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MBRCE Chapter 8

Alley Play 2: Playing With Wine Bottle

Translator: Hua
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“Let go of me!” 


Aware of his predicament, Li Ming was shocked and angry. He violently struggled to get up.


The ding-dang-dong sound became more and more crisp. 


“Don’t make trouble.” Immediately, a hand was placed on his wrist, easily restraining his movements. It was still a low-pitched voice that was indistinguishable after being deliberately lowered. “You will hurt yourself later.”


There was a hint of doting in his tone. 


Li Ming couldn’t help being taken aback. 


This was the gentle tone he was more than familiar with during these two days. It was sophisticated, extremely gentle, and easy-going. 


“Go away!”


He instantly became even more furious. His hands were handcuffed and his eyes were blindfolded. He couldn’t see anything besides kicking his legs instinctively. 


Then a dull grunt was heard.


The hand holding him down loosened.


“Why are you so fierce?” Standing a little farther away, the man sighed helplessly, “I’m doing this for your own good.”   


Handcuffing him in the alley was for his own good?


Li Ming was about to explode with anger. No matter how slow he was, he also understood at this moment that the other party’s true intention wasn’t  asking him to go to the bar because he was already tailing him on the road.


“Let go of me!” After kicking for a few times without hitting anyone, his breathing became a little rapid, Li Ming gritted his teeth, “Otherwise I will call someone!”


Although there were residential buildings on both sides that needed to be demolished, it was not completely deserted and was not far from the main road. As long as he cried for help, passers-by would be able to hear him.


Yet, hearing him say so, the man who had always been very polite and restrained, chuckled.


There was something of a jest in that laughter.    



Blindfolded, in the sound of footsteps from far to near, Li Ming heard the man speak leisurely, “Do you really dare to call someone?”


What is there to be afraid of?    


Perceiving that the other party seemed to have come to him, distinguishing the direction of the sound, Li Ming kicked at the man and called for help: “Help…Um!”


His cry for help turned into a long and soft moan.    


The alley where no one walked was relatively quiet. After a few seconds, Li Ming realized that the moan with a sweet gasp was actually made by himself.


He opened his mouth in a breathless manner, but could only hear the man’s low chuckle.


Dodging the legs that were kicking at him, he touched the wet trousers. The man laughed helplessly and dotingly: “Baby, do you want to call someone over and see you being handcuffed here with water running down your legs?” 


“But…” He let out an almost complimentary sigh, expressing his amazement, “I didn’t expect you to be this obedient and actually wearing it.”


Separated by a layer of cloth, the man flicked the string of beads teasingly, sliding it through the wet holes from top to bottom, and then stretched out his fingertips to squeeze the largest of them into the female hole.




He was wearing this thong since he stepped out and was teased all the way until he became very excited. The fingertips squeezed into the hole with the beads. Inevitably, Li Ming let out a whimper. The female hole contracted uncontrollably at the same time, clamping the man’s knuckles tightly. 


“You look like this…” The man smiled again, “The people you shout out for help will only want to f*ck you.”


 That’s not true!


Biting his lips, Li Ming refused to let out any moan.


However, the reaction from his lower body was much more honest. Being pushed by the beads, the clitoris was bulging and swelling. The wet p*ssy lips sensitively twitched as the man fiddles with the beads, causing more kinky water to drip from the hole.


“Baby.” Maintaining the gentle tone while rubbing the female c*nt that kept spitting water in his palm, the man coaxed him, “Shall we do it here?”


He was rubbed until his lower body became soft and satiated. While his head was swimming with dizziness, Li Ming could still hear the other party’s words.


Do it in the alley?


With a brief withdrawal for lust, he kicked at the man: “Go away! You pervert, stay away from me!”


This kick was extremely heavy; seemingly didn’t expecting his sudden movement, the man was kicked head-on and staggered back a few steps. 


The alley suddenly became very quiet. 


The man did not speak. 


Unable to see anything, Li Ming could only hear the other party’s sudden heavy breathing. 


It was somewhat enraged like a beast showing its fangs.


Sensitively aware that something seemed to be wrong, yet handcuffed and unable to move, Li Ming could only shrink backwards.


In the quiet alley, the man’s panting sound became clearer. 


“You don’t want to do it with me?” When he spoke again, the previous gentleness disappeared, replaced by a cold tone, “Even if you are soaked, you don’t want to do it with me?”


The string of beads was still stuck in the hole. The lower abdomen could not help tightening. Li Ming stubbornly turned away. 


For a short while, he thought that the man would definitely hit him, then a few seconds later, the other party suddenly laughed softly and gently: “It’s okay, you will take the initiative to beg me.”


How is that possible!


Li Ming almost sneered out loud, but before he could retort, his head felt cool.




Some cold liquid was poured down from his head and all over his face. 


Opening his mouth slightly, he was choked by the spicy taste, and coughed several times before Li Ming realized that it was alcohol. 


Due to the secret of his body, he never drank anything that could make him delirious, so he was extremely sensitive to alcohol. Being poured all over the face, Li Ming immediately felt some dizziness. 


It seemed that the alcohol content was very high. The liquor dripped down, and the place that had been wetted had a beautiful pink color. It felt slightly hot under the night breeze.


What is going on?


Without waiting for him to figure things out, the collarbone suddenly became hot. 


A hand was unbuttoning his shirt, erotic and ambiguous. 


Kissing the remaining trace of liquor, the man’s warm tongue swirled slightly on the collarbone, and occasionally sucked on a small piece of pink skin, as if he wanted to lick all the liquor. 


A strange tingling sensation came from the collarbone immediately, making his scalp go numb. Li Ming tried to break away, but the other party followed the dripping liquor marks and kissed them all the way down. The slightly rough tip of his tongue licked his neck inch by inch, and huddled around his slightly trembling chest. 


Then he unceremoniously gripped the tip of his nipple.


“Huh!” Li Ming let out a muffled snort. 


On the way, because of the restless beads on his lower body, the milk tips had long been erected sensitively, but they could only rub against the fabric pitifully. By the time the man harshly fiddled the beads back and forth against his p*ssy slit, the n*pple tips, which had been untouched, were already sore and itching on his chest in anticipation of being played with.


But he didn’t expect to be taken directly into the man’s mouth.


Changing from the previous gentle licking, the man sucked vigorously as soon as he contained this sensitive nub. The rough tip of his tongue turned back and forth on the hardened nipple. After a while, the bright red milk tip was slightly swollen because of the suction, and even the original flat chest seemed to be slightly fuller.


However the excited lower body also followed in the fun at this time. Every time the nipple was sucked, the female hole twitched sensitively, making the root of his legs trembled. The beads at the mouth of the female acupoint had been tightly stranded and soaked wet. 


“No…” Where had he ever experienced such an intense play? Li Ming’s legs were soft, and his voice trembled, “Don’t suck anymore…”


Of course the man wouldn’t listen to him. 


Sucking one side of the nipple until it was red and swollen, he refused to ignore the other side, holding the other bright red tip with his hand. At the same time his other hand went down and continued to fiddle with the beads contained in the mound, rubbing the swollen clitoris from time to time. 


Both top and bottom were being played with at the same time. 


Listening to the slurping watery sound as the nipple tip was sucked, Li Ming had already softened his waist. 


But the other party refused to let him go. 


No longer fiddling with the wet beads, he pinched the snow-white waist and felt that the milk tip in his mouth had become as hard as a pebble. The man narrowed his eyes slightly and moved his canine teeth.




The sharp canine teeth were grinding the delicate and sensitive nipple. 


Li Ming struggled to break free. An overly sharp pleasure erupted from his chest, he almost convulsed and twisted his legs. However, the uncomfortable string of beads continued to rub against his slit. The female acupoint flicked helplessly, holding the few beads with force, but it could only spit out a small puddle of obscene liquid tremblingly, making the deep untouched heart of his p*ssy even more sore and soft.


Softened all over, the man didn’t wait for him to endure this intolerable wave. Tugging on the handcuffs, the man forced him to sit down and remove his already soaked pants while forcefully spreading his legs with his knees.


Suddenly exposed to the night breeze, the wet and soft mound couldn’t help twitching a few times. Due to the change of posture, the string of beads stuck in the holes deepened. With the moonlight and the neon lamp not far away, the pearls were almost invisible, only the swollen and blooming cl!toris could be seen.


Thinking that a man was about to invade himself, Li Ming had no strength to resist. He just clenched his lips.


By all means, he wouldn’t open his mouth to beg the other party.


However, contrary to his expectation, a few seconds later, it wasn’t the hot s*x organ that came up. 


Instead, it was a cold thing.

“I’ve said it.” Touching the bulging mound with the wine bottle, the man smiled softly, “I’ll make you take the initiative to beg me.”

= = = = =

Easter Egg Content: Xiao Ming was played by the wine bottle until he cried and then took the initiative to ask for it.


He never thought that the other party would do such a thing.


Not until the hot and humid flower cave consciously twitched because of contact with the cold bottleneck.


 Li Ming was shocked when he realized what was touching his lower body.


“Crazy man!” Being handcuffed and unable to move, the man’s legs sandwiched between his leg, making him unable to even close his legs. Li Ming could only rebuke the other person in a frenzy manner, “No! Don’t use this!”


“But…” Ignoring his fierce resistance, the man said slowly, “You seem to like it very much.”


Strangled with congestion by the beads, the two pieces of soft flesh became sticky as soon as they touched the bottleneck. The pointy and protruding cl*toris twitched sensitively. The gaping hole even opened slightly, revealing the beads that were deeply contained in it.


“No!” Li Ming desperately shook his head, “I don’t like it!”


The man turned a deaf ear to it while exerting a little force.


The slender bottleneck was sent to the female hole.


He didn’t even pull away the string of glistening beads, but just inserted the bottleneck in. The deeper the bottleneck, the tighter the string of beads. The bulging pubic mound became more and more swollen, glowing lustfully under the moonlight.


There was still a little bit of liquor remaining in the bottle, which slowly dripped out as it tilted.  Mixing with the obscene water, it made a gurgling sound in the female p*ssy as the bottleneck thrust.


The female hole was instantly heated by the liquor, and even the pubic mound was hot, but the man didn’t plan to stop. While slightly pumping the bottleneck, he tried to send the bottle deeper.




Realizing that the other party still wanted to go deeper inside, Li Ming finally collapsed.


“No!” He kept shaking his head, “Don’t use this! Please take it out!”


“Oh?” As if he didn’t hear clearly, the man continued his hand movement, “What did you say? Please do what?”


Feeling that the slender bottleneck had entered more than half, the female acupoint involuntarily squeezed twice. Li Ming bowed his head resignedly.


“Please…” he whimpered, “please…f*ck me.”


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