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MBRCE Chapter 11

Identity Exposed 2: After Learning the Truth, He Was F*cked into Tears.

Translator: Hua
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At first, Li Ming didn’t react.


Although he was ashamed to face it, he had to admit that the message on the phone indeed angered him very much, but at the same time, his lower body uncontrollably contracted and spit out a little warm juice. While trembling, he took off his clothes and tied himself to the bed with a rope, his nipples that had not been comforted had sprung up on his chest and expanded into a round arc.


Don’t even mention kneeling on the bed waiting for a man, just keeping this shameful posture already made the deepest part of the female hole sore and soft. The tender crevice between the snowy masses was damp and glistening with lustful water, waiting for something that could reach the mouth of the hole to slam in fiercely.


So as soon as he swallowed the s*x organ, his attention was all drawn away by the thing penetrating his lower body, and he couldn’t be bothered with anything else. It was hot and hard, every time it thrusted in, it scraped the sensitive and twitching flesh of the p*ssy, making the deepest part of the delicate hole sore and swollen. Without having to reach out to touch, he could even feel the sharp curvature of his belly being pushed out by his sex organ.




Until the person outside the door shouted again, he only briefly withdrew from lust.


Fang Yan?


Without thinking about anything else at all, he subconsciously thought that Fang Yan was in the laboratory.  Li Ming was frightened and trembled uncontrollably. 


He didn’t close the door, and the man didn’t seem to lock the door when he came in, which meant that, as soon as someone walked this way, they would see that….he was tied to the bed, and actively raised his hip, catering the other party’s lustful thrusts.


No, no way!


Absolutely not!


He was even more frightened than when he was violated on the subway for the first time and struggled to get away from the s*x organ that was flogging the female hole. As soon as he struggled, Li Ming realized that he had tied himself up very firmly. It was useless, except making the bed squeaked and rattled.


It was even more embarrassing.


The man’s hot and thick device was still inside. As his waist swung, the tip of the hot s*x organ bumped around the sticky, slippery and hot female hole with his movement. Several times, it hit back and forth on the soft and tender cervix, almost going straight into the womb.


But at this moment, that man didn’t seem to worried about being discovered. He did not try to cover up or get up. He just paused and then slowed down, thrusting gently.


His waist was stiff and soft.


Realizing that he couldn’t get rid of the predicament in front of him anyway, Li Ming gave up and concealed his face in the crook of his arms, as if no one would recognize him if he hid like this.


At the moment he thought he was about to be discovered, his waist was pinched.


A familiar voice sounded behind him.


“Li Ming and I are discussing a new topic.” He was obviously accustomed to this clear and bright voice. But at this time, it felt like a demon whispering in his ears, “There are some points we’re still unclear about, Zheng Cong, do you want to help?”


Zheng Cong, who had been told he was really smart since he was a child, has often occupied the bottom-to-last place since the first grade of elementary school. He was beaten half to death by his parents and was reluctantly admitted to the university by force. In the admission, he was still ranked last without any suspense. He wanted a diploma, without studying hard. When Fang Yan called him to discuss a new topic, Zheng Cong turned his heels and went straight in the opposite direction.


“No way, No way!” He just came to get the things left during the day. While running away, he shook his head, “You guys discuss by yourselves! “


These two school bullies have no humanity!


Why are they thinking about studying in the middle of the night!


Hearing Zheng Cong’s footsteps drifting away, making sure that he would not come back again, Fang Yan lowered his head and lightly pecked Li Ming’s neck: “Don’t be afraid, he’s gone.”


He didn’t say anything and maintained the kneeling position.


Unable to move, Li Ming stayed in place.


“Fang Yan!” It was only when the delicate kiss landed on his shoulder again, with an abrupt jolt, that he struggled desperately, “You…you!”


For once, he couldn’t even say a complete sentence. He only knew that no matter how hard he was struggling, he still couldn’t get rid of the rope that was tied by himself. After spitting out a few meaningless syllables, Li Ming finally said, “Why!”


“Why are you with those people!” He felt that his voice was so sharp that it was almost strange,  “Why do you want to do this to me!”


“Fool.” Seeing that the skin rubbed by the rope quickly became red and swollen, he felt distressed. Fang Yan grabbed Li Ming’s waist and didn’t let him move, “How could there be other people, can’t you recognize it?”


While talking, Fang Yan stretched his waist slightly.


The female p*ssy, which had been pushed to the point where there was not a single gap, contracted with sensitivity due to the action of the s*x organ, and the mouth of the p*ssy twitched several times, with a few streams of obscene liquid dripping out. The cervix was sore and unbearable, and the feeling that he was about to melt came from his lower abdomen. He whimpered impatiently, and subconsciously clamped the burning hot s*x organ again. After a few seconds of dizziness, Li Ming reacted.


“You!” As if he was struck by lightning, he shook more intensely in an instant, and tried to escape again. He cried out in a frenzy, “Pervert! Lunatic! go away! go away! “


Obviously, he usually treated him so well.


Why did such a thing happen?


Why, why did he do this to him?


However, there was no way to escape. He only moved forward a little and was restrained by the rope tied to his ankle. No matter how reluctant he was, in the end, Li Ming was still seized by Fang Yan and dragged back under him again.


Contrary to his wish, he couldn’t bear this drowning pleasure. He clamped the s*x organ firmly. With each thrust, the female p*ssy carefully gripped the rod, sucking it in and out. The deeper it got, the more those heavy sacks hit the wet and crimson mound, causing the already erect cl*toris to become more swollen, and was soaked in lustful juice as it was pumped into a moist and slippery mess.


Every time he thrusted in, the delicate and sensitive cervix was finally forced to open a little gap, oozing sticky and hot juice. He was distracted and couldn’t say a word anymore. The mouth of the womb was slightly opened, just waiting for the fierce thing in his body to stab open the entrance. However, in the next second, the hardened s*x organ retreated.


Trembling slightly, Li Ming felt that the ropes around his wrists and ankles were untied.


Even the blindfold was taken off.


He pinched his waist and turned him over, forcibly placing him in a face-to-face position. Holding Li Ming in his arms, Fang Yan pushed his s*x organ back into the wet female hole and pinched his jaw, forcing him to look up at him.


Panting, whimpering and swallowing his s*x organ, with tears on his eyelashes, Li Ming looked at Fang Yan with a deep and indistinguishable expression.


“I’m sorry.”


He said while thrusting gently.


He didn’t want to listen to this meaningless apology and struggled to escape from the other party’s arms. However, Li Ming’s shoulder was pressed down hard.


He had long been become weak and meek because of the f*cking, so he was unable to resist this pressure.


The hot and hard sex organ directly stabbed the cervix.


The wet and sticky female p*ssy instantly convulsed and twitched. Hot and sticky juice dripped from the  thoroughly f*cked female opening, soaking the junction into a mess.


With more tears caused by this overly violent pleasure, and with nowhere to escape, Li Ming could only hold onto Fang Yan’s arms.


With tears in his eyes, his sight was a little hazy. Perhaps it was an illusion, but he saw that the corner of Fang Yan’s eyes were a little red.


“I’m sorry.” He stared at him in a daze, then moved up to kiss his neck, “You owe me this.”

Human brain couldn’t learn well, but was wired for gossip.


All year round, Zheng Cong was on the front line of melon eating armies. Within a few days, he noticed the strange atmosphere between two people.


Knowing the thickest thigh to hold, he didn’t look for Fang Yan, who seemed to be talkative, but went straight to Li Ming.


“What did he do to you?”


While lowering his voice, he looked awkwardly at Fang Yan, “Delete your data? Knocked over your sample? It can’t be that he copied your thesis right? “


Li Ming: “…..”


None of your guess was correct, but why did you sound so proficient?




With lowered eyelashes, he went on with his work quietly.


On that day, after ejaculating inside his body, Fang Yan did not continue to toy with him. He only helped him clean up his body, dressed him, and then sat aside honestly.


“I’m sorry.” It was as if he could only say these three words. After repeating it several times, he peeked at him again, “But I really…..”


“Shut up.”


He didn’t want to listen to Fang Yan at all, regardless of whether the second half of that sentence was “sorry” or “Iike you”.


Li Ming didn’t want to listen.


He was really outraged.


He completely couldn’t understand Fang Yan’s disgusting behavior, and didn’t know how to curse people besides calling him a lunatic or a pervert. What confused Li Ming the most was, why did Fang Yan say that?


It was only half a semester since he had enrolled, what exactly did he owe him?


But he held back his temper and asked word by word.


But Fang Yan didn’t speak.


He just wringed his hands for a long time like a kid who did something wrong, and finally lowered his head: “Go back to the dormitory, I promise…..I won’t touch you. “


He didn’t believe his words, and had no plan to go back to live there at all.


However, he didn’t know how the department came up with this strange idea, they suddenly decided to renovate this almost forgotten lounge. Li Ming had no choice but to move back to the dormitory.


But he wasn’t unprepared.


The first day of moving back was very peaceful.


In front of Fang Yan, he put a dagger under the pillow.


As long as he dared to be presumptuous, he definitely wouldn’t hesitate to stab him with a knife.


He didn’t know if this shiny silver dagger worked, or Fang Yan had really changed for the better. After a week, there were no frivolous movements.


There was still breakfast on the table every day when he woke up. Li Ming directly threw it into the trash bin without mercy.


Fang Yan…


He read this name silently.


His hand was a bit too heavy, and with a click, the test tube was broken.


“…..” Zheng Cong, who was chatting on the side, stopped immediately. He blinked and judged the situation for a few seconds, then decided to  run outside the laboratory.




Within a few seconds of him running out, there was a heavy muffled sound.


“This is a work-related injury! Work-related injury!” With a heavy bandage on his calf, Zheng Cong felt like crying, “How can there be water in the corridor! It’s murder! It made me fall until I became silly! “


Li Ming: “…..”


The incident of Zheng Cong breaking his leg seemed to have nothing to do with him. But at night, when the dormitory manager helped the reluctant Zheng Cong to the door of their dorm room, Li Ming realized something was wrong.


“I’ll go to another room!” This morning, he just saw Li Ming smash the test tube with a calm face. Grabbing the door frame hard, Zheng Cong didn’t want to go inside, “There are so many rooms! I can make do with any!”


They didn’t understand the inside story, so Fang Yan asked the uncle in charge.


Then Li Ming came to understand the situation.


Having injured his leg, Zheng Cong could only change dormitories with those who lived on the lower floors. However, the water pipe in the dorm he lived in had broken again this afternoon, and the three of them could only be put together for one night temporarily.


With his injury, it was naturally impossible for Zheng Cong to sleep in the same bed with others.


Only the remaining two people could sleep together.


Subconsciously looking back at the expressionless Li Ming, Fang Yan was trying to refuse, but he heard a cold voice: “Then stay here for one night.”


Fang Yan was startled.


Zheng Cong’s face went pale.


Li Ming didn’t have any other thoughts. After careful calculation, Zheng Cong broke his leg partly due to him. Moreover, with one more person in the room, Fang Yan would still hesitate even if he had other motives.


In this way, Zheng Cong was forced to live with them.


Of course, he didn’t dare to sleep in Li Ming’s bed. Fortunately, Fang Yan had already cleaned up his bed. After repeated thanks, Zheng Cong climbed onto the bed by himself with great difficulty.


With a regular work and rest schedule, Li Ming went to bed on time at 12 o’clock. 


Zheng Cong was already asleep.


The even breathing sound was mixed with the sound of typing on the keyboard.


Fang Yan was still playing games.


Lie down with his eyes closed for a while, Li Ming said coldly: “Come up.”


Without waiting for Fang Yan to speak, he added: “You’re disturbing the patient.”


He knew he was wrong and said nothing. In silence, Fang Yan crept into bed.


With the design of the upper bed and the lower table, the single bed could accommodate one person, but it was a bit difficult for two adult men to squeeze together. Although his body was different from ordinary people, Li Ming’s height wasn’t short at all, and Fang Yan was half a head taller than him. Two people on a small bed, even if they were sleeping sideways, it would inevitably appear very cramped.


Turning his back to Fang Yan, he was facing the wall.


When he got too close, the other party’s body temperature was distinctively transmitted. Listening to the sound of breathing in his ear, Li Ming couldn’t sleep at all.


Staring silently at the wall in the darkness, not long after, something hard was pressing against him through his pajamas.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Easter egg content: Thigh job behind the back of the schoolmate who lives in the same room.


This time, Fang Yan didn’t mean it.


Knowing that he had completely angered Li Ming, he had been very disciplined for a week. He didn’t even dare to say anything, let alone make any frivolous moves.


Yet in the end, he was so close to his sweetheart.


Originally, he didn’t want to do anything. He just wanted to spend the night peacefully. But the other person’s breathing was so close at hand, inevitably, the s*x organ that hadn’t been released for a week stood up with vigor.


“…..” He didn’t know how to explain it clearly, but with his dark history, there seemed to be no need for explanation. Fang Yan coughed awkwardly, and prepared to get out of bed to solve it by himself in the bathroom.


As soon as he moved, he was held down.


Li Ming regretted the moment he held Fang Yan, but after a few seconds, he quickly reacted.


What is there to regret about this?


Accustomed to lust, he hadn’t been satisfied for a whole week. With a poke, the female acupoint couldn’t help becoming sore and soft, missing the taste of being penetrated.


Cast aside those nasty tricks, in s*xual matter, Fang Yan was indeed a good s*x partner.


The secret of this body cannot be known by other people. Although it wasn’t clear how Fang Yan discovered it, since he could keep this secret, there was no harm using him as a means to satisfy sexual needs.


As for the feelings…


Lowering his eyes, Li Ming almost sneered.


Who wants to talk about feelings with Fang Yan.


Reason prevailed, thinking soberly for a few seconds, and planning out the most beneficial option for himself, he noticed that Fang Yan was still frozen on the spot. Li Ming said faintly: “Hurry up.”


Get it done and go to bed.


There was a morning meeting to be held the next day.


Obviously, he didn’t expect him to say so. After being stunned for a while, the other party stretched out his hand and carefully took off his pajamas.


However, he didn’t strip off his underwear, and didn’t even touch the female hole. The excessively hot thing just tentatively touched the leg root, and then went through the thigh gap.


The skin at the base of his legs was delicate and soft. As soon as it touch the s*x organ, it trembled at a loss. Apparently already excited, a little mucus oozed from the tip of the rod, wetly staining his legs and smearing elsewhere with every thrust.


For fear of waking Zheng Cong on the other bed, he carefully controlled the rhythm, his s*x organ were pinched between the plump and moist thighs. Fang Yan’s breathing gradually became rough.


It was completely wrong.


He didn’t dare to use the real thing.


He could only pump carefully between his legs.


However, his tool was so gifted that it was difficult to release after being repeatedly clamped by a female acupoint, let alone a thigh slit. After pumping for a long time, not only did it not release, but the s*x organ became more and more swollen and hard.


A thin layer of sweat appeared on his forehead.


Fang Yan was about to say that he should go to the bathroom to get it done.


Then he heard Li Ming’s cold voice full of anger.


Li Ming gritted his teeth.


“You can’t do it1“You can’t ” in this context, Li Ming is looking down on Fang Yan for being unreliable in s8x. ?”


  • 1
    “You can’t ” in this context, Li Ming is looking down on Fang Yan for being unreliable in s8x.
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