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MBRCE Chapter 5

Subway Play 2: F*cked In Public By The Roommate.

Translator: Hua

Most summer clothes were made of light materials. Therefore, even with two layers of fabric, Li Ming could still feel the astonishingly high heat and hardness. Rather than say it was a s*x organ rather, it’s better to just call it a murder weapon.


It was much more sensitive than the palm. As soon as the hot glans was against the mound, the female acupoint would clamp and contract in discomfort. More slippery fluid dripped out of the fleshy slit, soaking the clothes wet with the previous org*sm.


He was horrified by the temperature that seemed to be able to burn people. After a while, Li Ming recovered, and then shook sharply. 


The other party actually had the blatant idea to violate him on the subway! 


Whether or not the immature female hole could swallow this murder weapon, Li Ming involuntarily shrivered slightly just when he saw the other passengers through this peripheral vision. 


Being inserted under the eyes of so many people …… Naturally, he refused.


But the lower body that had been played to org*sm a long time ago didn’t seem to think so. The kinky fluid dripped down from the roots of the stiff and tight legs. If he was not wearing trousers, the lustful water on the white ankles would be seen. The female acupoint was still not satisfied. It kept convulsing, trying to hold the top of the s*x organ through the clothes. 


The other party’s s*x organ was so horrific that the narrow hole, which could hardly even swallow a finger, could only contract and open in vain, spitting out sticky juice again and again.


“You seem to like it very much.”


Unconsciously almost indulged in lust again, a devilish whisper came close to his ear. Li Ming was agitated. 


I can’t!


I can’t do this!


Aware of the dangerous situation he was in, under the survival instinct, he suddenly gained strength, and slapped away the hand that was still kneading his waist, trying to break free from the man’s confinement. 


The next moment, the cool breeze blew across the hip peak, and the mound suddenly felt a hot sensation. 




If not for the hand that was slapped off instantly tightly covering his mouth, Li Ming would have screamed out.


The man actually tore off his pants! 


If someone glanced here at this time, they would be able to see the extremely beautiful scenery. The two white and delicate buttocks were slightly swollen with finger marks criss-crossed over them. The slit caught between the snowy masses was wet for some reason, appearing in between the trembling buttocks, with a lustful watery glow.


Being forced to raise his face, Li Ming couldn’t care less about his exposed peaks. His body was stiff.


Lost the protection of the clothes, now, the man’s genital and the female h*le were naked, with no barrier between them. 


It was completely different from the top of the cold railing. On the mound, the ripe plum-like glan was slightly throbbing. The p*ssy, which had only recently org*sm, was extremely sensitive. Li Ming could even feel the bulging blue veins on the other party’s genital. 


It was too hot…. The senses on his whole body were concentrated on the point that was being held. The excessive scorching temperature made Li Ming’s eyelashes tremble, but the tender red soft female h*le became excited. Like before, it wrapped around it, sucking the top of the s*x organ like a small mouth. 


Obviously feeling the enthusiasm of the female hole, the man behind him slightly jerked his hip. 


However, Li Ming struggled.


It wasn’t that he had the courage to resist suddenly, but the size of the other party was too big, and his female cave was too narrow. Only half of the glans was barely squeezed into, but a tearing pain already came from the hole. 


It was really painful that Li Ming’s face turned pale. 


Apparently also noticing his abnormality, the man retreated.


“No…Don’t…” Li Ming begged with his mouth still being covered. 


If he really inserted it directly, he would definitely die. 


He didn’t expect the other party would actually listen to his plea. Beyond Li Ming’s expectation, the man really didn’t try to forcibly enter. But the s*x organ did not completely leave, it still pressed hard against the p*ssy lips. 


He didn’t understand what this meant until the man gently patted the slightly swollen buttocks. 


Li Ming understood the other party’s intentions.


Since he couldn’t insert it, he let him do it by himself, using the p*ssy to actively fondle the man’s genitals. 


His eyelashes were wet with sweat. After a few seconds of weighing the pros and cons, Li Ming closed his eyes. <br>


He gritted his teeth and swayed his hip slightly.


Just treat it as grinding the railing…As long as he didn’t insert it in, he would let him do anything. 


However, the man’s fierce s*x organ was different from a cold railing. Every time he moved, the meat rod wetted with kinky fluid was a bit fierce. With such a hot thing in between, the p*ssy became more red and swollen. From time to time, the ripe plum-like glan was placed against the protruding clitoris, grinding it. 


The man’s hand was also unrestrained. While Li Ming moved by himself, he would have time to explore from the hem of his shirt to the erected and delicate n*pples. It was caught and was carefully rubbed between the man’s fingers. 


“Wu…” The pleasure from the upper and lower body made Li Min’s waist soften. He noticed that the female hole began to twitch faintly and uncontrollably again. He couldn’t withstand another orgasm, so he deliberately slowed down the grinding, trying to endure this wave. 


This cautious thought was clearly seen by the man. He didn’t say anything, he just kneaded the nipple again at random, then he straightened his waist and grind it by himself!


Being wet for a long time, two pieces of tender red meat couldn’t hinder the man’s attack at all. The thick, long, and hot s*x organ was grinding back and forth between the p*ssy, which made the excited c*nt become more red and swollen. The cl*toris soaked in the obscene fluid was swollen like a little finger. It was twitching and trembling sensitively, unable to withstand the slightest teasing. 


But the glan hit it hard. 


At the same time, the man squeezed the nipple forcefully. 


After receiving such stimulation, the female hole contracted violently, and after a few seconds, it finally opened up, spewing out a large amount of clear liquid. 


At this opportune moment, the man brazenly jerked up.


The meat rod was directly submerged in the female hole during orgasm! 




Li Ming raised his neck as if a grip had been placed on his throat. 


It was too deep….  never before had he been entered so deep. Just for a brief moment, it was as if his whole person was penetrated. The sex organ was hard and hot, forcing itself through the muddy female hole. Every time an inch of soft flesh was mercilessly stretched, he even felt that the other party’s hot glans had reached the mouth of the womb that he did not know whether it existed or not.


Completely supported by the sturdy s*x organs, the kinky liquid with some blood dripped out of the hole, soaking the mound until it was wet and slippery.  


How can….


 Realizing that he had been brutally broken, Li Ming’s eyes suddenly turned red, yet before he could get used to this murder weapon in his body, his waist suddenly tightened. 


Pinching the round and deep waist, the man didn’t give him time to adapt at all. He pumped vigorously. 


The originally thick and long s*x organs became more swollen and hardened under the meathole. The action became more fierce, and without mercy, it slammed the female c*nt again and again. 


He had never eaten such a fierce and terrifying thing before. He couldn’t hold it and couldn’t keep up with the frequency of pumping. When the sensitive female hole was shrinking, it was stabbed open again by the hot s*x organ. The nerve ending of the meat hole was crushed severely, becoming more moist and soft, spitting out a stream of warm liquid. 


The roots of his legs couldn’t help but tremble slightly. The unprecedented pleasure was so intense that Li Ming was f*cked dozens of times before he remembered to run away from this s*x organ that kept whipping him.


Where would he be willing to give him that chance. Pinching the sweaty, snow-white waist, the man slowly raised his hip.


The s*x organ then slowly turned, and the hard glan, inch by inch, grounding and rubbing the meat hole carefully. Finally, it reached a slightly uneven place in a slippery area. 


“Is this here?”


He sensed that the person in his arms shook suddenly. There was a slight smile in the man’s voice. 




Holding his lower abdomen, Li Ming opened his eyes in panic, only to feel that the genital that was barely contained in his body rose by a few more points. Then he mercilessly, again and again, rose toward the depths of the female hole that he had never played with before. Each time, he heavily smashed the sensitive core of the p*ssy, and then he tried to grind a few times before he was willing to pull it out.


After such a rough treatment, he didn’t know how long it took. The hot glans once again hit the core, making his whole body tremble. Li Ming spasmodically squeezed the man’s sex organ. His female hole and the already erected male symbol twitched and shook, finally released together. 


The clear liquid was mixed with white turbidity, dripping down the roots of his legs. 


Without any pity, the man squeezed Li Ming’s trembling thin white waist. He jerked up his hip again and pumped the female h*le dozen of times before shooting the hot essence into the center of the c*nt.


Easter egg content:


When Li Ming returned to the dormitory, it was already evening.


Without responding to Fang Yan’s inquisitive eyes, he locked the bathroom door with a sullen face.


After the first shot, the man pressed him again and f*cked him to the deepest point until the tightened the female hole org*smed again. Only then, the man was willing to let him go.


However, there were too many people on the subway, and when he recovered from the aftermath of the climax, his clothes had long been put on again. Looking around, the people around him appeared very decent and serious, where could the beast that violated him be found.


But at the moment, the man’s semen was still inside him.


Li Ming couldn’t be bothered to think about this.


Even if his body was broken, he was extremely tight. The man’s ejaculation was locked up by the female acupoint. Now he just wanted to hurry up and clean himself. 


Taking off the pants that were soaked in lewdness, his lower body was simply a mess.


After being overplayed, the p*ssy swelled up and the tender p*ssy lips were slightly swollen. There was a faint line of white turbidity between the wet p*ssy slit, which was what the man shot in.


“Wu....” The female acupoint was swollen, and it was a little painful to reach in with his finger. Li Ming gritted his teeth and parted the female acupoint, then he prop the finger in deeper which could barely expel the liquid from the h*le.


Mixed with the kinky water, the still thick white essence slowly trickled down from the mouth of the p*ssy, staining it red and white, looking extremely lascivious.

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