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MBRCE Chapter 16

Hot Spring Play 1: A Little Emotional Development

Translator: Hua
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Not knowing where to throw it, he turned left and right while holding a box full of s*x toys. In the end, Fang Yan met Zheng Cong who had just returned from the hospital on the staircase.   


Zheng Cong looked down and saw the contents in the box, then they looked at each other, both speechless. Zheng Cong’s face showed a horrified expression of “F*ck, I know you may be a beast, but I didn’t expect you to be such this kind of beast, you should stay away from me, don’t come close.”  

Perhaps simple-minded people were often accompanied by developed limbs. Zheng Cong’s recovery speed was amazing. Seeing that he didn’t use crutches anymore, Fang Yan decisively stuffed those things into the other party’s hands: “It’s all new, I’ll give it to you.” 

Zheng Cong: “???” 

“Wait!” His feet were still a little lame, and it was not easy to chase people with such a box. He yelled at Fang Yan, who turned his head and left, “Don’t run! I have something to say!” 

“My dad invested in a hot spring villa, the opening ceremony is this weekend, he told me to call a few friends over to play.” Since the last time he was forced to stay in the dormitory with them for one night, the relationship between Zheng Cong and them had improved inexplicably. On the way, he rubbed a few things, “Are you and Li Ming free? Come and play together if you have time.” 

He was still worrying about how to coax Li Ming this time. When he heard this, Fang Yan’s eyes lit up. 

“I really didn’t give you a bed in vain.” Reaching out to pat Zheng Cong on the shoulder, he nodded, “I’m free, I’m free, I’ll definitely go!” 

He was about to say something more, but Zheng Cong didn’t have time to speak. Fang Yan was already running away.  


Still holding the box full of s*x toys, Zheng Cong was dumbfounded.  

Why would he need these things!  

He was just a pure single dog!  


He smoothly dumped the box of trouble to Zheng Cong. Next, he was thinking about using the hot spring to divert Li Ming’s attention away from the fact that he was hiding the s*x toys. He walked briskly back to the room, pushed the door open, then Fang Yan took a deep breath. 

He prayed that Li Ming would not be too angry. When he opened the door, he was taken aback.

“Why sit on the ground!” Towards the end of autumn, the weather was gradually getting colder. Building A was located in the south, there was no heating, even the wooden floor was a little cold. Stepping on it barefoot could freeze people.  

Yet Li Ming was sitting directly on the floor.  

With his hands on his knees, he curled his whole body into a ball, his thoughts unknown, and he stared at a certain point in the air, as if he hadn’t heard Fang Yan calling him.  

“I threw all those things away!” Thinking that Li Ming was still annoyed by the sx *toys, Fang Yan hurriedly defended himself while pulling Li Ming from the ground, “Don’t be angry, get up quickly.” 

As a result, he couldn’t pull him up at all.  

Li Ming’s expression was bleary, and he let Fang Yan tug him a few times in a daze, only then did those black eyes that were a little out of focus turned slightly, and moved his gaze to him.  

“Really threw it all away! Really!” 

He stared at Fang Yan who was speaking with a slightly anxious voice.  

Hearing the last two words, Li Ming couldn’t help shaking.  

Threw it away… 

He opened his mouth slightly. He really wanted to say something but was unable to pronounce any syllable in the end.  

So back then, the love letters written by Fang Yan to him were all thrown away.

He finally understood what Fang Yan meant when he said he owed him with a slightly trembling voice in the laboratory.  

At the age of sixteen or seventeen, the proudest and most ostentatious age, he could not imagine what kind of mood Fang Yan was in to carefully write one love letter after another to express his feelings.  

Then again and again, he brought it out of the trash can by hand. 

The pink envelope was covered with stains.  

But next time, the sentence on the letter was still gentle and affectionate.  

He had never been angry and resentful because of the cold treatment.  

What actually happened….. 

Li Ming couldn’t help shaking.  

Who on earth secretly threw away those love letters?  


“What’s wrong with you?” Finally realizing something was wrong, he frowned, and after a little effort, Fang Yan pulled Li Ming up from the ground, and then subconsciously looked at his lower abdomen, “Does it hurt? I’ll rub it for you? ” 

In the past few days, he always saw him clutching his belly with an uncomfortable look.  

His eyelashes trembled. Originally, he wanted to talk about love letters.  In the end, Li Ming just responded softly: “En.” 

He didn’t know where to start.  

There were so many love letters, even from the perspective of probability, he should have at least received a few letters. It just happened that he really didn’t receive a single one, not a single one.  

If he refuted at this time that he didn’t throw it away, Will Fang Yan believe it?  

Biting his lip, Li Ming was silent.  

If he was Fang Yan, he would not believe it. He would even hate him.  

He hated him for refusing to respond to this feeling, hated him for trampling on his heart so lightly, hated him…for not remembering who he was until now.  

Li Ming frowned. The hand that fell on his lower abdomen was warm.  

Fearing that he would get cold, he deliberately rubbed his hands twice before reaching into the hem of this shirt. While rubbing gently, Fang Yan murmured: “If you are angry with me, just let me hang for another two weeks. Why abuse yourself? ?” 

Sitting on the ground in this weather, it was a hell lots of pain.

“Have some porridge tonight?” Quickly realizing that what he said might make Li Ming angry again, Fang Yan immediately changed the topic, “Ah yes, Zheng Cong called us to go to the hot spring on the weekend, are you going or not?”   

His hand movements didn’t stop.

A moment later, While Fang Yan was still on tenterhooks, his shoulder sank slightly.

Without speaking, Li Ming gently rested his head on Fang Yan’s shoulder.



Hot Spring Villa.  

“Comrades!” The limping couldn’t stop Zheng Cong from crossing the ribbon-cutting crowd, staggering toward Li Ming and Fang Yan, “Can I please ask you two to have a little smile on your face?”

What’s going on here?  

He clearly called them to come to the hot spring for free.  

Why do they both look so bad?


While he was still wandering, Fang Yan immediately smiled: “I’m sorry, I’m a bit distracted.” 

He tilted his head and glanced at the silent Li Ming.  

Recalling the other party’s actions that day, Fang Yan was still a little confused.  

What exactly does that mean?  

It had always been him chasing after Li Ming, except for the impatient invitation when he was aroused, that was the first time Li Ming took the initiative to approach him.  

Without a trace of lust, he leaned quietly in his arms.  

At that time he even thought he was dreaming.  

After all, it wasn’t impossible to end up hallucinating after years of delusion. 

He couldn’t restrain the urge to raise the corners of his mouth at all. In order to avoid making himself look like a mentally retarded person who can only giggle, he could only try to tense his face and put on a do-not-approach expression.

But being reminded by Zheng Cong, the smile on his lips could not be restrained immediately. It was as brilliant as the welcoming ladies at the door.  

Zheng Cong: “……” 

Sorry, he regretted it a lot. It’s better not to smile.

Li Ming didn’t utter a word. He didn’t pay attention to Zheng Cong and Fang Yan as he was thinking about his own matter.  

In the past two days, he had been trying hard to recall the details related to high school, who threw away those love letters, and how he and Fang Yan met.  

Both turned out to be fruitless.  

Thanks to his good grades, high school wasn’t as difficult as junior high school. But with a withdrawn personality, he naturally had no friends. Li Ming wasn’t familiar with the whole class, he didn’t have any grudges with anyone either. Li Ming couldn’t figure out who would target him like this.  

As for Fang Yan.  

That was even more confusing.  

He even stood by the bed secretly and watched him for a long time while Fang Yan was taking a nap, and finally had to admit that there was no information about the other party in his high school memory.  

Although this may not be too strange, the scope was huge, and there were nearly 1,500 people in one grade. The high school he attended was so polarized that it was known for producing the city’s top student every year versus having student mob fights in the newspaper every year.   

Li Ming can only be sure that Fang Yan’s academic performance at that time should not be very good.  

Because he hadn’t seen him in the first examination room.  

But this information was obviously useless.  

The more he thought about it, the more frustrated he became.

Li Ming’s expression then gradually stiffened.  

“Alright, alright!” 

The two Buddha were invited by him so he could only gritted his teeth and make offerings. It was hard to get through to the end of the ribbon-cutting. With flying steps, Zheng Cong’s feet were almost no different from usual, “Take it, don’t say I don’t treat you two well, this is a VIP room ah !” 

He still had to drink with his father, so he put the room card into Fang Yan’s hand. Zheng Cong blinked twice, then lowered his voice: “Remember to look at the closet.” 

Still in a giddy state, Fang Yan didn’t take this sentence to heart at all.  

VIP room naturally has VIP treatment. They didn’t need to squeeze in with other people because there was a separate yard and hot spring. Designed in the style of a classical Chinese courtyard, the area was large, and behind the wing room was a hot spring pool that occupied a full half of the courtyard. A huge evergreen tree grew by the edge of the pool, covering most of the pool with its branches and leaves. 

White mist swirled around, and water vapor transpired.  

Wearing ordinary clothes, he was obviously still several meters away from the hot spring, but soon, a thin layer of sweat appeared on his forehead.  

“Are you going to take a shower first?” 

It was too hot, Fang Yan quickly took off his coat, “I’ll get you a bathrobe.” 

With things still weighing on his mind, he let out an “Mm” sound. Li Ming didn’t think much, and went straight to the bathroom.  

However, when he knocked on the door, and motioned Fang Yan to hand over the bathrobe, there was no movement outside the door for a long time.  

He was confused as to what Fang Yan was dawdling about, so he opened the bathroom door and poked his head out to look for him. 

Fang Yan was standing in front of the closet when he heard the rattling of the door opening. His whole body didn’t feel well.  

“No, no, no…” With a lot of black history on head, for fear of Li Ming’s misunderstanding, he waved his hand desperately, “These clothes are really not my choice!”

The author has something to say:

Fang Yan: I gave up my bed, Zheng Cong, why did you harm me ! !

Zheng Cong: ? ? ? Brother, listen to what you said, is this human language? Which one of your previous play is less crazy then this?

Li Ming: Keep a grudge.jpg

I read everyone comment. It’s great to be liked, especially thank you for loving Xiao Fang and Xiao Ming, these two cubs, qwq. Seeing that they are liked, the power to produce food is instantly full ~(=^‥^)ノ

I’ll let Xiao Fang have a good meal tomorrow, so there’s no egg today. qwq

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