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MBRCE Chapter 3

Verbally abused by the roommate.

Translator: Hua

The young and tender female hole clung to the top of the railing tightly. The two pieces of pale pink mussel meat were stretched so much, it almost became transparent. The excessive pleasure made Li Ming’s stiff body and the root of his thigh tensed up, but the s*x liquid kept dripping from the meat h*le, soaking the railing in a moist and ambiguous color.


He closed his eyes slightly and bit his lips. There was a bit of beautiful blood between the teeth. 


“Li Ming?”


He was still immersed in the pleasure after the org*sm, but at this moment, Fang Yan’s voice sounded again: “Are you there?”


Li Ming opened his eyes instantly. 


He was busy relieving his desire, so when entering the room, he didn’t have time to lock the door, just conveniently closed it. If Fang Yan came all the way to find him…


Li Ming’s face turned pale. 


He was sitting on the head of the bed with his legs separated. His body was twitching while holding the railing with his flower hole, dripping k*nky water. The over-ravaged chest was full of finger marks, and the red and swollen nipple tips stood erect. This look was both embarrassing and lascivious, just like a dissatisfied b*tch in heat.


If someone sees this….


Li Ming’s face became paler. 


He had been ashamed of this deformed body since he was sensible, tried to keep the secret for more than 20 years, and pretended to be an ordinary normal person. He didn’t dare and couldn’t bear the consequences of the secret being discovered. 


Thinking like this, Li Ming tried to get up.


However, he had been in a state of excitement for a long time, his legs and toes were tense, and there was almost no extra strength. With a slight movement, the rough surface of the railing rubbed against the meat h*le, the numbing pleasure surged from the lower body and instantly softened his waist. 


He not only failed to get up, but instead the top of the railing sank deeper into the cave. 


In fact, it was not very deep. After all, without personnel, the female acupoint was so tight that it could only swallow a small part when it was forced open. But for Li Ming, who usually m*sturbated almost exclusively with his fingers and occasionally used v*brator to pleasure himself, all of this was too much for him.


Without any other comfort, the v*lva became more and more swollen and full, and the already sensitive cl*toris was hard and painful, with a lustrous light under the infiltration of s*xual fluid.


Li Ming opened his mouth silently. His eyes were red. 


The only remaining sensibility told him that he should get out in time, but his body movements were completely against his will. 


There was no one else here. The laboratory was extremely quiet, and any slight noise could be heard. Therefore, Fang Yan could easily hear the creaking sound from the room at the other end. 


“Li Ming?”


He walked towards the room. 


He swung his waist slightly, as if he was eating a real d*ck. Hearing the sound of footsteps outside the door getting closer, Li Ming still trembled and stretched out his hand, stroking the n*pple tips again, rubbed the sensitive and delicate clitoris, and then pressed down.


 “Don’t come in!”


Standing in front of the door, Fang Yan heard a cry with a sweet gasp. 




“I’m sorry…”


Changed into the clothes were brought by Fang Yan, his breath was still a little unstable, his eyes flushed and staring at Fang Yan, who was half a head taller than him. Li Ming’s face was cold and stiff. The question marks in his heart spread all over the place.


 “I didn’t mean it before.”


However, Fang Yan’s expression was righteous and sincere, and he sneaked a look at him from time to time. There was a particularly cautiousness in his expression, “You… you don’t cry.”


Li Ming: “……”


At that time, when Fang Yan was only separated from him by the door, he was crying and shouting while climaxing, he was also mentally prepared. 


It’s better to be prepared than to abandon oneself. In the night when he couldn’t sleep, Li Ming once thought about what would happen if someone discovered his secret.


He knew himself better than anyone else. Li Ming was aware how h*rny this body was, even if he was reluctant, after being forced into it, he would cry and beg the other party to give him more. 


This body had no bottom line at all. 


However, he had originally thought about what to do next, but after hearing the cry that was almost a groan, Fang Yan actually stopped, only to tuck his clothes in through the crack of the door. 


“Don’t be angry…..” Until now, Fang Yan, standing in front of him, was still apologizing to him. He seemed to feel that it was weird for someone to cry over a shirt, his tone was a little aggrieved, “I really did not mean to ah!”


Li Ming: “……”


Is Fang Yan crazy or is he crazy? 


There must be something wrong with this world.


However, Fang Yan really didn’t seem to notice what he was doing in the small room, he(fy) only thought that he(LM) was hiding there by himself and crying. Both the tone and the look in his eyes were extremely serious, and there was no hint of any ambiguous teasing. 


Li Ming: …All right. 


He thought that a secret he had kept for more than 20 years was about to be discovered, but he escaped at the last moment. He couldn’t help but let out a long sigh of relief in his heart, and then faintly said: “Let’s go eat, I’m not angry.”


He had a lingering fear in his heart and was immersed in the aftermath of a violent orgasm again. 


He lowered his head to eat, so Li Ming missed the playfulness that flashed through Fang Yan’s eyes. 


They seemed to have a tacit understanding.


Neither of them mentioned what happened in the laboratory that day.


Summer was gradually coming to an end. 


The big research in the group had made new progress, so the instructor gave an extra sum of money to invite the group of students to go out for dinner. 


As always Li Ming didn’t like to join in the fun. He never went to this kind of occasion where he needed to deal with people. It was quite awkward to go. It was better to read books in the dormitory. 


But what surprised him was that Fang Yan, who had always been very popular, also didn’t go. 


“I can’t go online!” But as soon as Fang Yan put on the headphones, Li Ming knew the reason, “I will wait for you before I go to dinner! Hurry up and roll over one by one!”


Li Ming: “……” As expected. 


He had long been accustomed to the appearance of Fang Yan indulging in games, and he didn’t say anything, he just started to read the book. 


After reading half of the book, with the sound of Fang Yan’s passionate abuse of his teammates in the background, Li Ming’s cell phone suddenly rang. 


It was the QQ1Chatting software. notification sound.


He had been alone since he was young and had no friends. Except for the experiments, he usually never heard from QQ at all. Right now the student group was having dinner outside, and Li Ming didn’t expect anyone to take the initiative to look for him. 


He picked up the phone. He found himself being pulled into a small group chat. 


There were three or four people in the group besides him. Their avatars and nicknames were very unfamiliar. When he clicked on their information, they were all new accounts. 


Thinking this was some kind of pyramid scheme, Li Ming frowned and was about to leave the group chat, but suddenly someone sent a message in the group. 


A glimpse from the corner of his eye, Li Ming froze. 


The other party posted a short video. 


He should have been very familiar with the face on the cover. After all, he would see this face every day after washing for so many years. There was no reason why he could not recognize it. 


But at this moment, staring at the video cover, Li Ming unexpectedly had a strange feeling.


The corners of his eyes and eyebrows were full of passion, and his black eyes were damp with water. Perhaps because the pleasure was too strong, he slightly opened his mouth, revealing a light pink and delicate tongue. 


He seemed to have fallen into desire.


Almost instantly, he began to tremble uncontrollably. After shaking his hands for several times, Li Ming clicked on the video.


 The video content was nothing else. 


It was exactly what he looked like in the laboratory that day. From the angle, a camera was installed in that small room. The picture was extremely clear, and he could even see the dripping water marks on the inner thighs. 


This was an extremely lustful video. But when the protagonist in the video was himself, Li Ming only felt dizzy. 


It’s over! 


He was actually filmed!


Biting the tip of his tongue tightly, he barely refrained from collapsing after trying so hard. He subconsciously glanced back at Fang Yan who was still playing the game, Li Ming stiffly replied: “Who are you? What do you want?”


They seemed to have been expecting him to speak up, and the other party replied almost immediately, but deliberately skipped the first question. 


 “What do I want?”


“Of course it is to f*ck you!”


“You are so hungry, can a cold railing satisfy you?”


All talking at once, those few people responded one after another. 


He never dreamed that there would be a camera in the break room for students. Li Ming was struggling to death: “Candid photography is illegal, you can’t do this!”


They seemed to think what he said was ridiculous. There was another commotion in the group. 


“Follow the law? Then why don’t you report us!”


“Show the police uncles this video of you playing yourself until leaking water!”


Hahaha, he was too excited, the police uncles would f*ck him to death if they see it!”


Sentence after sentence of unintelligible words appeared on the screen. 


Li Ming sat there blankly. 


The whole person was unable to move. 


He didn’t know how long it took for him to recover his strength.    


He tremblingly sent out a message.


“What…what do you want?”


There was another burst of laughter in the group chat. 


In the end, the person who posted the video earlier said: “Little friend, didn’t I say it already, of course we want you!”


“Lao Zi2Arrogant way of addressing oneself.haven’t f*cked intersex people yet. You are so wicked, you can be in heat even in the laboratory. It’s really not good to have s*x in the laboratory, the railings will be broken by you!” The other party’s tone was undisguised, “Since you like to play so wildly, these few brothers will let you have a taste of men!”


“Don’t be afraid. We are not unreasonable people. We will delete the video when we have enough of it.” Someone echoed, “Otherwise…you don’t want this video to be passed to the teachers and classmates, right? “


Li Ming bit his lips until he felt a bloody smell in his throat. 


Of course he couldn’t call the police, let alone let the teachers and classmates see this video. Once such a shameful secret was exposed, his life would be over. 


His heart throbbed and ached but reason had the upper hand.    


With a pale face, Li Ming replied: “Okay.”


Anyway, this body was born with the fate of being pressed down and repeatedly manipulated by men. When he replied, he even had the pleasure of taking revenge on himself. What was the difference between being f*cked by one person and being f*cked by several people? 


They didn’t seem to expect that he would simply promise them.


The group was silent for a while.   


 In the end, the person who posted the video spoke up. 


“Is your roommate there?”


They were asking about Fang Yan.


He didn’t understand what this meant. 


Li Ming was a little confused. 


The next second, he saw the text on the screen. 


“Turn on the camera and play with yourself in front of him.”


Easter egg content:

Li Ming almost jumped up.


“Impossible!” Subconsciously glanced back at Fang Yan, who turned his back to him, he replied, “Can’t I just accompany you guys?”




Why did they want him to do such a thing?


The few people on the other side of the screen didn’t pay attention to his anger at all, and their tone was very relaxed: “Okay, then we’ll just send the video to him directly. “


Li Ming gritted his teeth.


Fang Yan’s back gradually became hazy when he saw him.


He just found out that he was crying.


But the fear of the other side’s threat was so great that after a moment of stalemate, Li Ming tremblingly clicked on the video interface.


Fang Yan would not look back…


He comforted himself.


He was so addicted to the game that he sat down for most of the day and couldn’t care less about anything else, so Fang Yan wouldn’t notice the action behind him.


Despite thinking so, when his hand reached into the underwear, Li Ming found that the female acupoint was already wet.


It seemed to be excited about the possibility of being discovered. As soon as his fingertip entered, he felt the dripping water, which was more damp than the usual amount when he played with the cl!toris.


“You’re already getting wet.” The people in the group ridiculed him, “Little bitch, are you wet?”


Pushing his fingertip slightly, Li Ming clenched his lips.


He didn’t know if it was an illusion. With the shaking of his wrist, he seemed to hear the sticky sound of water in his lower body.


The vag!na was played with and twitched, the tender red clitoris pressed hard against the palm, and it was still rubbing up and down unsatisfactorily.


The deeper the fingertip penetrated, the closer he was to cl!max.


Then an extra line of words appeared on the screen.


“You’re having so much fun. When your roommate finds out later, he could insert it in even without any lubrication.”


The fingertip paused. Li Ming was frightened.


Then he was directly org*sm because of this sentence.

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    Chatting software.
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    Arrogant way of addressing oneself.
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