. 


“I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” Fang Yan was a little anxious when he thought of such a thing, and hurriedly reached out to wipe the liquid off Li Ming. 


Li Ming was still holding the test tube in his hand. His fingertips suddenly tightened. 


He got up too late today, and after tossing for so long last night, he didn’t do much while washing. But he was used to caressing himself, after being left out for a whole day, the body that sunk in desire was particularly sensitive.


Li Ming’s chest looked no different from a normal man, which was one of the reasons why he could keep his secret. However, the sensitivity was comparable to that of the female acupoint. Sometimes just rubbing his chest, he could cl*max with red eyes. 


After being hidden tightly under the placket all day long, eager for rough treatment and play, the tip of the nipples stood up immediately just as Fang Yan’s firm and warm palm brushed by. It was looking forward to more wanton moves. 


Seemingly anxious about how to clean his shirt, Fang Yan didn’t pay attention to Li Ming’s abnormality at all. His movements became heavier. 


The tip of the nipples instantly erected higher, and his chest became swollen and hard. The unspeakable pleasure from the delicate nipples spread all the way down, tingling and numb. The quiet female acupoint was also unknowingly contracted.


Li Ming found out in fear that he was actually wet. 


Fang Yan still wanted to raise his hand again, but he was pushed hard. 


He looked so hopelessly dumbfounded. Li Ming’s face turned blue, and he gnashed his teeth and spoke concisely: “Go away.”


Fang Yan: “……”


He did not dare to provoke Li Ming again, he repeatedly apologized, and then ran away, “I will go back to the bedroom to get you a new shirt! I’ll bring dinner back along the way!”


Li MIng clutched his chest and bit his lips tightly. He watched as the culprit slipped away cleanly. The person had disappeared without a trace. 


He closed his eyes a little and unbuttoned his shirt. 


Without bathing in the sun all year round, Li Ming was very pale, and his chest was also white. Therefore, the two bright red dots on his snow-white skin were particularly conspicuous. 


It had just been fondled, and the n*pples were swollen hard and numb, with a bit of itching.


“Hah…” Unable to bear the slightest bit, Li Ming stretched out his hand, trying to relieve this uncomfortable feeling. 


The slender fingers fondled the chest and the n*pples swelled more obviously. Biting his lip, Li Ming tried to tighten his fingers. 


As soon as the fingers tightened, without touching the tips, the tingling pleasure came again, and the bright red n*pples instantly became as hard as a pebble. 


“Don’t…” He said that, but Li Ming took the initiative to pinch the restless n*pple tips, his eyes instantly reddened, “Light…lighter…”


An unbearable gasp echoed in the laboratory. 


He did not pity himself at all. Li Ming rubbed the two red fruits on his chest roughly. Finger marks criss-crossed on his white skin. The swollen and hard n*pple tips became more and more obscene. 


Li Ming’s lower body was already soaked. 


Aware of the incoming pleasure, the female acupoint had long been wet and messed up. Even if nothing was inserted, it sensitively shrank. The p*ssy lips constantly spit out warm and viscous liquid, reminding Li Ming that it also needed comfort. 


More or less, he didn’t lose his mind completely, while rubbing the n*pples, Li Ming tremblingly got up. 


The laboratory often had students who spent the night, so it was equipped with a single room for rest. However, the conditions were simple, and all the facility inside was just an iron canopy bed. 


But this was enough for Li Ming. 


He pulled off the outer pants and underwear all together. Now there was only one white shirt that had been unbuttoned on his body. Controlled by lust, the snow-white skin had a thin layer of sweat, and even the lower abdomen was stained with a magnificent color. 


“F*ck me…” Li Ming kneaded the stiff nipple with one hand, and reached down with the other hand to touch the already soaked female c*nt. 


Invaded by a foreign body, the excited female c*nt spit out more l*wd fluid, dripping down the straight and slender legs, and even the ankles were full of lustful water.


Li Ming had not released yet. 


Perhaps yesterday’s exhilarating play was too exciting. Today, no matter how he fingered himself, or even rubbed his cl*toris roughly, the female acupoint just spit out more l*wd fluid, soaked the full and swollen v*gina. 


There was no way to reach the cl*max. Li Ming’s eyes were even redder. He clamped his legs and rolled helplessly on the bed. 


The canopy bed made a creaking sound. 


Li Ming’s heart moved. 


The roots of his legs were tight, and it took a lot of effort to get up. However, when he cast his gaze to the head of the bed, Li Ming still inevitably softened his waist. 


His Adam’s apple rolled up and down. 


He stared at the railing at the head of the bed. 


The iron canopy bed that refused to become a waste certainly had no design. The only thing that attracted Li Ming was the round head protruding from the upper end of the railing. 


It was not polished finely, therefore it looked like a heavy g*nital tip. Just looking at it like this, Li Ming’s breathing became short. 


However, he dared not eat it so directly. 


Cautiously, he spread his legs and sat on the sidebar first. 


“Wu…” As soon as his waist sank, Li Ming trembled involuntarily. 


He forcefully separated the p*ssy lips soaked in kinky fluid, and directly presses the sensitive cl*toris against the bar. The thing was cold, but it was thick and hard, sitting like this, it was like sitting on a cold p*nis. 


However, the female h*le was unexpectedly enthusiastic. Not only did it hold this iron thing, but the c*nt became more and more swollen in an instant. 


“Ah…” Out of control, Li Ming rocked his waist slightly. It was like sitting on a man and actively m*sturbating. With every grinding, the acupoint twitched helplessly, spit out more viscous and warm liquid, soaking the railing.


The pleasure was too strong, with a few more impatient grindings, Li Ming was willing to get up and carefully aimed at the protruding and round part on the railing. 


Even if the female acupoint was soaked, it was still too hard to swallow such an object. Not daring to go too deep, Li Ming could only control his strength, letting this cold g*nitals poke indiscriminately in the h*le. 


Even if it was just a small action, he couldn’t help whimpering in a low voice. The cl*toris was swollen and sore from the grinding, the female c*nt twitched erratically. Even the rarely used male organ raised up slightly. 


He was dizzy and burned with lust, but he still hesitated, against the railing, Li Ming stretched out his hand and rubbed the already red and swollen n*pples, and continued to build his courage. 


But at this moment. 


“I’m back!” The door of the outer laboratory was pushed open, and Fang Yan’s energetic voice came through. 


The waist was sore and the legs were softened. There was not much energy left, but Li Ming suddenly heard Fang Yan’s voice.


Then he actually sat down!


He had been waiting for a long time. As soon as the hard object invaded, it stuck tightly, and it was hard to move for half a minute. Being inserted abruptly, without any other action, or even touching the cl*toris, the sensitive female c*nt convulsed and shrank violently, trembling uncontrollably, and then lewd water dripped down. 


Li Ming raised his neck and let out a silence scream.


Easter Egg Content:

Summer afternoon.


Since Li Ming didn’t go to the laboratory today, Fang Yan’s movements in the bedroom were much smaller, especially when the other person climbed onto the bed, he silently turned off the computer and sat at his desk in a daze.


After a while, he felt a little foolish, so he turned his head away.


After turning his head, the line of sight could not be retracted again.


Perhaps the temperature in the room was a bit high, Li Ming didn’t cover the quilt properly. A cool summer quilt was placed around his waist, and the area around his chest could be seen at a glance.


He usually dressed very neatly when sleeping, but today, to his surprise, the buttons of the pajamas were opened.


From Fang Yan’s perspective, he could see the slightly erected red points on his chest.


“……” Fang Yan would be an idiot if he didn’t take advantage of it, so he stood up immediately.


After the first self-defilement, Li Ming often had strange spring dreams.


This time was no exception.


Unlike him, the fingertips on his chest were a little hot, and when he casually rubbed it a few times, the n!pples stood up tremblingly.


The familiar pleasure made Li Ming feel relaxed. He even changed his posture, hoping that the other party would do more.


In the next second, the nipple was suddenly wrapped in warmth, followed by heavy sucking.


It seemed that he didn’t even care about whether he would wake up, his tongue kept pressing the nipple, sometimes sucking and sometimes licking. He would even carefully bite it with his teeth.


Never experience this kind of play, very soon, Li Ming cried and shot out.


“…Did I talk in my sleep today?”


After waking up, the stickiness between his legs made him tremble slightly, but he still remembered to ask Fang Yan.


Looking innocent, Fang Yan shook his head.

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  1. Avatar Sushicat says:

    Thank you for translating!

    So there was an Easter Egg content for this 2nd chapter as well missing, but it’s unconnected, separate scene from Fang Yan’s (typical) pervy perspective on hot summer. He basically molests Li Ming’s chest while Li Ming was sleeping (Li Ming felt it in his dream)

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