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MBCRE Chapter 10

Identity Exposed 1: Voluntarily Tied Himself to the Bed to be F*cked

Translator: Hua
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Li Ming is sick. 


That night, he was kissed by that man, all the unspoken moans were blocked back, and then they were barely noticed by passers-by. But the man didn’t seem to have enough fun yet, so after those passers-by left, the other party pinched his waist and did it several times in the empty alley, until he cried and begged for mercy before he would ejaculate.


He was completely exhausted.


He didn’t even want to move his fingertips. He let the other party arrange his clothes for him, and kissed his forehead gently. Long after the footsteps were gone, Li Ming gathered the strength to take off his blindfold and then returned to the dormitory with thick semen in small steps. 


As a result, he got a fever the next morning.


“Let’s go to the hospital.” Fang Yan looked so nervous that he even stopped playing games. He forced his way to his desk and didn’t move away, “Going to the infirmary is also fine ah.”


The fever made him feel a little uncomfortable. His eyelids felt very heavy. Continuing to look at the documents, Li Ming didn’t lift his head: “No.”   


He knew exactly why he had a fever–it was unreasonable not to get sick when he was undressed and played with for so long in the alley that night, and was drenched with alcohol under the chilling night breeze.


Having s*x with a stranger in the alley in the middle of the night until he got a fever……


When he thought about it….


Staring at the document, Li Ming felt very complicated.   


He resented that seemingly gentle man for treating him so badly, but what made him even more at a loss was that he was obviously forced, and in the end he didn’t feel bad himself. He even shook his waist and begged for more. 


Although he knew the nature of this body a long time ago, he still couldn’t accept this kind of him.


“I’m begging you, please!”


staring at the document in a daze, suddenly, Li Ming was wrapped in someone’s arms.


“Please, please, please.” The arms around his shoulders were strong, but his tone was pitiful. As he said, Fang Yan rubbed his head on his neck coquettishly, “If you don’t want to walk, I’ll carry you on my back, or I can hold you!”


What the hell! 


Had it not been for being hugged, Li Ming would have jumped up and hit his head again. However, Fang Yan’s arms were too strong, and he didn’t have much energy on his body. After a few pushes, he didn’t succeed. He could only stumble and rebuke: “What are you doing! Let go, let go!”


“I won’t let go.” However, Fang Yan was very unreasonable, “I will let you go only if you promise to go to the hospital.”


Being hugged like this, his whole body went stiff. After a while, Li Ming reluctantly said: “Okay, I will go.”


Both of them went to the nearest public hospital. 


Weak and weary with sickness, he sat down and watched Fang Yan busy lining up to get the medicine. There seemed to be a residual warm breath at the crook of his neck. Li Ming felt very uncomfortable when he reached out and touched it. 


What does Fang Yan mean by this? 


He was a little confused, but he was not completely silly. Fang Yan’s previous caring action could still be interpreted as he was a rare once-in-a-century good roommate. But his recent behavior just now was so intimate that it crossed the line.   


His forehead was getting hotter and hotter. Li Ming couldn’t help but think about the past. 


He never smoked in front of him, always wore headphones when playing games, prepared an extra breakfast every day, and even secretly applied an ice pack on him. No matter what kind of cold face he posed, the other party was always smiling, and properly tolerated all his bad temper. 


Fang Yan…


Lowering his eyes, Li Ming bit his lips tightly. 


Could it be that he…


“The medicine is here!” Before he could finish thinking about it, Fang Yan came back, and reached out to probe his forehead, “Damn, how did you become even hotter than a moment ago! Hurry up, Let me help you to get an infusion!”


He was so dizzy that he couldn’t open his eyes at all. When he was infused with fluid, Li Ming didn’t know when he fell asleep. 


When he woke up again, he was leaning on Fang Yan’s shoulder. 


It had gotten quite late, and Fang Yan was too sleepy. He nodded his head like a chicken pecking at rice. After a while, he looked up to see how much liquid remained in the bottle. 


He didn’t notice that Li Ming was awake. 


He was still holding his hand, his palm was as warm as ever.


It seemed that you could feel the other party’s heartbeat when you pressed against each other.


With droopy eyes, Li Ming silently watched their entangled fingers for a while.


Why bother, the fever had mostly gone down, he thought calmly.


Even if Fang Yan liked him, most people couldn’t accept this kind of deformed body. Even if he could accept it, he definitely wouldn’t tolerate that he once had tactfully and happily being under other men. What’s more, even he himself didn’t know how long this kind of life would last, and when that group of people would let him go. 


There was an indescribable bitterness in his heart. 


With calm and collected composure, Li Ming carefully pulled out his hand. 


The infusion took effect quickly. The fever subsided on the same day, but Li Ming did not go back to the dormitory.


“The recent experiment is more important.” In fact, there was no need to explain at all. He didn’t know why he wanted to say this to Fang Yan, “I’ll live in the laboratory for a while.”


Finished saying, Li Ming did not dare to look at Fang Yan’s expression at all. He took the luggage and ran away.


The only place in the laboratory where he could stay was the room with the iron canopy bed. 


He made the bed, put the luggage away, and recalled the angle in the video. Li Ming found a tiny camera in a hidden location on the wall.    


Without any expression, he took it down, and the camera was thrown directly into the trash can. In any case, he destroyed it. What could those people do to him?


Almost sneering, Li Ming pulled down the corner of his mouth. At worst, he would be caught and played with several times. He was already done by those people, did he still need to care about how many times he would be f*ucked?


However, that group of people didn’t seem to find out about the camera. He had been staying in the laboratory for a week, and the group was quiet and peaceful. The man who kissed him in the alley didn’t appear again, as if he had vanished behind the scene.


Only Fang Yan asked carefully when he was doing the experiment: “When will you come back to the dorm?”


His eyebrows were narrowed.    


Li Ming just pretended not to hear. 


He didn’t know if it was an illusion, Fang Yan’s departing back seemed a little dejected. 


That’s pretty good.


Li Ming thought while lying in bed.


In fact, he hadn’t been busy at all recently. No one robbed him of this small room, and it became his place alone. Although the conditions were crude, it also barely fulfilled his original desire for a single dormitory. 




Staring at the white ceiling, Li Ming was a little lost in thoughts.


Anyway, he had long been used to being alone, even if that group of people were interested in him for a while, they would eventually get bored. 


Just like even if Fang Yan liked him now, there will be a day when he wouldn’t even remember his name.


Lying in bed was arguably boring. The day was getting late, Li Ming was a little sleepy and planned to rest.


The cellphone hadn’t been turned off yet, and it rang.




He was at a loss for words and stared at the screen for a while. 


Li Ming was so angry that he could only repeat one word: “Pervert!” 


None of those people were normal from top to bottom!    


They are all perverts, perverts, perverts! 


After sending the message, Fang Yan waited in the dorm for an hour before going out.


Today was the weekend evening. When he arrived at the teaching building, there was no one in the building. Except for the duty room on the first floor, there were only a few windows with lights on. 


He looked up and went upstairs with ease, then he pushed open the laboratory door.   


With only night lighting, the laboratory was slightly dim, except for a bright white light and shadow at the end.    


He walked towards that source of light and opened the door. 


Fang Yan raised the corner of his mouth unconsciously.  


In the small cramped room, there was an exceptionally beautiful and charming scenery. 


After taking off his clothes, without sun exposure for a long time, Li Ming’s whole body was shiny and delicate white. His skin looked tender as if it would be broken with a blow1Metaphor for very delicate skin. A few more touches and it would leave red marks on the skin.


Just now, he was tied up with ropes.


The delicate white wrists and ankles were tied to each end of the bed.


It wasn’t the usual 大 position. As he had requested, the beauty on the bed was on his knees, he seemed to feel extremely ashamed. His blindfolded face was deeply buried in the crook of his arms, but he was unable to change the lustful position with his hips raised high as if actively begging to be f*cked.


He was so ashamed that there was a layer of pinkish color all over his body, but he still kept his kneeling position honestly. Between the two snowy masses, the scenery that had always been hidden was nakedly exposed to people once and for all. 


Indulge in lust, the v*gina had become sensitively swollen before being played with. The immature and narrow female hole was sandwiched between the moist and soft petals, which contained a puddle of clear liquid. Hearing the sound of the door opening, it opened and closed on its own accord. The crystal clear liquid dripped down from the flower mound, covering the bright red protruding cl*toris with a layer of wetness.


With each breath, the two glittering and translucent snowy masses trembled, looking very cute.


Fang Yan couldn’t help reaching out for a touch.


“Wu…..” When he felt the hand full of water, Li Ming let out an unbearable cry and buried his head in his arms. Then he realized that the moan was too lewd, and he couldn’t help burying his head deeper. 


It was somewhat amusing. Fang Yan wasn’t in a hurry to enter. He began to kiss from the crook of his neck. 


He was obviously very shy. With every kiss, the pinky skin became hotter. He really loved Li Ming’s pure and lustful appearance. From the neck down, he carefully nibbled the butterfly bones that fluttered at the shoulder blades until the person underneath him began to tremble slightly and issued a low whimper, only then did Fang Yan went on contentedly.    


After stroking the dripping hole a few more times, he noticing that the female p*ssy was already sucking and tightened around fingers, so he unzipped his pants.


Straight and stiff with a clean color, at first glance, his s*x organ was nothing, but its size was somewhat different from that of ordinary people. When it hit the narrow and humid female hole, and was sandwiched between the wet flower, the mouth of the cave shrank in discomfort, it really did look very ferocious.


Knowing the weight of his own thing, for fear that it would hurt Li Ming if he entered rashly, he reached out and fiddled with the upright cl*toris a few more times, Before Fang Yan straightened his waist.


He was already very familiar with him. He only took a little effort when swallowing the tip. As soon as it had eaten the glan, the female hole would let people tease it and spit out more warm and sticky liquid, then it gently swallowed a whole thick, long and hot s*x organ.




Obviously it wasn’t the first time he had been inserted, but he still couldn’t adapt to this size. While dazedly thinking about how these guys were all so amazingly large, Li Ming let out a whimper.


Fang Yan then stopped. 


He had long been accustomed to being pushed back and forth by the s*xual organ, and when the tip was eaten, the c*nt became uncontrollably sore and soft. He never thought that the man behind him would stop moving. Feeling the hot device in his body, he was ashamed and unbearable. Li Ming could only sway his waist flatteringly, trying his best to squeeze the length without leaving any gap, signaling the other party to move.


Fang Yan’s face bloomed with a smile.


He reached out and grabbed the narrow waist.


The canopy bed creaked and rattled.


This position entered very deeply, almost effortlessly, and the hot glan could easily reach the cervix. His hands and feet were tied up, and there was nowhere to escape. Li Ming could only grit his teeth, trembling and tightening the female p*ssy, enduring the lashing of his s*xual organ again and again. 


The junction between the two was getting wetter and wetter, and the sound of water became clearer. He realized that the female couldn’t contain the s*x organ anymore and was twitching uncontrollably. His eyes slightly sunk, Fang Yan was about to move towards the cervix that had been softened by glan.


“Fang Yan!”


But suddenly a shout came from the laboratory.


“I saw your bag! What are you doing here at night?”

Hua: There’s no Easter egg in this chapter. The author just hang us on the cliff like this.


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    Metaphor for very delicate skin
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