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MBRCE Chapter 15

Things Related to the Love Letters

Translator: Hua
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Sheep eye socket was indeed very stimulating. So Li Ming forced Fang Yan to throw away all the gadgets that he hadn’t had time to use on him.  

“Do you really want to throw it away?” After he bought it, he hadn’t used it yet. Fang Yan refused to give up his sinister plan and struggled for one last chance, “Can’t we keep some?” 

With one look, he swallowed the rest of his words back silently.  

He hadn’t even bought a vibrator. He only dared to secretly buy a vibrating egg on Taobao. Glancing at the pile of things on the table with a wide variety that he could hardly recognize, Li Ming gritted his teeth and tried his best to control his expression.  

“Go away.” A very restrained word.  

He coldly watched Fang Yan flee away in defeat with those s*x toys. Li Ming couldn’t help but stretch out his hand and pressed his abdomen.  


How could there be such a bad guy!  

Biting his lip, a layer of pink appeared on his white face, he was flushed with anger.  

That day, he cried and yelled nonstop. Unexpectedly, the more he cried, the more vigorous Fang Yan became. Not only did he force his legs apart, but he also stabbed his s*x organ to the deepest place again and again. The soft hair on the sheep eye socket carefully brushed the c*rvix and the womb. Occasionally it swept through the dripping c*nt, stimulating the swollen and protruding cl*t to constantly tremble. He didn’t stop until his thighs was shaking, and the female p*ssy couldn’t stop convulsing. At last, he reached an org*sm with his male symbol.  

Of course, the tender and sensitive c*nt couldn’t withstand such an intense profanity, and it swelled up that night. As if feeling guilty, Fang Yan offered to help him medicate, sounding barely a little conscientious. 

And the result?  

Other people apply medicine by hand, but Fang Yan used that thing!  

When he remembered what happened that night, his lower abdomen twitched faintly. He reached out and rubbed it. Li Ming clenched his teeth secretly.  

Never wanting to experience the fear of being dominated by sheep eye socket again, he asked Fang Yan to throw away all those weird things. As a result, the other party’s drawer was like Doraemon’s pocket. One thing was taken out and there were still a handful of other things left, then it became a pile of things, crowded on the table.  

Li Ming’s eyes turned red at the sight of those things. Imagining the scene where they were used on him, Li Ming was almost dying of anger.

Sure enough, perversion is perversion!  

He didn’t know if it was because a whole box of s*x toys were difficult to throw directly in the public trash can, but Fang Yan had gone for a long time and hadn’t come back. Staying in the dormitory alone, he doubted that the other party would throw away all the toys so easily with his bad personality, so Li Ming gritted his teeth and  walked to Fang Yan’s table.  

He left the drawer open, so Li Ming could see what’s inside as long as he lowered his head.  

You’re the one who left it open, It’s not that I want to see it. 

After a second round of psychological preparation, unburdened, Li Ming lowered his eyelashes and looked into the drawer.  

It was probably full of s*x toys before, but now it was emptied without a single toy left. The content of the drawer could be seen at a glance.  

Therefore, the envelope originally hidden in the deepest part was particularly conspicuous.  

Unlike those single love letters that were left in the laboratory, deep in the drawer, two thick stacks of pink envelopes occupy nearly one-third of the space. With a rough estimate, there were at least nearly a hundred of them.  

Rubbing his lower abdomen, Li Ming couldn’t help frowning.  

He reached out his hand to pull out an envelope, but hesitantly stopped mid air before his fingers touched it.  

To tell the truth, his relationship with Fang Yan was very complicated now.  He didn’t even know what it was.  

It was impossible to say he wasn’t angry. He wanted to bite Fang Yan a few times for deliberately pretending to be a stranger. Obviously he was only greedy for his body, but he pretended to be considerate, letting him relax his vigilance while treating him like that in public.  

To say that Fang Yan was only obsessed with the female h*le that doesn’t belong to a man didn’t seem to be the case either.  

With that video, he could use it as a threat to force him all the time. However, Fang Yan had never mentioned this matter since he was exposed. Except for the hateful sheep eye socket, s*xual matters were basically done with his consent. Even if he(fy) was thrown aside like a tool, he didn’t take him forcibly regardless of his will.  

Li Ming didn’t understand what Fang Yan was thinking.  

Just like he didn’t understand why he kept sending love letters to him.


Originally he thought it was just a part of a poor idol drama script, but he(fy) didn’t seem to get tired of writing this kind of script at all. Intermittently, dozens of love letters appeared in the laboratory. When in a good mood, Li Ming occasionally glanced at it, but when he was in a bad mood, he stuffed it directly into his backpack.  

He was still waiting for Fang Yan to take the initiative to stop this childish behavior, yet he found more envelopes in the drawer.  

Utterly astounded, he almost thought that the other party had accidentally placed the order several times when buying the envelope. After hesitating for a while, Li Ming still reached out and touched the envelope at the very top.  

With a touch, across the thin envelope, he felt the letter inside.  

“?” Thinking that he had made a mistake, he touched it a few more times, and finally, he simply took out the envelope. Li Ming realized that he hadn’t made a mistake.  

Is his hand speed that fast?  

He just received a love letter yesterday, but today there was another new one. Li Ming simply doubted whether Fang Yan copied any middle school student love letter books on the Internet.  

Pinching the envelope, he thought about it and pulled out the letter paper.  

It would soon be given to him anyway, it made no difference if he looked at it early or late.  

With this thought, he glanced over the letter. Li Ming’s expression became stagnant.  

Although every time he only had a glimpse at the love letter, his memory was very good. He had read the content of this love letter once, praising him for his good look in a white T-shirt.    

At that time, he still felt that Fang Yan was sick in the head.  

Because he had been wearing only shirts for several years.  

Where did the white T-shirt come from?  

He was only joking when he said Fang Yan copied the love letter from a book, but the content of these two love letters seemed to be exactly the same. He couldn’t help but wonder if he remembered wrong. Li Ming got up and took out the love letter he had received from his bookcase.  

Two pink letters were placed on the table.  

There was no difference between them.  

Even the punctuation marks were exactly the same.  

The only difference was the handwriting of the love letter in Fang Yan’s drawer.  

It was still the same powerful and vigorous strokes but it seemed to be more reckless and open. The youthful spirit was spilled on the paper, and the thin letter could hardly bear the feeling of complacency. Such a sharp and domineering brushstroke, but the words written were full of careful consideration.  

——I met you in physical education class today.  

——The white T-shirt is perfect for you.  

——Of course you look good in school uniforms too.  

Staring at those lines, he suddenly tightened his hand. The letter paper was pinched until crumpled.  

When the physical education class and white T-shirt were linked together, Li Ming suddenly remembered something vaguely.  

The summer of high school sophomore year was very hot.  

The corridor was filled with the ink smell of the monthly examination paper.  

The material of the cheap school uniform wasn’t breathable. He didn’t like the feeling of the fabric sticking to his body, so he always wore a cotton T-shirt to school.  

Why would Fang Yan know this?  

After hesitating for a few seconds, he turned over all the love letters in the bookcase that he hadn’t read before. After scanning it roughly, Li Ming’s breathing was a little short.  

——Acacia flowers were in full bloom, do you like to eat Acacia honey?  

There were large groves of acacia trees in the back mountains of high school, and every midsummer, the hills were covered with acacia flowers. 

——Eat less mung bean ice cream, cold food is not good for the stomach.  

At that time, he was very gluttonous. After school, he used to buy a mung bean ice cream at the school gate and go home while eating.  

——You just didn’t do well this time, You will definitely get first place next time!  

Then, because of a stomachache from eating mung bean ice cream, he took second place for once in his three years of high school.  

Over the past few years, Li Ming couldn’t remember these things clearly. He didn’t expect Fang Yan to actually remember it.  


Staring at the love letter in front of him, Li Ming’s hand was shaking.  

It wasn’t that Fang Yan remembered it.

With trembling hands, he went through the remaining envelopes in the drawer.  

Sure enough, he found the other one-to-one matching love letters.  

Except for the handwriting, the content was exactly the same.  

After wandering around, the love letters written in high school were transcribed again by Fang Yan, and finally sent to him.  

Stunned by this realization, he stood at the table for a long time, only then did Li Ming come back to his senses.


He stared at the two thick stacks of envelopes left.  

These were all written by Fang Yan?  

Since he wrote so much, why hadn’t he received any of them?  

The whole person was dumbfounded, Li Ming’s fingers tremble while stroking the love letters.  

Then he found that something was wrong.  

These tender secrets hidden in the drawer should have been well protected. But somehow, in varying degrees, there were some mottled marks on the pink envelope.  

The dust that could be wiped off was wiped off by the owner with great force, and the stains that could not be wiped off were left on the envelope together with the watermarks.  When the pink paper surface was stained with water, it blotted out unsightly traces. It looked ugly and not cute at all.

“Pa.” The love letter fell on the ground.  

Li Ming held the table.  

He suddenly understood why Fang Yan looked at him with red eyes that day, and then went through the trash can with his bare hands.


Easter Egg Content: Fang Yan used ♂ to give Xiao Ming medicine.

“Good boy.” 

Covering his head under the quilt, Li Ming heard Fang Yan’s vague voice, “It will swell without medicine.”

It’s already swollen!

If not for being f*ucked out of strength, he simply wanted to strangle Fang Yan’s neck and scream.

But his legs were eventually separated.

He had never been treated so roughly before. Even the simple movement of separating his legs could make his lower body ache for a while. He didn’t dare to see how messy it was. Li Ming continued to bury his head in the quilt and played dead.

Li Ming was uncomfortable.

Fang Yan also had a thin layer of sweat on his head.

At the beginning, he was still in the mood to tease him with the ointment. But when he got started, he couldn’t wait to f*ck him senseless.

Being bullied too hard, the p*ssy was pitifully swollen, two pieces of red meat were round and puffing, and even the cl*toris looked like it had been ravaged. Dipped his finger in the cold ointment, the fingertips touched the hot meat.

To make the matter worse…

“Baby…” Fang Yan’s voice was a little hoarse, “Don’t you want that…”

It was obviously swollen. But as soon as it was touched, the red and swollen h0le couldn’t help but spit out obscene liquid as it clamped the finger that probed in.

Can you blame him for this?

There were tears on the corners of his eyes.

Li Ming was very angry: “If you can’t apply medicine, don’t do it!”

As it was fiddled with, and the female h0le that just  experienced s*x contracted again sensitively. The ointment was soaked in the warm lustful liquid, it couldn’t reach the depths at all, so it flowed out of the h0le.

No matter how much the medicine was applied, it could only travel shallowly at the mouth of the cavity, leaving the deepest c*rvix and womb cavity in uncomfortable state. Unable to bear it, Li Ming whimpered in a small voice: “It hurts…it’s so uncomfortable inside…”

Tucking his waist, the two snow-white calves trembled subtly.

Fang Yan took a deep breath.

 “Let’s switch to another method.” After pulling the person out of the quilt, he kissed the tears from his eyelashes, then Fang Yan opened his zipper.

 “Are you crazy!”

With no more strength, Li Ming struggled desperately at this moment: “Beast!”

Regardless of this will, the beast reached out and held him down.

His legs were pinned down, and the slightly puffy h0le that was played with it opened up towards the other party without any reservation. The kinky fluid dripped down from the slit with little efforts, and the s*x organ covered with a thick layer of ointment was pushed in.

It felt unbearable to be opened up.

Li Ming’s legs trembled.

The fierce thing eventually reached the deepest point, with the icy cold ointment, the painful and scorching cervix didn’t seem to feel that bad anymore.

Fang Yan didn’t move, he inserted his s*x organ quietly.

However, it didn’t take long for the ointment to dissolve, the burning sensation gradually faded, and what was left was the unbearable soreness and itching.

 The blue veins on his forehead stretched.

Fang Yan didn’t want to move, but the red-eyed beauty beneath him kept whimpering and shaking his waist, asking him to move.

Who the f*ck can stand this.

 The ointment had melted away, becoming sticky and slippery. The shrinking female h0le was extremely soft and hot. Squeezing Li Ming’s waist, Fang Yan pumped as slowly as possible. But the female h0le spasmed again, desperately clamping his thick and long s*x organ. The deep wet and soft c*rvix not only sucked the tip, but also gently opened a slit.

 When he released with a low gasp, the female p*ssy also jerked and tightened. 

The white sticky substance mixed with obscene liquid dripped from the crevice of the red and swollen h0le, this time the medicine was wasted again.


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