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MBRCE Chapter 13

Take a Look at the Plot

Translator: Hua
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The envelope is thin. There was barely any weight in his hand as if it could be blown away by the wind. 

There was no signature outside. He couldn’t tell who was the recipient or the sender. 

He squeezed the thin pink envelope, frowned,  and hesitated for a long time. Finally, Li Ming opened the envelope. It contained only a piece of letter of the same color, and nothing else. 

Glancing at the letter, he caught a glimpse of familiar handwriting.    

Li Ming knew who put this on his table. 

Unlike his approachable and down-to-earth personality, Fang Yan’s handwriting was surprisingly sharp, not at all like his usual smiling and friendly look. The vigorous and fine brushstrokes landed on the pink letter paper. The words were domineering, forcibly destroying a large margin of the ambiguous atmosphere that was not easy to create.  

What the heck is this thing?

Until he saw what was written on the letter, Li Ming frowned even more tightly. 

In a pink envelope, the pink letter was naturally a love letter. 

He had never received such a thing, but after only a cursory scan, Li Ming felt that there was something wrong with this love letter. 

It wasn’t like the tone of a normal adult man at all, but more like an ignorant teenager in adolescence. He probably went through the dictionary from start to finish. Without mincing his words, Fang Yan used a whole piece of four-characters vocabulary to praise how good-looking and beautiful he was, and then asked cautiously in the last line.

I like you so much.

Can we meet in person? 

What’s with all this?

Li Ming was at a loss.

What meeting in person? Didn’t they obviously already know each other, live in the same dorm, and even….

At the thought of this, his fingers tightened. The letter paper was crumpled a bit. 

He should have just killed Fang Yan in the first place. With an expressionless face, Li Ming thought calmly. 

In this whole world, there’s no such nasty pervert like him. While claiming he liked him, he threatened him to do that kind of thing behind the scenes…If he hadn’t been knocked out from tiredness that day, he really wanted to strangle him with the rope. 

The more he thinks about it, the angrier he becomes. 

Out of sight, out of mind. It wasn’t good if other people saw this strange love letter, so Li Ming could only stuff it into his bag. 

When zipping up the backpack, his heart slightly jolted. Li Ming took out the love letter again. 

He didn’t know why he suddenly remembered that Fang Yan had asked him if he had received any love letters before.

And the phrase he owed him1Refer to when FY said LM owes him. when confronted with the questioning.

Did Fang Yan know him before? 

He was taken aback by this guess. 

The envelope was tucked back in like a lightning bolt.

He tightly twisted his eyebrows and carefully recalled everything from childhood to adulthood. In the end, Li Ming still couldn’t find the possibility that they might have known each other a long time ago. 

He was a loner with no friends. Students who had a little contact with each other could be regarded as close. If there was really such a person like Fang Yan in his life, he would definitely have an impression.


Pressing on the backpack tightly as if he was afraid of the love letter jumping out by itself, Li Ming was quite sure that he had never received any sentimental letter when he grew up in his twenties. 

When he reached puberty, he also vaguely expected someone to like him. But the female cavity on his lower body that was different from normal boys reminded him that no matter whether it was a girl or a boy, he could not and dared not to be like the other party. Fortunately, his indifferent and detached appearance had always blocked all possibilities, until….now that he bumped into a scumbag like Fang Yan.

However, being liked by a scum was certainly not a happy thing. 

He didn’t intend to continue thinking about what bad idea Fang Yan is coming up with. Perhaps it was just another one of his role-playing addiction where he pretended to sincerely chase him in a pure love story. Putting the love letter away, Li Ming concentrated on his experiment. 


The morning passed quickly. When lunchtime was nearing, Fang Yan came.

No longer keeping up his cautious appearance like a few days ago, he came in with a smile, and went straight to Li Ming. He stood aside and looked at him steadily. 

Li Ming’s psychological quality was very good, he remained unmoved the whole time.

It didn’t take long before Fang Yan was defeated. 

“That…” There was some bashfulness in his tone. Touching his head, he said shyly, “Did you see…”

Li Ming: “……”

He was really addicted to this play.

Too lazy to speak, he raised his eyes to look at him, thinking of the love letter, and then took another look. 

Fang Yan looked handsome with profound facial features. However, with a closer look, his appearance was actually the same as his handwriting, which looked a bit fierce, especially the sharp and rising edge of his eyes. But this sharpness was overshadowed because he usually treated people with a smile. Especially when looking at him, his eyebrows were curved, even his eyes were bright, so he didn’t appear cold or arrogant. 

But Li Ming still had no impression. 

He kept staring at Fang Yan with a frown. Then he saw the other person’s smile gradually disappear. 

“You…” Although he had anticipated this possibility and it wasn’t his first experience, his heart still felt like it was stirred with a knife. Stiffly spit out a word, Fang Yan no longer said anything.   

Yet his face turned miserably pale in an instant.

It was as if it was an illusion. Li Ming even felt that Fang Yan’s eyes were a little red.

Completely puzzled, he(LM) watched as he(FY) silently turned around. He walked toward the door, then he began digging through the trash can with his bare hands. 


This scene was so frightening that he didn’t even react at all. Until Fang Yan turned it over for a while, Li Ming said in shock: “Are you okay?”

Which kind of play is this?

Suddenly got a scavenging script? 

On weekends, not many people came to the laboratory, so there weren’t too many things in the trash can. It didn’t take long for Fang Yan to find that the love letter was not in the trash can. 

Therefore he turned his head to look at Li Ming in shock: “You didn’t throw it away ah?”

Li Ming: “……”

This person was afraid that he’s not being mean enough.

Did he want him to throw it away that much? 

Feeling that he couldn’t communicate with the other party anyway, he swept a cold glance at Fang Yan, and said in disgust: “Wash your hands.”

The trash can was so dirty. He didn’t know what Fang Yan was thinking.

He was pulled back from hell in an instant, and was so happy. Fang Yan didn’t care at all, and immediately ran to wash his hands with a smile on his face. After coming back, he continued to spin around Li Ming: “How about it, how about it, have you promised me?”

There was still work on hand, but he was being pestered to the point of annoyance.   

Li Ming said coldly: “No.”

He didn’t want to play this kind of childish game with him.  

He was directly rejected by his sweetheart in person, but Fang Yan was not discouraged. Still immersed in the joy that the love letter was finally accepted, if it weren’t for the fear of making Li Ming angry again, he wanted to hold him down and give him a few kisses. 

Still delighted, he kept laughing and smiling.

Fang Yan saw Li Ming look at him.

“You…” After thinking about it, Li Ming thought it would be better to just ask directly, “Did you know me before?”


He thought this was just a normal question. 

Li Ming didn’t take it to heart. 

He even felt that there was nothing too wrong with Fang Yan’s reaction at the time, he just smiled at him again and then ran away seemingly embarrassed.

He thought this was also part of the naïve script. He didn’t think too much. But soon, Li Ming noticed something was wrong. 

He was still as careful and considerate as he used to be. There would always be breakfast on the bedroom table, and pink love letters would appear every once in a while in the laboratory. 

The only difference is, for two full weeks, Fang Yan never touched him again.    

There was no overstepping action, as if they had returned back to the day when he had just enrolled in school. Maintaining a proper social distance, Fang Yan simply looked like an upright gentleman. 

He even climbed into bed after ten o’clock every day like a dignified ascetic person. 

He couldn’t figure out what Fang Yan was doing. 

In the bathroom. 

Biting his lip, Li Ming closed his eyes slightly. 

The fleshy slit is wet. Two pieces of moist clam meat were slightly open, revealing the female acupoint that was secretly discharging sticky and hot juice. Became aroused for a long time, as soon as he put his finger in, it was tightly clamped by the greedy h0le. It was only rubbed for a few times, yet the little nub decorated between the flower hole was already throbbing. His thighs trembled, and a small stream of obscene liquid gurgled out from the h0le, staining the mound in a mess.

Pumping his fingers a few more times, his toes tensed up. Li Ming wearily withdrew his hand.

Fang Yan didn’t touch him. He had been living like this for the past two weeks. But after having a taste of s*x organ, how could fingers satisfy him. No matter how hard he thrusted in, or even cruelly twisted the slightly erected cl!toris, he was still unable to cl!max like being penetrated.

What does Fang Yan want to do? 

Lust wasn’t being satisfied, Li Ming became a little cranky.  

The female acupoint that was stabbed by the fingers was still shrinking unconsciously. Trying to ignore the strange sensation in his lower body, he tidied himself up and pushed open the bathroom door. 

There was a sound of even breathing. Fang Yan had obviously fallen asleep. 

He wasn’t satisfied, yet the culprit was actually sleeping peacefully. For a few seconds, Li Ming really wanted to climb into bed and wake him up. 

With a composed face, he endured the lust and prepared to go to rest. After thinking for a while, Li Ming stopped in his tracks.  

A few seconds later, he bypassed his own bed and walked towards Fang Yan’s bed.


Easter egg content: Take the initiative to ride him, then deny any relationship.

While he was sleeping soundly, Li Ming climbed onto the other party’s bed. Until he carefully released the frightening object from his pajamas, Fang Yan didn’t wake up.

Holding it in his hand, the plump and hot glan stuck to his palm lines.

Li Ming’s eyelashes involuntarily trembled.

He always wondered how such a narrow and tender female h0le could swallow a whole root of such a fierce thing. Obviously, he could barely hold it in his hand. 

However, just by holding the s*x organ like this, the female p*ssy, which had only swallowed fingers, clenched with excitement. The p*ssy that had not been soothed just now trembled along with the c*rvix. The sticky, hot and humid liquid dripped from the slit, staining the freshly changed clean panties with water marks. 

Biting his lower lip, he carefully sat on top of the sleeping Fang Yan with his legs split apart. Li Ming lowered his waist slightly while holding the pulsating s*x organ.

It’s been a long time since he had swallowed this fierce thing. The glan was pushed into the hole, and his waist was almost weakened. The tender and soft meat cave instantly became excited, twitching and sucking the tip of the hot s*x organ, greedily wanting to swallow more.

It was the first time he took the lead, so he couldn’t adapt very well. Swaying his waist a little, a layer of flush was oozing all over his body. The sticky, moist, hot liquid dripped down from the base of his legs downward, but Li Ming didn’t dare to eat the whole s*x organ directly.

His legs trembled slightly, and eventually he lost all strength. 

Unable to control himself, he sat down. In an instant, he was nailed to the hot and hard beast. 


This position entered extremely deep, and immediately reached the c*rvix all at once. His eyes turned red as he struggled to get up and escape, but he was gripped by the waist.

Fang Yan was also very uncomfortable.

He was in his twenties, just at the age of vigor, and it didn’t take long for him to start eating meat again. In the past few days, he always dreamed of pressing Li Ming under him, tossing and teasing the other party until he broke down and cried. 

But as soon as he remembered Li Ming’s question from that day, he felt that he could hold on for a while longer. 

In order to avoid the situation where he couldn’t restrain himself, he still went to bed early today. But tonight’s dream was a bit special. Unexpectedly, Li Ming was the one who took the initiative.

Until he heard a sobbing moan, he realized that he wasn’t dreaming.

“Do you want it that much?” After two weeks of not touching it, the female p*ssy seemed to have returned to the tightness before it had been broken. He even felt a little painful  when it kept on sucking and clenching him. Squeezing the snow-white waist, he nonchalantly slammed his hips toward the deepest point, “Don’t worry, I’ll give it all to you.”

How could he endure this kind of stimulation?

He kept on trembling and sucking the s*x organ. 

It didn’t take long for the slippery, wet, soft female pussy to convulse along with c*rvix. The thick, slippery and warm kinky fluid dripped from the intersection, causing Li Ming to whimper again.

“Good boy.” Pulling out his s*x organ that was still hard and stiff, Fang Yan kissed his forehead and tried to change the position.

The beauty in his arms suddenly pushed him away.

He stumbled and tumbled directly out of bed. With feeble legs and unsteady breathing, Li Ming’s voice, however, was firm.

“I’m good2Internet buzzword meaning he’s done solving his physical need lmaooo fy.” Glancing at Fang Yan, who was still frozen in bed, he said lightly, “Good night.


  • 1
    Refer to when FY said LM owes him.
  • 2
    Internet buzzword meaning he’s done solving his physical need lmaooo fy
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