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MBRCE Chapter 7

Alley Play 1: Put On Sexy Underwear And Rubbed By The Roommate

Translator: Hua
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The structure of that thing was not complicated. It was only composed of two simple pearl chains. The pearls are round and delicate, sparkling and crystal-clear, but they were not the kind of necklaces that could be sold openly at the counter of the mall. 


It was a erotic thong full of suggestive hints.


Li Ming only glanced at it for a second, and snapped the box shut.   


A group of perverts! 


He was clutching the paper box tightly, sitting at the table, almost unable to restrain himself from shame. He didn’t bother to think about whether this so-called gift was to humiliate him or had other meanings. Out of sight out of mind, Li Ming directly threw this pearl thong along with the box into the depths of the closet.    


“Are you sick?” Fang Yan looked at him strangely when he came back with the delivery, “Why is your face so red?”




He subconsciously denied.


Turning his head away, Li Ming couldn’t help biting his lower lip. 


Fortunately, Fang Yan did not continue to ask. 


This made Li Ming faintly relieved. 


But what surprised him a little was that since the paper box was delivered, after making fun of him for a little bit, the small group fell into a short silence. No one continued to say those nasty things, and they didn’t even use that thong as a topic.



At the beginning, Li Ming thought this was a good thing. But when there was still no movement for several days, he later realized that something was wrong. 


Li Ming naturally didn’t think that those people would be so kind to let him go. The self-deprecating video was still in the other party’s hand. This calm before the storm would only make him more uneasy. 


It was impossible for him to initiatively speak up in the group. 


He was anxiously waiting until Saturday evening. The QQ, which had been silent for a long time, finally sounded the alert, and someone from the small group initiated a temporary conversation with him alone. 


However, Li Ming wondered if he had gone blind.


“I’m sorry.” Because the other person’s tone was so polite, “Did my gift offend you?”


He couldn’t believe this was what those people would say. 


Li Ming was at a loss, looking at the screen blankly.


The man on the other side of the screen didn’t seem to mind his silence, but continued to say, “I just think it’s beautiful and suits you. If you don’t like it, just throw it away.”


“…..”, He couldn’t adapt to this gentle tone. Li Ming could not help but click on the small group, distinguishing the avatars one by one, only to find that the other party almost never spoke up in the group.


He was pulled into the group after the paper box was delivered. He only said one sentence from beginning to end, and it was not an insulting remark, but simply focused on Li Ming. 


“Apply the medicine on time, don’t get hurt.”

It was a short sentence, but still extremely gentle.


Accustomed to the unpleasant remarks in the group, it took a lot of effort for Li Ming to reluctantly accept the other party’s attitude.


“You guys…”


He noticed that the man seemed to speak better than others. He typed two words in the dialog box, but was preempted by the other party.    


“Is it still uncomfortable?” The man asked him.  


Squeezing the phone, he was silent for a while.


Li Ming replied: “It’s much better.”


The ointment sent by them had a good effect, but he was too sensitive. Every time he applied the medicine, he had to work hard to soothe himself. However, after these few days, the red and swollen lower body has finally returned to normal, and would not be so uncomfortable.


“That’s good.” The man seemed to be relieved and said apologetically, “I’m sorry, I didn’t know about this before, otherwise I will discipline them, and I’m sorry for hurting you.”


Li Ming seemed to understand why the group had suddenly been quiet these days. 


“Can you delete the video?”


Although he didn’t have much hope, he still pleaded. 


“I have asked them to delete the video and did not leave any backup.” The man responded unexpectedly, “Don’t worry, they will not threaten you with the video.”


His breathing suddenly rose instantly, Li Ming’s hands trembled a little.    


He was still figuring out how true those words were, and a new message popped up on the screen.  


“But ……” Seemingly embarrassed, the man’s tone was even a bit shy, “Can we meet?” He asked cautiously.


“I had no other meaning.” As if afraid of Li Ming’s misunderstanding, he hurriedly explained, “I just…I just think you are beautiful and charming.”


Li Ming: “?”


What does he mean? 


“I also watched the video, sorry.” The man was very frank, “Your body is really beautiful. I have never seen a person as perfect as you.”   


Li Ming: “……”


Did this person have a problem with his brain? 


He had known the difference between himself and a normal man since he was a child, and has always been troubled by this deformed body. Especially after being threatened, he often hated the extra organ that only knew how to indulge in lust. If there was no female p*ssy that flowed with water at the touch, he would not have been played with and violated at all.


But now, someone actually praised him for being beautiful. 


Without a trace of lust, as if he really thought this deformed body was extraordinarily beautiful.


“Really.” As if afraid that he would not believe it, the man spoke again, “The way you m*sturbate is also cute.”


Li Ming: “……”


Do you really have to mention it?


But the man’s degree of frankness was beyond imagination, without any shame. He generously said: “It is normal to have desires. They are the ones who’s bad. They shouldn’t threaten you with the video. You’re not hurting anyone, what’s wrong with relieving your desires?”   


Li Ming was silent.


Not knowing how to reply, he could only hold the phone tightly and watch dully as the man gave a long speech. It was nothing more than words of comfort.


“I admit, I am fascinated by your body.” Finally, the man said very naturally, “I want to see you, if possible…perhaps do you lack a long-term regular s*x friend?”


His lower abdomen felt a little tingling subconsciously. 


Li Ming couldn’t help putting his legs together.


There were only a few words, but he was a little impatient.


After being assaulted on the subway, he found that his body became more sensitive than before. Obviously just applying medicine could make him whimper in the bathroom. And the female acupoint who have tasted s*xual organ was no longer satisfied with simple fingers, but expected something thicker and harder. The water was flowing as soon as it was touched.    


Li Ming only felt that he was getting more and more lewd. 


But the man’s words put him in a bit of a trance.


Maybe all this was normal. 


He just lacked a person that could satisfy his desire…


“No.” A few seconds later, he calmly replied, “No need, thank you.”


Perhaps he might really lack a s*x friend.


But in any case it wouldn’t be a guy who was involved with that group.


Even though this man looked different from the beasts in the group, he still couldn’t trust the other party. 


“All right.”As if expecting this result, the man didn’t force it, “I’m the one who’s being rude.”


“But I think we’d better meet each other.”


In the end, he gave a reason that Li Ming could not refuse, “I think you have to confirm if the video was really deleted, right?” 




“Going to the lab this late at night?”


Just after finishing a game, Fang Yan was bored with cigarette dangling from his mouth. However, he saw Li Ming dressed up, looking like he was going out. 


He didn’t know if it was an illusion, in the dimly lit room, Li Ming’s pale face seemed a little red. 


“Yeah.” Li Ming didn’t say much. He just replied faintly with lowered eyes.


He and the man made an appointment to meet tonight in a bar not far from the school. 


“Then be careful when you come back.” Fang Yan still has that smiling look, “Call me if it’s too late, I’ll pick you up.”


With a slight frown, Li Ming didn’t say a word. 


He closed the door of the dorm room gently. 




With only two steps on the stairs, Li Ming inevitably whimpered a little between his teeth. 


He knew…   


He bit his lips tightly. 


He  knew he shouldn’t wear this stuff!


He was still dressed in a shirt and trousers, even the ankles were tightly wrapped. But under the black trousers, there was a different kind of beautiful scenery. 


“The gift is harmless.” It started with the man’s comment after finalizing the location today, “How do you know if you’ll like it if you don’t try it?”


Maybe the other party’s words were too confusing. 


As if there were ghosts and gods supporting him, he unconsciously did what he didn’t expect to do.


Before going out, Li Ming put on the pearl thong in the bathroom. 


But he regretted it as soon as he went out. 


There was not a trace of extra fabric, all of them are full and round pearls, with excellent elasticity. When putting it on, the string of beads couldn’t wait separated the p*ssy, and touch the wet hole crevices. Two pieces of soft lips gently held the beads, the vulva bulged sensitively, and the glittering and translucent pearls could hardly be seen.


Yet as soon as he took a step, things got worse.


It was basically a tool to play with people. After a short step, the beads would be squeezed into the depths of the holes, rubbing up and down from time to time. Sometimes the clitoris was strangled, and after a few times, the delicate little thing probed from the vulva, and occasionally bumped into the pearl, becoming sore and soft together with the female p*ssy.


It made Li Ming feel like he was back to the day he was violated on the subway.


Before seizing him, the man did the same, mercilessly grinding the vulva with his fiery hot sex organ, and badly hitting the aroused clitoris, and finally penetrated him deeply.


The string of pearls was just as abrasive, constantly crushing and squeezing the hole, Li Ming felt that his lower body was soaked as he reached the school gate.


But pearls were just pearls after all. 


The beads had been slightly squeezed into the hole, rubbing up and down with the pace, causing the female acupoint to twitch from time to time with the friction up and down of the steps, but they only rotated around the slit. Rather than piercing his genital that day, he slammed into the female’s cavity fiercely, f*cking every inch of the vag*na. 


The sensation was like walking around with the tip of the s*x organ, pumping shallowly with each stroke, causing the female pussy to contract in discomfort, but never being able to get satisfaction.




The acupoint heart which had been ground and pounded by a man, was untimely sore and soft.


Li Ming’s eyes were a little red. 


He was very familiar with his body, without needing to touch it, he knew how embarrassing his lower body was now.


Li Ming even rejoiced that he was wearing dark trousers today. Otherwise, the watermark would have blotted deeply and shallowly.


With the beads in the mouth of the acupoint, after walking a few steps, the center of the acupoint became more and more sore and soft, with an unbearable itching. He stopped at the intersection while panting slightly. Li Ming thought for a while and decided to take a shortcut.




The female acupoint contracted again and the lower abdomen tightened in response.


Li Ming blushed a little. 


Otherwise he would definitely not be able to stand it. 


Fortunately, there was a shortcut to the bar. You can walk to the bar in less than ten minutes through this desolated alley.


He decided to go to the bathroom first to take off the annoying thing after arriving at the bar. Li Ming walked into the alley with a red face. 


This area was a residential area that needed to be demolished urgently, and almost no one lived here. Approaching the evening, there were no street lights, and the alley was slightly dim. Only the place at the end, which was connected to the main road, was slightly brighter.


Halfway through the walk, his straight legs became soft. But in a moment, he could walk out. Having settled down, Li Ming took a step.




Behind him, however, a hand suddenly stretched out.


It was extremely powerful, a soft handkerchief exuding fragrance covering his mouth and nose, before he could turn his head, Li Ming’s vision blurred. 


When he woke up again, everything was pitch black.   

But he could still hear the clamor of cars on the street, mixed with a few horns that were not too far away. 


Was he still in the alley? 


Then why couldn’t he see anything? 


He was at a loss. 


He almost thought that he was suddenly blind until he felt the pressure on his eyes. Li Ming realized that it was not that he could not see, but that someone had put a blindfold on him. 


He was shocked, raising his hand to pull it.   


But Li Ming found that he couldn’t lift his hand at all. 


With a slight movement, he heard a clink.


As if he was afraid of hurting him, he carefully added a soft cloth to the inside. When the handcuffs collided with the pillar, it still inevitably made a crisp noise. 


He was handcuffed in the alley.

+ + + + +

Easter Egg Content:  Xiao Ming watched his own video and ooxx


“Let me tell you something.”


His tone was still gentle, but there was some obvious hesitation. The icon showed that he was typing. After a while, the message came, “I actually jerk off to your video.”


Li Ming: “……”


Thanks, but he didn’t want to know that he was the object of someone’s sexual fantasy.


“You are really beautiful and attractive.” Yet the other party was still chattering, “Anyone who sees you will be turned on.”


Li Ming: “……”


Thank you, but the second half of the sentence should be omitted.


End of the conversation.


It seemed that he was asleep, the bedroom was pitch black, and Fang Yan’s regular breathing could be heard.


Staring at the ceiling for a while, Li Ming picked up the phone again.


He hadn’t seriously watched that video yet.


It was a bit embarrassing to say that a while ago, due to his physical condition, he didn’t dare to go too far even during m*sturbation. His body had been absent for a long time. When the man said that, his lower body involuntarily became sore and softened.


Li Ming clicked on the video.


The long snow-white legs were placed on the head of the bed. The person on the screen closed his eyes slightly, but his waist was tense. The top of the railing was hidden in the mound as it moved. It sometimes appeared and disappeared, and occasionally pulled out an ambiguous silver thread. 


But he was still not satisfied. He shook his waist and reached out to rub the bright red nipples that had already been erected. There was obviously no sound, but one could hear the rocking of the canopy bed, mixed with sweet gasps.


He couldn’t help but breathe a little sharply.


Li Ming’s Adam’s apple moved slightly.


When his hand unconsciously touched his chest, he realized that the milk beads had become sensitively hard.




Afraid of waking up Fang Yan who was sleeping, he bit his lip and blocked the moan in his throat. He only followed his own movements on the screen. He kneaded his chest vigorously as he put his fingers into the wet crevice.


When the person on the screen tensed up and shot out with his face up, the female acupoint gripped his fingers hard, Li Ming was also sent to o*gasm by himself.


This rare release made his whole person relaxed.


Climbing out of bed quietly and returning after washing his hands, Li Ming soon fell asleep.


On another bed.


Listening to Li Ming’s steady breathing with complicated eyes, Fang Yan felt that he wouldn’t be able to sleep tonight.


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