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MBRCE Chapter 12

Forced to Watch Himself Being F*cked in the Mirror

Translator: Hua
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You can’t do it?


Can’t do it, can’t do it, can’t do it?


He never thought that Li Ming would say such a thing. Fang Yan was struck dumb and became speechless.


After a while, he belatedly realized what Li Ming meant. His breath instantly became heavy.    


He opened his mouth, but in the end, Fang Yan didn’t say anything. It’s just that the s*x organ sandwiched between the delicate thighs was getting hotter and hotter. With a slightly messy breathing rhythm, it was pushed back and forth, and occasionally poked deep into the leg seam to wet it.


“Wu.” A muffled grunt escaped from his lips. Li Ming bit down the corner of the quilt. 


Feeling apprehensive about Zheng Cong who was in the same room, his voice was not too loud, but the sex organ between his legs was brazenly hard. Separated by a layer of fabric was the soft and tender hole. It was very familiar with this arrogant and unreasonable fierce object. With every thrust, the female acupoint contracted once. Before long, the thin cotton cloth was soaked in the obscene liquid while the snow white legs were trembling hard.




The bed inevitably made a noise. Li Ming’s voice was soft and inaudible: “Lighter…”


There was no response from Fang Yan. With heavier breathing, he stretched out his hand and lifted the hem of his pajamas. 


Even at night, only by the glimmer of light leaking through the gaps in the curtains, Li Ming’s white skin could be clearly seen. Accustomed to lust, the soft and tender n!pple tips had already stood up playfully. Without the slightest hesitation, Fang Yan leaned down and held the red and erected milk bead in his mouth.


He hadn’t seen it for a long time, so despite his deliberate restraint, his action was inevitably a bit rougher. The tip of his tongue pushed against the tip of the nipple, and after a while, the stone-hard milk tip was rolled back into the chest, then it was sucked out forcefully. In the end, even the areola was held in his mouth and sucked repeatedly. With his waist soft, Li Ming could imagine the lascivious red marks interlaced on his chest without needing to take a look.


He was sucked until his scalp became numb. Impatiently holding his legs together, he stretched out his hand and pushed Fang Yan. 


Reluctant to part with it, he bit the slightly swollen n!pple again. Only then did Fang Yan surrender and lift the quilt.


It’s laughable to say that he had almost never done it properly in bed for once. After being stunned for a few seconds, he realized that he had just used the most ordinary posture. 


His legs were spread apart. Li Ming closed his eyes. The piece of fabric between the legs was already soaked. If it was daytime, one would be able to see the hidden hole through the fabric that doesn’t belong to men, as well as the wet nub that stood up slightly from the mound.


Looking back at Zheng Cong who was still asleep, Fang Yan tore off the obstructive piece of cloth, then he held his own genital and fumbled in the dark. The hot and stiff s*x organ was probing back and forth on the mound several times. Finally, he found the tender and narrow hole. Straightening his waist slightly, he pushed into the wet and murky female hole.


The glistening white toes rested on the edge of the bed suddenly tensed up.


Li Ming bit the corner of the quilt and didn’t let out his breath until the murderous object was completely submerged.


It was still too big. No matter how many times, there was still no way to adapt to this horrible size. But the female hole was obviously very excited, even though it was stretched to the brim, it was still convulsing spasmodically, trying to clamp down on the s-x organ. Even the opening of the uterus, which hadn’t been pushed, was going numb, looking forward to being severely teased. 


Fang Yan tried thrusting but found a big problem. 


This bed wasn’t much better than the iron canopy bed in the lounge. With a bigger movement, there would be a creaking noise in the room. Anyone who stopped to listen would know exactly what they were doing. 


This strange noise obviously also affected Zheng Cong, but he didn’t wake up. He just uttered a disgruntled sleep-talking.


Fang Yan stopped moving immediately. In the past, he was quite sure that no matter how crazy he played, he would never be discovered. But with Zheng Cong as a variable, he was not certain.


He didn’t dare to move, and was still entangled in the female hole that sucked and constantly clamped his c*ck like a sleeve. A thin layer of sweat came out on his forehead. 


Fang Yan was having a hard time, and Li Ming felt even more uncomfortable than him. 


Accustomed to being penetrated, the female hold didn’t get any comfort for a week. As soon as it was inserted, the female acupoint spasmed and wanted to or-gasm. Who knew that the thing just wouldn’t move. The hot pouch was pressed close against the mound, the hard tip was at the deepest point, the c-e-rvix was sore and soft, and the already wet and slippery female hole was even more itchy. He only hoped that the other party could unrestrainedly nail him as hard as he did in the past. 


“Go…” His legs trembled, and the female acupoint contracted sensitively. With barely any strength left, Li Ming muttered under his breath, “Go to the bathroom…”


As if granted with amnesty, he held his breath and pulled out the wet s^x organ. Then Fang Yan carried Li Ming to the bathroom. 


“Hmm…” Sitting on the washstand, with legs apart, and entering from the front, the two of them couldn’t help groaning. 


No longer cared about Zheng Cong who was separated by the door, Fang Yan gripped Li Ming’s thin waist and pumped wildly.   


He went straight to the deepest point. The top of the s-x organ roughly grinded the c-e-rvix. Unable to keep up with the pumping frequency, the female acupoint contracted and clenched for a while, then softened into a puddle of dripping spring water. The clear and sticky hot fluid flowed from the intersection, dripping down the straight and slender legs. Even the thin and white ankles were stained with lustful water. 


Pinching the snow-white lovely waist, he changed the position while continuing to thrust. Fang Yan gently nibbled on Li Ming’s earlobe: “Baby, open your eyes.”


The pounding was making him delirious. He only felt that he was about to be scalded. His fine eyelashes trembled, and after a long time, Li Ming raised his eyes slightly. 


He was facing the grooming mirror placed in the bathroom. 


With this angle, the lower body was in full view.

His thighs were mottled with fingerprints. The moist and tender flower mound bloomed outwards, and the water-drenched slit of the narrow female p*ssy was penetrated by a thick and long object with almost no gap in sight. With the pumping, the mouth of hole that had been stretched to the limit would expand and contract lasciviously, and while swallowing the s*x organ, it would spit out a stream of lewd fluid, soaking the flower mound wet. 


This scene was too lewd. With just one look, his lower body twitched uncontrollably, his toes tightened, his neck slightly raised. Li Ming was sent to the top just like this.


The female acupoint that kept expanding were wet and soft, and the c-e-rvix also opened a slit. Taking advantage of the time when Li Ming was still distracted, Fang Yan thrusted hard. His s*x organ squeezed into the cervix and grinded the tender and soft uterus cavity several times. The beauty in his arms was forced to squeeze his legs again, only then was he able to e-jaculate.


He was f-ucked until he lost his mind. There were droplets of water dripping from his eyelashes. Li Ming’s eyes were foggy. 


How pitiful this look is. He wasn’t in a hurry to take out his genital. He reached out to wrap his arms around Li Ming’s waist, then Fang Yan carefully kissed from his forehead, pecked the tears from his eyelashes, and wanted to kiss his slightly opened lips. 


He seemed to be tired. So he obediently let him kiss. But when he was about to kiss his lips, Li Ming did not hesitate to push Fang Yan away.


“Don’t.” The other party’s s-e-x organ was still in his lower body, but his eyes were particularly sober, “We just keep the original relationship.”



“So what happened to you two?”


The next day he changed to another dormitory without knowing what he had missed that night. The soul of gossip was burning. Leaning on a crutch, Zheng Cong was still very curious about what was going on between the two of them. 


With an innocent face, Fang Yan shrugged: “I don’t know.”


Hearing this, he knew this was not the truth. Zheng Cong glared at him. Fang Yan smiled faintly and got up with his own things: “Then I will leave first.”


“Hey! Hey!”


Zheng Cong, who was left leaning on a crutch, screamed, “Give me a hand! Why don’t you have some compassion!”


A small smile hangs on his lips. Turning the corner, the smile on Fang Yan’s face disappeared.


The original relationship…..

Lazily ruffled the tattered hair on the front of his forehead, he couldn’t help raising his eyebrows. 


At that time, he didn’t react. When Li Ming got up calmly, cleaned up his body and went to bed, he realized what this meant.


On the bright side, without any feeling involved, there was only the utmost physical relationship between the two of them.


On the down side, Li Ming treated him as a one-night stand. He(LM) would call him(FY) when he needed and waved his hand when he finished, then denied any relationship with him. At worst, he might just be a disposable vibrator to him.


A person should be content with one’s lot. After all, the previous few things are not something that normal people can do. Not directly stabbing him twice or coming up to punch him a few times, that was because of Li Ming’s self-restraint.


Unfortunately, he was never a contented person. 


Silently chewing the words “original relationship” several times, his spirit gradually soared, and his steps were brisk. It was rare for him to be in such a good mood. Fang Yan hummed a song and went back to the dormitory. 


The next day, Li Ming went to the laboratory early as usual. Then he found a pink envelope in his usual seat.

Hua: Fang Yan, you are just a disposable vibrator : )

No Easter Egg for this chapter.

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  1. Avatar OHtheNovelty says:


    In fact, you deserve a little more hardship, but I guess I’ll take this with content 😔

    Thanks for the chapter! 😘

  2. Avatar Lori says:

    Glad FY realizes he deserves a beating. 🙄

  3. Avatar Mamaloveslittledarling says:

    Yes, I agree with his title as the disposable vibrator 😌👌

    Thank you for the chapter!💕

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    this chapter is so hot ngl

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