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MBRCE Chapter 14


Translator: Hua
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Li Ming is good, but Fang Yan’s whole person was not good. 

After holding back for two full weeks, he was caught by the female acupoint that could suck and fondle, then he was interrupted at the most critical moment. His first reaction was to jump out of bed to grab Li Ming, pull the person back into his arms, and f-ck him so hard until he couldn’t even cry.

However, when he grabbed the bed rail and prepared to jump down, Li Ming looked back at him faintly.

He had just experience an erotic affair, so his cheeks were a little flush. Although there was still a clear and slippery liquid dripping down his thighs, he looked at Fang Yan with an unusually frosty face and swept his eyes coldly.

“You got a problem?” He asked.    

Fang Yan: “……”

His lower body was so hard that it hurt, of course, he had a problem. However, he understood the look in Li Ming’s eyes. If, at this moment, he disregarded everything and pounced on him, it would be the last time he touched the other party.

It was no different from digging his own grave.

Struggling between short-term benefits and long-term goals for a while, Fang Yan chose to swallow his breath: “…No.”

So, he watched Li Ming enter the bathroom to clean up, and watched him come out to go to bed again. When Li Ming was asleep, Fang Yan’s lower body was still standing upright in great spirits. Finally he could only go to the bathroom to solve his problem.

After holding back and without getting to eat anything, it was difficult to close his eyes all night. At foredawn, he was finally half-asleep. When he woke up again, Li Ming had already gone to the laboratory. 


He swore in his heart, then rolled over to get out of bed.

He got up late, so when he arrived at the laboratory, it was almost noon. 

Along the way, he was pondering how to apologize and coax Li Ming. As a result, until he got upstairs, he couldn’t come up with anything. Putting on a brave face, he pushed open the door to the execution ground, but there was only Zheng Cong in the laboratory. 

“Where is Li Ming?” Fang Yan asked. 

“Oh,” Zheng Cong was bored to death while fiddling with the reagents, “He went to eat.”   


Fang Yan couldn’t help but glance at his watch.

It’s not early or late, what kind of meal is this?

Before Fang Yan could figure it out, seeing his expression, Zheng Cong spoke casually. 

“A man came to find him, and the two of them went out together.” After observing for several weeks, he finally realized what was fishy between the two. Watching the excitement alone wasn’t enough, Zheng Cong decided to fan the flames, “I’m not praising him or anything, but that guy is quite handsome.”


For this sudden visit, Li Ming was indeed very surprised. 

Sitting in the restaurant, he handed the order pad back to the waiter. Not knowing what to say, he carefully looked at the man in suit and leather shoes opposite. 

The other party was a few years older than him and was different from the kind of students who are still studying in school. He was wearing well-made silver wire glasses and shiny cufflinks, just like a successful social figure.

“What are you looking at?” Seeing that Li Ming seemed to be observing himself, Ji Pingzhi smiled slightly, “You are my little brother, is it weird to visit you while I’m on a business trip?”   

He wasn’t comfortable with this title at all. 

Lowering his eyes, Li Ming was silent for a while. 

“We…” he opened his mouth slowly, and glanced at Ji Pingzhi again, “We’re not that familiar.”

They had no blood relationship at all. Jing Pingzhi was the son of mother Li’s current husband1Just in case you’re confused (like me when I first saw this sentence), Li Ming’s mother didn’t give birth to JPZ. She remarried a man who already had a son. So JPZ is mother Li’s stepson..

But unfortunately, Li Ming wasn’t very close to his biological mother, who he hadn’t seen since childhood.

He just vaguely remembered that the other party was a woman with long curly hair who liked to wear floral skirts. 

In the final analysis, everything was the fault of this extra female organ. According to the traditional concept, no one can accept the birth of a monstrous son who was neither male nor female. Not long after Li Ming was born, father Li filed for divorce, and then fled to another place as if running for his life. After raising Li Ming alone for two years, mother Li finally couldn’t stand it anymore. She left the child at the Li family, and remarried.

He was raised by his paternal aunt.

Li Ming had no impression of his biological parents. After all, one went missing outside for decades without any news, and the other seemed to have completely forgotten that she had given birth to a child. He clearly lived in a city, but they had never visited him once. 

It was this unrelated brother who had come to see him every once in a while since high school. He didn’t seem to mind Li Ming’s cold treatment at all.

Ji Pingzhi smiled and said, “Why do you still regard me as an outsider?”

While speaking, he took the opportunity to sip tea and looked at Li Ming.    

He looked the same as when he was in high school with that cold alienation. At the beginning, the ignorant and immature teenager was like an unripe fruit2Pure, innocent teenage boy/girl.. Now he unexpectedly looked….even more delicious. 

He vaguely felt that the other person’s gaze kept peeking under the table. His expression didn’t change, but Li Ming was already on guard. 

Although he wasn’t sure whether his biological mother would mention his black history, which could be regarded as a stain in life, he was extremely sensitive since he was a child. He hadn’t missed the most primitive desire in Ji Pingzhi’s eyes. 

The alarm was instantly ringing in his mind.

While he was busy calculating how to withdraw himself, in the next instant, he was hugged from behind. 

Fang Yan came over from the teaching building in an aggressive manner.

As soon as he entered the restaurant, he saw the two people by the window. 

Half-death with anger, Fang Yan still tried to keep calm. 

“You don’t even call me to eat!” Hooking Li Ming’s shoulder with one hand, he deliberately rubbed his neck twice before letting go, then he pulled back the chair and sat down. As if suddenly realizing that there was someone else across the table, he glanced at Ji Pingzhi in surprise, then turned his head to ask Li Ming, “Who is this? Why haven’t I seen him before?”

While asking questions in a bewildered manner, he held Li Ming’s hand on the table extremely naturally, as if declaring his sovereignty.    

Ji Pingzhi: “…….”

Who is this? 

Why did he just come out of nowhere?

Li Ming: “……”

What a coincidence. 

For the first time, he felt that Fang Yan wasn’t that annoying. Without pulling his hand away, he just smiled: “This is my brother.”

Fang Yan: “?”

Why didn’t he know that Li Ming had an older brother?

This introduction sounds similar to “She’s just my sister”3I think it’s this song reference, Superfluous Explanation by Xu Song. The lyric: She’s just my sister. I was worried if you misunderstood. She’s just my sister, but you didn’t listen to my explanation., it was really not convincing. After a suspicious glance at Li Ming, he turned his attention to Ji Pingzhi.

Across the distance of a table, Ji Pingzhi could see clearly. 

The young man still had a smile in his eyes when he looked at Li Ming, but the smile disappeared when he looked at him.

His eyes were cold like the edge of a sharp blade. It swept over gently, but cut people with raw pain.

He was keenly aware that the man in front of him wasn’t as harmless as he looked on the surface. He had entered the society for several years and was able to advance and retreat, so Ji Pingzhi wasn’t angry: “Hello, my name is Ji Pingzhi. I’m Xiao Ming’s big brother.”

This was an ordinary polite greeting, Yet Li Ming’s hand was suddenly tightened. Being gripped a little too painfully, he couldn’t help turning his head to glare at Fang Yan. 

Not in the least bit aware of Li Ming’s gaze, he was so angry at this overly intimate address that he just wanted to beat someone up.

After he endured and endured, he was still unable to hold back this anger. Fang Yan showed a standard smile: “Hello, my name is Fang Yan, I’m Xiao Ming’s boyfriend.” 


“I was wrong, I was wrong, I was wrong!”

After coming out of the restaurant and following behind Li Ming, Fang Yan apologized, “I am not…”

Not willing to just be a disposable vibrator.

Besides, Mingming obviously wasn’t angry when he held his hand.   

How did he get angry because of the word boyfriend?

Li Ming actually wasn’t upset. 

As soon as Fang Yan said he was his boyfriend, he was relieved to see Ji Pingzhi’s unconcealable surprised look. The other party was a wise and sensible man, so he won’t come back to disturb him again. 

However, after one problem was solved, back in the dorm, there was an even bigger problem waiting for him.

“Is he really just your brother?” Still couldn’t believe it, Fang Yan didn’t stop when they arrived at the dorm room, “You two don’t have the same surname, how could he be your brother!”   

Very noisy.

Li Ming silently gave Fang Yan another mark and continued to look at his document.

After learning from Zheng Cong that Li Ming was going out with a good-looking man, Fang Yan plunged into the vinegar jar. Although he thought the other party wasn’t as handsome as him, it wasn’t guaranteed that Li Ming’s eyes would always work well. He was very jealous. Last night, after being used and hanging out to dry, he felt very unpleasant the more he thought about it. He refused to let Li Ming read in peace and came up to make trouble.  

His waist was hugged and delicate kisses fell on his nape.

His breath involuntarily became a little messy, frowning, Li Ming didn’t want to talk to him.

In the end, he received a fierce bite.

The bite was hard, almost making him jump to his feet. He turned his head to glare at Fang Yan: “What do you want?”

Is this person a dog?

Why does he go around biting people?

Li Ming was so angry. 

Fang Yan climbed up the pole4A metaphor: Catering to someone in order to gain something in return.. His tone was very sincere: “I want it.” 

Li Ming: “……” This damn dog!

But last night, he didn’t get to enjoy himself to the fullest. After all, he hadn’t done it for two weeks. If Fang Yan didn’t wake up, he might choose to continue doing it. 

He hadn’t been completely satisfied yet, and was a little distracted by these messy kisses. In short, he couldn’t concentrate on reading anymore. He simply closed his eyes, which was regarded as acquiescing to Fang Yan’s wanton behavior. 

An increasingly passionate kiss fell on his shoulder and neck. 

The tooth mark that just bit out was licked carefully. 

Fang Yan’s hands were not honest. While probing into his shirt, one hand fiddled with the slightly erect nipp!es, while the other hand reached down to touch the excited female hole.

It swallowed the s-x organ last night, when it was touched by his hand, the still-sensitive female p-ssy convulsed impatiently. The moist v-lva was pressed against his palm and was rubbed a few times, then the delicate nub hidden between the delicate flesh quietly probing and rubbing against the slightly rough palm coquettishly. 

The most sensitive lower body was played in his hand. The tightly closed h0le opened a gap, while spitting water and sucking the man’s palm.

Biting his lips and feeling Fang Yan’s increasingly heavy breathing behind him, Li Ming stifled a grunt, signaling him to hurry up.

Following good advice and entering the flow5从善如流 [cóng shàn rú liú]: An idiom. The ability to quickly obey good opinion and kind advice. , he carried him to the tabletop. 

He reached out to rub the cl!t, teasing the wet slit until Li Ming impatiently rubbed him with his snow-white calf, only then did Fang Yan open his zipper. 

“Baby.” He didn’t rush to insert it in, but took out a box, “Shall we play something exciting?”


Easter Egg ContentFang Yan pulled out a cheating props, and played Xiao Ming until he cried~

He felt very dizzy because of the mischievous hands.

The milk tips were erect, his legs were spread apart, and the slit produced sticky and slippery juice. While shaking his waist to chase his fingers, Li Ming sneered in his heart. 


What else can be exciting?

After playing everything that should be played, can there be something more exciting?

He didn’t bother responding to Fang Yan.

However, there was no movement for a long time.

He could only open his eyes, then he was frightened. 

He never carefully looked at Fang Yan’s s-x organ. Even last night, it was just a quick glance. At this moment, that terrifying thing was held by the other party, so he could see the whole picture. In addition to the somewhat exaggerated size, the straight and long s-x organ wasn’t bad, looking as clean as its owner. The ripe red tip was slightly moist, obviously unable to hole back.

But that’s not what scared Li Ming.

“That…” He was struck dumb with bewilderment, watching Fang Yan pinch a few soft-haired ring and put it on his s-x device. His lower body couldn’t help but contract a little as he said in horror, “What is that!”

The root and tip were covered with sheep eye sockets6, soaked in oil. The roots of the hair stood up, glowing with a greasy light, and the s-x organ became more and more ferocious.

He had never seen a sheep eye socket before.

Instinctively realizing that this wasn’t a good thing, Li Ming shook his legs and wanted to jump off the table. Then he was held down by Fang Yan.

“Try it.” After kissing his forehead, he patiently coaxed him, “You will like it.”

He said as he gently lifted his hip and touched the slit with his glan.

Perceiving the danger, the female h0le clamped sensitively, and the wet cl!t hid between the p-ssy lips refusing to show its head. Two pieces of warm and damp clam meat  were closed on top, trying to protect the delicate secret area.

But the glan came crashing through.

The sheep eye ring then brushed over the mon pubis.

Even though it had been soaked in oil, it was too rough for the tender female hole. As soon as the soft hair rubbed over it, Li Ming screamed, “No! I can’t!”

The numb itching sensation he had never experienced came from the mound, and the gap between the holes was tightened,  but it could not prevent the s-xual fluid from trickling out. The soft hair on the sheep eye socket became more and more erect after being dipped in water, and even if it did not move, it would cause the c*nt to twitch constantly.

“You can do it.”

He ignored Li Ming’s resistance.

Grabbing his calves, Fang Yan slowly rubbed the slit with his s-x device.

His itchy thighs trembled, but he couldn’t escape the flogging of the s-x organ. The hot, thick and long object ran over the mound, and the soft hair was swept along with it. The sensitive and tender p-ssy lips immediately became hot, making him feel that his lower body was about to melt. Li Ming whimpered and wanted to push Fang Yan away: “No!”

Of course, he won’t listen to him.

He patiently continued to rub the v*lva with his s-x device.

Perceiving that the female hole is twitching uncontrollably and stained with some sticky and slippery liquid, Fang Yan straightened his back.


His thighs trembled violently.

Li Ming couldn’t even shout out.

He’d never tasted this kind of thing before. The itching was hard to deal with, and the female p-ssy tightened up with a spasm. The soft hair that was soaked in the obscene fluid was then swept across every inch of the delicate and sensitive meat, unable to escape and was teased until trembling.

What’s more terrifying was the thing wrapped in the sheep eye socket.

The hard and hot glan was firmly pressed against the cerv-x.

That delicate place, as soon as the soft hair just rubbed, the cerv-x shivered and spasmed. There was no need to push, with just a little touch, and the tender spot would slightly swollen up, producing sticky and mushy juice.

Not intending to show any tenderness, Fang Yan thrusted harder when seeing a layer of flush all over Li Ming’s body.

With every thrust, the soft hair delicately scraped across the c*nt. The sheep eye socket at the top was even more fierce. When the glan squeezed open the soft wet cerv-x, it grinded and rubbed back and forth in the soft and delicate cavity of the womb.

The p-ssy was so red and swollen after being played with. He suspected that the hole was also swollen, but he couldn’t escape the brutal f-cking. He opened up his legs feebly to welcome the pumping again and again. When the sheep eye socket ran across the cerv-x again, the rim of his eyes were red, and Li Ming firmly grasped Fang Yan’s arm.

Along the joint area, the dripping and obscene liquid trickled down.

Hua: I googled sheep eye socket and was confused for a while…about its function orz
Why is it name sheep eye socket instead hairy c-ck ring…? 👁👄👁

  • 1
    Just in case you’re confused (like me when I first saw this sentence), Li Ming’s mother didn’t give birth to JPZ. She remarried a man who already had a son. So JPZ is mother Li’s stepson.
  • 2
    Pure, innocent teenage boy/girl.
  • 3
    I think it’s this song reference, Superfluous Explanation by Xu Song. The lyric: She’s just my sister. I was worried if you misunderstood. She’s just my sister, but you didn’t listen to my explanation.
  • 4
    A metaphor: Catering to someone in order to gain something in return.
  • 5
    从善如流 [cóng shàn rú liú]: An idiom. The ability to quickly obey good opinion and kind advice. 
  • 6
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