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MBRCE Chapter 9

Alley play 3: Actively Begging To Be F*cked

Translator: Hua
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He pleaded with a low voice.


Li Ming was so ashamed that he could hardly raise his head. He even rejoiced that he had put on the blindfold so that he wouldn’t have to see the man’s playful and ambiguous gaze. 


He was obviously blindfolded, but for some reason, he could feel the man’s gaze sweep down from his chest inch by inch, passing over the erect and hot nipples, across the flat and firm lower abdomen, and finally wandering around the female p*ssy which shouldn’t have been there for a long time.


With the beads deep inside, and greedily swallowing the slender bottleneck, it was still not enough. The congested and swollen vulva trembled slightly under the man’s gaze, and the drenched and lustrous clitoris became more excited and swollen when the night breeze brew.


Even the female acupoint that swallowed most of the bottleneck was unconsciously opened and closed.


More sticky liquid dripped out of the hole while holding the bottleneck.    


However, the other party refused to let him go, and while slowly continuing to pump the bottles, he asked: “Really?”


Li Ming’s snow-white and delicate skin couldn’t help turning crimson from being poured by strong liquor. The red and swollen nipple tips were even hotter after being sucked. It happened that the liquor was now mixed with the obscene liquid, and as the bottleneck was thrust, it almost filled the weak and narrow female hole. 


As if it was burning, the female acupoint was unprecedentedly hot. The pubic mound twitched sensitively, and even the cervix was hot. Li Ming only felt that his entire lower body was about to melt, and finally he cried again without hesitation: “Really! No wine bottle! I want you!”


He feared that the man would continue to tease him with bad intentions.


Flushing with shame, Li Ming gritted his teeth: “Gege….fuck me.”   


His voice just fell when he heard a deep laugh. The man kissed him on the forehead with affection, and replied softly: “Okay.”


The slender bottleneck that was inside the female acupoint finally retreated slowly. After holding it for too long, the original cold bottleneck was covered with heat. Reluctant to part with the fullness, the acupoint contracted unwillingly, and spit out more hot and humid liquid. Finally, the bottleneck receded. 


The roots of his legs trembled all the way. He hadn’t recovered from the pleasure of being played with the wine bottle yet. 


With a soft “click”, the handcuffs were released. 


Li Ming was softened all over and couldn’t break away from the man’s embrace. He didn’t even have the strength to lift his hand to take off the blindfold. He could only be picked up as the other party wanted, and then leaned weakly against the wall. 


“Can I come in?”   


He seemed to have changed back to a gentle temper. The man actually asked his opinion. 


“Hmm…” There was no thought of resisting anymore, as he responded in a low voice. The next second, Li Ming couldn’t help whimpering, “No…take it, take it off!”


The beads were still stuck in the hole and were soaked in shiny lustful liquid.


He didn’t plan to take off the beads at all. 


He just casually slid the beads aside from the hole. 


He rubbed it on the mouth of the cave a few times as lubrication, then the man’s s*x organ slowly penetrated the female p*ssy as he straightened his waist. 




With softened legs, Li Ming could hardly stand.


Even though he had just swallowed the bottleneck, for the soft and narrow female hole, the man’s s*xual organ was still too ferocious. If it weren’t played into a complete mess, there would be no possibility of getting in. 


Despite the fact that he had a taste of s*xual organ in the subway last time, it was still difficult for Li Ming to take it in for the second time. The alley was quiet in the middle of the night. He was blindfolded and his other senses became clearer. This time, he was much gentler than the man on the subway. In order to take care of his feelings, the man seemed to enter very slowly.


While it was very considerate of him, it was also exceptionally torturous.


In this frontal position, Li Ming subconsciously spread his legs, the hard and hot glan slowly squeezed in, playing with the red and swollen hole. It made a few small strokes, until more viscous and wet liquid dripped out, and then continued to go inside. The thick, long, and hot s*x device stretched open the meat hole inch by inch, making it sensitive to the extreme. Li Ming’s waist was sore and limp, he could even feel the bulging blue veins on the erect s*x device.


It’s too….


From his lower body, there came a sense of fullness from the female hole, and his eyelashes fluttered. 


It’s too big…..


The way he talked was gentle and soft, but his s*xual organ was extremely terrifying. When the whole thing finally sank in, Li Ming felt that he was almost nailed to this murderous object, and he couldn’t move. The blue veins on the s*xual organs were still jumping, causing the full female hole to contract. He didn’t know if it was an illusion, but his p*ssy seemed to be hotter than usual.


“Can I move?” Closing his eyes, Li Ming heard a low voice again.


This time, without waiting for his response, the man pinched his waist, and slowly thrusted in.


Different the previous roughness, this s*x seemed to be much gentler. Although his s*x device was still terrifying, the other party’s movements were very gentle and not rampant. He took the time to slowly pumped into the tight and watery female hole.


Li Ming, however, couldn’t bear this kind of consideration.


When he first swallowed it, there was some discomfort. When he got used to the thick and fierce hard object, the hungry female wasn’t satisfied. The meat hole was constantly contracting, and streams of obscene fluid dripped out, soaking the female hole. The flower heart was even more unrestrained.


He didn’t know if it was intentional or not. The gland had reached the flower heart several times, causing Li Ming to tremble. But the man seemed unaware of it, not only did he not play with that part, he even deliberately avoided it, and only pumping some unimportant places. 


“Hurry up…” Being rubbed all over by these gentle movements, Li Ming finally couldn’t stand it anymore, whimpering and pleading, “Faster…..”


Sucking the s*x organ with dissatisfaction, his lower body was in a wet mess, he even shook his waist slightly, actively swallowing the horrendous thing, allowing the man’s s*x device to go deeper, almost to an unprecedented depth. 


Suddenly, the hot glan was pressed against a place that had never been touched before. 


Li Ming shuddered all over, and then stopped moving.


He couldn’t tell what it felt like. It was a bit painful, and it wasn’t the pleasure of reaching the flower heart. But he somehow softened his waist, and the female hole tightened subconsciously, clinging to the s*x organ.


While he was still panicking, a warm breath reached his ear.


“Baby.” Rubbing his neck, the man’s laugh was a little unclear, “Can I open your womb?”




He never thought that he would have this kind of thing. He was very confused. Li Ming hadn’t returned to his senses yet, but the thing clamped by the female hole suddenly became rough. It was no longer as gentle as before, but pushed in with a lot of force.


“Wu!” Li Ming muffled out a grunt.


The delicate and soft opening of the womb had never been played with before and was tightly closed. After this fierce thrust, it became uncontrollably sore and swollen in an instant. The p*ssy, which had been stretched by the s*x organ until there was no gap, spasm a few times, and spit out a mouthful of hot and damp liquid.


But the man did not stop. Instead, he slammed into it with more strength.


“No…” The sensitive and moist meat hole was vigorously pushed open. The hard and hot glan pressed against the palace mouth again and again, but the beads that had been pulled aside also joined in the fun this time, rubbing the slit with the constantly thrusting s*x organ. Shaking all over, Li Ming begged: “Not there…”


An indescribable sense of soreness and numbness jumped up from his lower abdomen.


As he continued to plead, the sound of messy footsteps rang out in the alley.

= = = = =

Easter egg content:

The main road that was connected to the bar wasn’t completely deserted in the evening. It seemed that some people had just come out of the bar, with drunken footsteps and some unpleasant words.


Shaking all over, Li Ming tightened the man’s s*x device with a spasm.


“Will…” His voice was inaudible for fear of being discovered, “We will be discovered…”


“Then be good.” He kissed his forehead again, the man was completely unconcerned, “Keep quiet.”




Li Ming wanted to say more, but the hot and thick s*x organ in his body was thrusting vigorously.


It seemed that he was fixated on opening the womb. The increasingly hard and swollen tip of the s*x organ kept pushing against the sensitive and soft opening, which made the c*rvix convulsed and contracted, but the man was not satisfied with it. After grinding it a few times, he pulled Li Ming’s legs apart, as he thrusted in more freely.


The whole root submerged and then pulled out. He couldn’t withstand this kind of stimulation. Listening to the sound of squelching water at the place of intercourse, the sound of footsteps from distance was also getting closer. Li Ming almost cried out.


If he was discovered…..


He shivered involuntarily.


He would definitely be pulled out and repeatedly gang r*ped…


Li Ming was still in fear. Yet after pulling out once again, the whole root of the s*x organ fiercely pushed hard, stabbing the wet and soft opening of the womb. Without the strength to resist, it opened a little gap softly and gently. At this moment, the man brazenly straightened his waist and pushed towards that gap.




Li Ming tilted his head uncontrollably.


It seemingly had been stabbed through. The opening of the womb was numb and swollen, but the hard and scalding s*x organ was still dissatisfied. After breaking through the opening, it willfully rampaged through the tender cavity of the womb, grinding it again and again. The strange tingling sensation spread from his lower abdomen, arousing the tips of his n!pples and mound with heat.


The feeling as if he was melting away returned. He kicked his legs a few times weakly. He couldn’t hold back any longer. Not caring about being discovered by others, Li Ming was about to whimper.


But his lips were blocked.


The hot tip of the man’s tongue entangled with his, sucking and kissing hard, blocking all the moan that was about to come out.


The base of his legs trembled.


The female acupoints tighten convulsively.


Subconsciously hugging the other party’s waist, Li Ming was silently sent to org*sm.

Hua: Sorry for the lack of update, I’m somewhat busy recently haha.

Since I got the Easter Egg Content from our reader @sushicat, I will keep including it. I also added the Easter egg for chapter 7 and 8 and it kind of related to chapter 9 so go back to read it.


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