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MBRCE Chapter 4

Subway Play 1: Played By The Roommate Until [email protected]

Translator: Hua

Fortunately, perhaps because he was busy playing games with his teammates, Fang Yan was unwilling to move away from his seat. The keyboard kept crackling and didn’t stop until the evening. 


“What’s wrong with you?”


Li Ming weakly lied on the table. He heard footsteps getting closer. 


His eyelashes trembled, but he did not speak. 


It was bad enough to be filmed in a pornographic video, to make things even worse, they actually threatened him to do that kind of thing…


Listening to Fang Yan’s voice at the moment, he was ashamed and fearful. His body was stiffly taut. Li Ming bit his lip, and refused to say a word. He just hoped that the other party would leave as soon as possible. 


But Fang Yan, who had always been sensible, didn’t act according to usual routine.


“Are you sick?” It was rare to see Li Ming showing this kind of distress. Naturally, he stretched out his hand to touch Li Ming’s forehead. 


The palm covering the forehead was strong and warm. 




Li Ming was so startled that he stood up instantly and hit his head with the bed railing.


“!!!” Fang Yan was also shocked. He pressed him back down on the stool, “Are you okay!”


He had some guilty conscience so he dared not make any physical contact with Fang Yan anymore. Li Ming threw his hand away, climbed onto the bed, and then covered himself with the quilt.


The despair that his secret was discovered was intertwined with the shame of being forced to do obscene things under Fang Yan’s eyes. Just then, he hit his head too hard, now it was aching. He bit his lip. He didn’t dare to cry, but could only shed tears silently. 


He didn’t know how long he had been crying. His energy was exhausted, and when he was about to fall asleep in a daze, Li Ming felt that someone had lifted his quilt.


He was instantly sober.


Could it be…


Did Fang Yan find out what he was doing before? 


This realization made Li Ming’s body stiffened in an instant. He turned to his side, not even daring to move his fingertips. He stared at the wall blankly and nervously. 


Finally, there were some gentle movements.


Fang Yan cautiously touched the place where Li Ming’s head was hit. It really swelled up as expected. With a sigh, he applied the ice patch on his head. He stretched out his hand and tucked the quilt, and then left with a light footstep. 


The dull pain was replaced by a cold feeling. 


Li Ming squeezed the corner of the quilt tightly. His consciousness gradually became hazy.  


Li Ming didn’t sleep well that night. When he opened his eyes, the bedside alarm clock showed that it was two o’clock in the afternoon.


The curtains were still pulled close, but there was no familiar keyboard sound. He was the only person in the room. Fang Yan was nowhere to be seen. 


Throwing the melted ice stickers into the trash can, and seeing the bread and milk on the table as always, Li Ming had no appetite at all. 


He clicked on QQ. There was no new news in the small group. Only the unsightly foul language from yesterday reminded him that the thing that happened was real.   


He didn’t think this group of people would let him go easily. He was holding his phone with anxiety. He didn’t receive any new message until nearly six o’clock. 


“Go and take Metro Line 1.”   


It was a simple command. The other party didn’t give more instruction.   


Li Ming didn’t ask either. How could anyone rush to get f*cked after being threatened. 


He just woodenly put on his usual shirt and trousers, and then went to the subway station. 


The graduate school of University A was on the campus in the city. It was evening rush hour, and there were a lot of people on Line 1. Li Ming almost failed to squeeze in. At last, he was squeezed into a corner by the crowd, unable to move. 


 He was surrounded by corners on both sides and the crowds behind him. He didn’t even have room to turn his head. He could only be trapped in the same place. 


Forget it…   


Li Ming thought. 


He just put up with it.


He actually hated to take transportation at rush hour. Overcrowded train would cause unnecessary physical contact. Sometimes, even though the other party didn’t have any malicious intent, he would be disturbed by the warm breath in his ears. 


That was what he thought. 


Then a hand suddenly fell on his waist. 


Li Ming sharply trembled.


He had encountered this kind of situation before, and most of them just accidentally touched him. He was subconsciously thinking that it was the same this time. The next second, he suddenly opened his eyes wide.


But the hand did not leave. 


As if teasing him, it moved along his thin waistline, the hand rubbed slowly and ambiguously. The strength alternated between light and heavy, spinning around the edge of the waist, and even wanted to dive down. 


He was born with slender figure and he was different from ordinary men. Li Ming’s waist was naturally much thinner. The most shameful thing was that there was clearly no meat anywhere on the whole body, but the buttocks were exceptionally plump. The two glittering jade-like plumps made the waistline more profound. Anyone who saw it would want to reach out and grab them. 


The man behind him was no exception. He caressed it with pleasure.


This time, the action was extraordinarily heavy. His meaty buttocks were severely pinched, and Li Ming couldn’t help but raise his neck hastily. 




He didn’t expect to encounter such a thing on his way to be played with. He was shocked and angry. However, being touched by a stranger, he didn’t even have the courage to rebuke him. 


This moment of silence gave the other party great encouragement. He reluctantly kneaded two delicate meats, then the man’s hands began to dip downward all over him.


Li Ming wanted to push the other party away, but his hand was forcefully pulled behind his back.


The man seemed extremely dissatisfied with his resistance. His movements suddenly became rough. Squeezing Li Ming’s wrist with one hand, he stretched the other hand into the trousers and heavily squeezed the delicate buttocks. 


Li Ming’s breathing was stagnant. This was the first time he had been in such close contact with other men.


No matter how crazy he played himself in the past, it was only a form of self-deprecating after all. He never thought that one day he would be played by strangers like this. All of his senses became alive in an instant. 


Without the slightest pity, the man squeezed his buttocks with great strength. His white and plump buttocks were soon covered with finger marks one after another. 


The buttocks were pinched and hot. Li Ming bit his lip. He even felt that those finger marks had become slightly swollen. 


Enough, that’s enough? 


Feeling the hot temperature of his fingertips, his eyelashes trembled, for fear of being touched where he shouldn’t be. 


Several times, the other party’s fingers had already touched the base of his legs, and as long as he poked in a little bit, he could touch the female hole that shouldn’t appear on a man. 


It seemed to be excited by the rough treatment. Obviously, it was not being caressed, but the female acupoint was faintly hot, as if it was not the buttocks that was being rubbed and played with, but the slightly swollen female c*nt.


The female [email protected] was accustomed to being touched and rubbed. Sensing the man’s movement, the cl*toris sensitively trembled in response. 




Perceiving the changes in his lower body, Li Ming couldn’t help but clamp his legs. 


Because they were in a public place, the man was not so bold. He just touched him up and down. But if he found the tender and slippery female acupoint… it was hard to guarantee that the other party would not lose their mind and pull down his trousers or insert it in.


It didn’t seem like he intended to do it until the last step. The man’s hand movement stopped as soon as he clamped his leg. He even loosened his wrist. 


Li Ming didn’t even have time to feel relief, the next moment, one hand clasped his waist, the man’s other hand invaded in from the hem of the shirt, and directly caught his delicate n!pple tip. 


When his waist was pinched, the two bright red n*pples swelled up, and even the pale pink areolas were slightly swollen. When they rubbed against the shirt, they brought out the immense pleasure with a tingling sensation. 


The man’s movements were obviously much rougher. 


He seemed to have lost patience. He just squeezed Li Ming’s chest randomly, then circled the bulging areola, and twisted the erect n!pple again fiercely. 


Li Ming’s eyes widened instantly. 


Without any pity, the slightly rough fingertips grabbed the n*pples and fiddled with it again and again. The delicate n*pples were forced to stiffen. They were rubbed and rubbed between the fingers, and stood erected on the chest.




Without looking down, Li Ming knew that his nipples must have been red and swollen. The tingling pleasure jumped up along his tailbone. He tried to clench his teeth, but it was inevitable that moaning was still leaking from his lips.


He couldn’t bear it….


He subconsciously straightened his chest, making it easier for the man to play with. Li Ming’s legs trembled faintly.


He had never been molested like this before. He used to soothe his chest until k*nky water flowed from the lower body. Now that he was pressed and played with by an unknown stranger in public, he was already soaked. The female acupoint that didn’t receive any comfort was opened and closed. The lewd fluid was constantly dripping out, hoping that something would be inserted to fill it up. 




The pleasure from his chest became more and more violent. 


Li Ming felt a little dizzy. He tried to restrain the urge to reach out his hand to sooth it. 


Raising his neck, he was still trying his best to endure. Without warning, the man’s hand on his waist slipped down. 


The palm was directly attached to the slightly twitching v*lva. 


“Little bitch.” Before he could recover, the man deliberately lowered his voice in Li Ming’s ear, “Why are you getting wet so fast?”


Obviously, He had been aroused for a long time. As soon as he probed downward, there was sticky liquid on his hand. He didn’t even make any other movements, by motionlessly sticking in his hand, the female acupoint sucked and licked his palm like a small mouth. The cl!toris was bulging and swollen in his palm, flattering and obediently pleased the intruder. 


There was a little smile in the man’s voice. 


Li Ming felt like he was falling into an ice cave. 


This was not some moronic stranger. It was clearly the group of people who secretly photographed him! 


This recognition made Li Ming’s whole body tremble, but before he could resist, the other party was already moving. 


The female c!nt was more sensitive than the n!pples. When the man moved his hand, the genitals trembled with excitement. With a light stroke of the fingertip, the hot and damped p*ssy lips uncontrollably wrapped around it. The female acupoint twitched slightly, and even the roots of the legs were trembling. 


His legs were weak, and he could barely stand still with the support of the other party. While he was still dizzy, Li Ming heard a deep voice: “Feel good?”


He was surprised by this malicious inquiry. Li Ming subconsciously wanted to escape. 


In the next instant, the man’s finger reached into the female [email protected]


There was a thin callus on the finger, and it did not require much movement. With just a simplest insertion, the lustful liquid dripped down the fingertips. The [email protected] lips twisted and tightly holding the finger, actively swallowing it up and down. 


With trembling eyelashes, Li Ming refused to answer the other party. 


The wet and tender cl!toris had already stuck out from the hood. This tender red spot was constantly rubbing against the man’s palm, apparently sinking in pleasure long ago. 


The man chuckled. 


He pushed the finger a few times. Before the female acupoint was contracted and tightened again, the man pulled out his finger and twisted the erected cl!toris directly. 




Li Ming almost screamed. 


The tender and sensitive pu$sy lips suddenly contracted in a loss, and the already soaked female [email protected] couldn’t be closed. It trembled and tightened. Finally, it showered the man’s hand with the slimy juice.


He was actually played until [email protected] on the subway…


Li Ming’s eyes turned red. He couldn’t stand still and half-leaning against the other party.


His lower body twitched slightly. 


He looked absently at the pure white carriage in front of him.


He hadn’t recovered from the cl!max yet.


The man took his hand. Without any strength to resist, Li Ming muddled along with the man.


Then a hot and erected rod was placed on his palm.


Easter egg content:


The thing was so hot that it was not at the same temperature as his palm.  Li Ming was excited, and then he found out what it was.


This is…


The shame was even greater than being played to orgasm. He gritted his teeth, and refused to touch that thing. He subconsciously wanted to avoid it. But the man folded his hand and forcibly pressed it on the hot s*x organ.


“Want to get f*cked?” A low and hoarse voice was threatening him.


Li Ming didn’t want to be inserted in public, so he could only comply with the other party’s wish, shuddering and holding the s*x organ with his eyes closed.


The hard, full tip poked at his palm, spitting out wet fluid that stained his palm lines.


“Move it up.”


Not satisfied with his wooden appearance, the man urged.


Reluctantly folded his hand with half-closed eyes, Li Ming was forced to move.


The slender, white fingers were so hot that they were about to melt away. He couldn’t see, but he could feel the terrifying size of the other party.


It was not that he had never seen any porn video. Li Ming knew the size of Asian men. But the other party’s s*x organ was long and hard, and it was heavy in his hand, not the size of an ordinary person at all.


This was too…


Li Ming’s eyelashes trembled.


This was too big… it was impossible to take it in. If it was forced in, he would be broken.


Surprised and frightened, he could only push up and down stiffly, expecting the man to shoot out quickly then let him go early.


Maybe he was not skilled enough, or maybe the man’s endurance was too good. After several stops in a row, his hand was already numb.

Not only did the s*x organ didn’t shoot, it was getting more and more terrifying.


Gritted his teeth, Li Ming was preparing to continue.


Then his waist was pinched.


Before he could understand what was happening, his legs were forcibly separated.


Through the fabric, the hot and stiff p*nis was pressing against his female c*nt.

There is only one ml. Fang Yan wouldn’t share Li Ming with others. So if you expect to see any groupie action, there is none. (>’-‘<)

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  1. Avatar ReadingBLSmuts says:

    Well that’s good to know 👌✨

    Thank you for the chapter~ 💕

    1. Hua Hua says:

      Thanks for reading ~♡

  2. Avatar Lucky Black Cat says:

    So FY is pretending to be a group of guys? I really don’t want any group action, just FY fooling him tho I’m curious as to why LM wouldn’t recognize the one touching him is FY (based on the voice).

    Thanks for translating!

    1. Hua Hua says:

      Yes FY, that clown, pretends to be a group of ppl haha. As for the voice, the author explains that FY deliberately lowered his voice to disguise himself.

  3. Avatar Sushicat says:

    Thanks so much for translating this! The smut is amazing! ✨

    I found the raws here: and I’m surprised there’s actually something along a decent plot (rather dogblood, but still, there’s a plot!)

    And at the end of Chapter 4, your translation is missing a few paragraphs at the end after:

    掌心就貼上一根滾燙筆挺的東西。Then a hot and erected rod was placed on his palm.

    ——- (The below are the missing parts of the end of Chapter 4):

























    🙂 Please translate it if you can?

    (Of course kids, don’t take this to be an example of a healthy situation. This is just fantasy smut.)

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