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MBRCE Chapter 6

Take a Look at The Plot

Translator: Hua
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The next day.


Morning meeting within the group.


“Li Ming? Li Ming?”


Staring at a certain point in the air in a daze, Li Ming came back to his senses after being called out several times by the instructor.


“Sorry.” He lowered his eyes slightly, “I got distracted.”


“What are you thinking about?” Noticing that his mind was elsewhere since early morning, the instructor couldn’t help joking, “Did you find a girlfriend? Or is there a little girl chasing you?”


Hearing the instructor say that, other students casted teasing gaze at him. A few people also started to laugh.


In all fairness, Li Ming was really good-looking, with fair skin and deep eyebrows. Especially those ink-colored eyes, the tails of the eyes were slightly raised, and there was an inexplicable feeling of enticement when looking at people. It was just that he always kept his face cold and a do-not-get-near look, seemingly suppressing his charm.




He was not used to being teased. Stumbling, Li Ming shook his head: “No.”


Knowing the temperament of this student and the work to be arranged, the instructor did not continue to tease him.


Sitting in his seat looking as usual, under the table, Li Ming couldn’t help but clenched his hands. 


Recalling the new message in the group, he wished he could risk it all to fight with those guys to death.


After suffering such fierce play, and being broken for the first time, when he returned to the dormitory yesterday, he cleaned his body exhaustedly and went directly to rest. Li Ming slept until the alarm clock rang. He turned on his phone and found that the group chat was spammed with messages.


Most of them were sent in the middle of the night. The man who assaulted him on the subway yesterday mentioned everyone in the group, and said that it was really good to f*ck him. 


“The waist is thinner than a woman’s, it was really exciting.”   


“With a casual touch, a lot of water came out. I’ve never fu*ked such an unrestrained thing before.”


“His legs were soft but still trying to pin me down, almost break me off.”


When he said so, the rest of the people were eager to try, and started to discuss Li Ming’s body one by one. 


“Come to brother later when you are in heat.” Finally, the man circled Li Ming alone, “Brother f*ck you better than the railing right?”


When he woke up in a daze, his consciousness was not very clear. This sentence directly pulled Li Ming back to the time when he was knocked out of his mind yesterday.


It was simply…


The hands were clenched tighter, and the trimmed nails were inserted into the palms. 


Li Ming, however, unconsciously held his legs together.


The feeling of being penetrated was too terrifying. Even if he was sitting in the morning meeting, his lower body still felt hot, as if the hideous s*x organ was still deeply buried in the female hole, and it may twitch fiercely at any moment.


This made him feel humiliated. 


Obviously he was being threatened and violated in such a public place, but he uncontrollably cl!maxed again and again. Li Ming was wondering if he was really lascivious and cheap as the man said. 




Thinking about it, he got distracted again, until Fang Yan stretched out his hand and shook it in front of his eyes several times before Li Ming suddenly woke up. 


The morning meeting was over. 


There were only two of them left in the conference room. 


“You don’t really have a girlfriend, do you?” Blinking, Fang Yan had a small smile at the corner of his mouth, “You hide it so tightly that I, your roommate, don’t even know.”


Li Ming couldn’t help but glared at him: “No, no one is chasing me.”


Fang Yan was not annoyed, he laughed cheerfully: “Okay, let’s go eat.”


It was said to be a morning meeting, but in fact it was almost noon when it started, and by the time the tasks were all delivered, it was just about lunchtime.


Fang Yan walked ahead. 


Li Ming was ravaged so badly yesterday, even if he rested all night, his lower body still felt sore and uncomfortable so Li Ming could only walk in small steps.


Walking to the entrance of the building and found no one behind him, Fang Yan turned back again: “What’s wrong with you?”


The real reason could not be said anyhow. Li Ming’s eyelashes trembled slightly. His expression was a little stiff: “My legs hurt.”


Obviously taken aback, Fang Yan quickly reacted: “Then I will ride a bike to take you to the cafeteria.”


The campus was very large, and it took more than 20 minutes to walk to the cafeteria. Before Li Ming could speak, he ran to sweep open a shared bicycle. 


He had never been in the back seat of someone else’s bicycle and was almost forcibly pressed down. 


The wind blew the tip of the hair, and Li Ming’s mood was extremely complicated.


Sometimes he thought Fang Yan was a very strange person. 


He was born with a cold personality. Because of the physical resistance to getting close to others, often after getting acquainted with someone, the other party would understand after a while and wisely stay away from him. After all, no one would want to see a cold face all day long.


Fang Yan never seemed to think his attitude was bad, no matter whether it was turning his face away or ignoring him, he didn’t seem to care about it. 


What exactly does this mean…


Unable to figure out what the other person was thinking, Li Ming twisted his eyebrows slightly. 


“You didn’t tell the truth just now.” He was still thinking, when Fang Yan opened his mouth as if he felt a little awkward to be so silent,”How can you not be chased after when you’re so good- looking?”


This topic was brought up so abruptly.


Li Ming was a little confused. 


But he was still sitting in the back seat of the other party’s bicycle, and it was not good if he didn’t say anything so he said with a frown: “There is none.”


In the middle and high school years, when life was all about trying to fit in, he was always the isolated being. Thankfully, his grade was good, so he was not ostracized too much. Being chased by others had never happened to Li Ming. When he went to college, he intentionally pulled away from others, and always kept to himself, not in anyone’s good grace.


“Have you never even received a love letter?”


However, he didn’t seem to believe what he said, Fang Yan asked, “You must have received love letters right?”


This was rather baffling. Li Ming didn’t understand what he was trying to say: “Not really”


When he was in junior high school, the drawer was stuffed with prank envelopes. It was obviously a fresh pink color but when opened, the inside contained several insect carcasses. Until now, he still remembered the most mischievous group of boys in the class laughing while clapping their hands. 




Seemingly didn’t expecting him to say that, Fang Yan, who had always been a talkative person, got stuck for a few seconds, and finally responded dryly. 


The atmosphere suddenly cooled down.


Neither of them spoke anymore. <br>


“I suddenly remembered that I still have an express delivery that I haven’t picked up.” Li Ming was sent to the entrance of the cafeteria, but Fang Yan didn’t get off the bike, “You can eat by yourself, I’ll get it first.” 


After finished, he didn’t wait for Li Ming to respond and pedal off.


Not sure what’s going on, Li Ming had to eat alone.


Fang Yan didn’t come back again. After eating, he had to go back to the dormitory by himself. 


The discomfort in the lower body was still obvious. 


Walking and stopping, the usual 20 minutes walk took nearly an hour. 


Back at the dormitory, Fang Yan was not there.    

With a thin layer of sweat on his forehead, Li Ming was about to lie down on the bed to rest when his phone vibrated. 


His right eye twitched. Li Ming picked up the phone. Sure enough, it was really not good news. 


“Is the little bitch awake?” he could imagine the man’s frivolous tone across the screen, “Did you get f*cked too hard by brother and can’t get up from the bed?”


Biting his lip, Li Ming restrained himself for a long time not to throw the phone out. 


“Take what’s at the door of your dorm room.” Not considering his feelings, a new message popped up, “Get some rest, there are other brothers waiting to f*ck you.”


The door of the dormitory? 


As if being electrocuted, Li Ming bounced up instantly.


Almost trembling, he locked the door and held it against his back.


These people actually found the dorm….


Judging from the extent to which he was played with yesterday, Li Ming has no doubt. If possible, the other party could definitely rush to the bedroom and gang r*pe him.


He reached the door in fear


He didn’t know how long it took. Until the cold sweat soaked his clothes, there was no movement in the corridor. Carefully looking through the peephole, and seeing no one, Li Ming dared to open the door. 


Looking around, the corridor was empty.


There was only a pure white paper box at the door, a sign that someone had been here.


His hands were shaking a little. 


Locking the door again, Li Ming opened the box.


There were only two things in the paper box. 


One was a round tube containing cream, with foreign language printed on it. Li Ming hurriedly glanced at it and saw words such as detumescence and pain relief. 


He rolled his eyes.


Then he saw something next to the round tube. It took him a few seconds to recognize what it was. Li Ming was so angry that his face turned white: “… Pervert!”


Easter egg content:

Anger is anger.


Sitting at the table, the discomfort of the lower body became more obvious. In the end, Li Ming had no choice but to twist open the round tube. The translucent cream exuded a soft and sweet fragrance.


Fearing that Fang Yan would come back suddenly, Li Ming took the round tube and hid in the bathroom.


“Do you think he could apply the medicine well?” Before he got up, he caught a glimpse of the new message in the group, “As soon as he was touched, water flowed, and by then the medicine will all be washed away.”


A bunch of perverts!


Trembling with anger, Li Ming shivered and took off his pants.


The condition of the lower body seemed to be worse than when it was cleaned up yesterday.


It was so red and swollen that he could barely see the opening of the pussy. Only a faint tiny slit could be seen between the puffing p*ssy.


Sure enough, it was played too hard…


Seeing the pitiful appearance of the female acupoint, Li Ming was shocked. He gathered a lot of courage before he dared to dip his finger in the medicine and carefully probe underneath. He frowned and inserted half a knuckle. He didn’t expect a stream of hot liquid to come out of the red and swollen gap.


Li Ming’s eyes widened in disbelief.


Having tasted the real s*xual organ, it could no longer be satisfied with a simple finger. After a few strokes, the female acupoint began to shrink in dissatisfaction when it realized what inserted was not what it wanted. The p*ssy which had been pounded and grinded yesterday, became sore and swollen instantly.


The itch jumped up to his tailbone.


Li Ming’s mind was blown away.


He couldn’t believe that he was actually the same as the group said. He gritted his teeth and tried to ignore the strangeness from his lower half. Instead, he felt more wet, hot, lustful fluid.


He held his legs together impatiently, his eyelashes trembled. Li Ming shook his wrist subconsciously.


The sound of slippery water sounded in the bathroom.


“Wu…..” faintly whimpering, the p*ssy was still twitching as Li Ming thrust his finger deeper.


There was no ointment on the finger.


Only the dripping liquid flowed down the wrist.

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  1. Avatar Sushicat says:

    Thanks again! Just adding the Easter egg content for you for the end of chapter 6.

    (This blog has all the extras):
























    1. Hua Hua says:

      Thank u for reading ~
      Ehhh how can I get the easter egg content?
      That’s why I feel some chapters are choppy without any smut ?

      Edit: I just check your comment from chapter 1 hahaha. I didn’t know there was extra content. That’s why I always feel like sth is missing when reading this novel T_T.

      Thank you for providing the extra content, I will try to add it from chapter one. T.T

      Edit 2: Just finishing updating all the easter egg contents, go check it out! Can’t believe we almost missed so much smut.

      1. Avatar Sushicat says:

        Thank *you* for translating! 💖 And I found the raws here:

  2. Avatar ReadingBLSmuts says:

    Ah ah, Is Fang Yan using the carrot and stick method to reel Li Ming in?

    Thank you for the chapter!~ 💕

    1. Hua Hua says:

      He definitely is hahaha

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