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MBRCE Chapter 17

Hot Spring Play 2: Transparent Yukata/ F**k In The Hot Spring Pool

Translator: Hua
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Li Ming came out wrapped in a bath towel, then  walked to the closet. Only then did he understand why Fang Yan had said that.  

In the closet large enough to hold two adult men, there was almost no yukata that could be worn normally. One design was bolder than another. There were only a few threads left in the fabric. The cloth was covered with large pieces of transparent silk, and he even saw several pearls similar to pearls thongs in it.  

In short, a cabinet full of erotic yukatas.  


He didn’t think Fang Yan would be so bold that he would rush to provoke himself after throwing away the s*x toys. The corner of his mouth twitched. Li Ming found one piece of clothing from the corner, “I’ll wear this.” 

The fabric was very thin, and the hem was so short that it could only cover his thighs, but compared to other yukatas, this one looks too normal, simply proper among the propers.    

He was badly pitted. There was some bitterness, but seeing Li Ming didn’t get too angry, Fang Yan could only take a shower in silence.    

Of course he couldn’t wear any of the remaining bathrobes in the closet. There was no one else here, so he walked out of the bathroom to the backyard with only swimming trunks.    

Li Ming was sitting by the pool.    

In fact, he was a little scared. Because of his body, the swimming pool was out of the question as he would need to change clothes in the public locker room. He had never been in the water, so the hot spring pool which stood up only to the waist, made him feel a little uneasy.    

He kicked the water lightly with his feet. Hearing the noise behind him, Li Ming turned his head. Then he couldn’t help but be taken aback.    

In ordinary situations, he was always stripped until there was no clothes left. In contrast, Fang Yan’s clothes were always neat and tidy. This was the first time he had seen the other party wearing so little.    

He knew how terrifying the evil thing under Fang Yan’s body was, but it was usually swallowed up by female h0le, so he didn’t get to take a closer look at it. At this moment, the extremely close-fitting swimming trunks tightly wrapped around the s*x organ, and the cloth was stretched out in a bulging outline. Even if it was just a glimpse, he inexplicably blushed with shame.  

Fang Yan saw Li Ming steal a glance at him, then he(LM) decisively slid down from the edge of the pool. The whole person hid in the water, with eyes closed. He was wondering if it was because the hot springs were too hot that a thin layer of pink appeared on his fair face.   

He thought Li Ming looked very cute.  Fang Yan took the opportunity to enter the water as well. Sitting on the steps, he was about to make fun of him when his smile froze as he inclined his head.   

Sure enough, there wasn’t a single proper yukata in the closet.    

Before entering the water, it looked normal with the length being a bit short. However, as soon as it came into contact with water, the thin layer of white cloth quickly became transparent, and could no longer block the beautiful scenery under the yukata.    

The time he played with sheep’s eye circles, he played a little bit too hard. While listening to the beauty whimpering and whipping under him, he didn’t forget to lean over and suck the delicate n!pple tips. Even after nearly a week had passed, the flat white chest was still covered with bruises and hickeys. On top of the transparent fabric, the two red points were slightly swollen, looking like they had been ravaged severely.   

Further down, below the thin waistline, the long snow-white legs slightly held together. Apart from being too white, it seemed to be not much different from a normal man. But Fang Yan knew how enthusiastic the female h0le hidden between his legs was. He only needed to probe in a knuckle, and it would take the initiative to swallow and spit out water.    

His lower body was so hard that it hurt. Gritted his teeth, he chose to play it cool while making a very hard choice. Fang Yan was uncomfortable, so he closed his eyes.  

Li Ming, however, did not feel more at ease.    

He blushed and his heart beat accelerated at the first glance. He thought he could cool down his desires by entering the pool, but that wasn’t the case at all.  

Strived to be natural, each stone step was deliberately built to be uneven. While he hurriedly slid down the water, the slightly raised part of the stone step just hit the most secret place.  

Wrapped in tight swimming trunks, he was being squeezed too much, as if being held tightly by a man’s palm. Indulging in lust, without any other teasing, the vulva immediately congested and swelled. The cl*toris, hidden between the slit of the p*ssy, was quietly exposed, pressing right against the protruding stone step.  

With every breath, the already excited female hole grinded on the stone steps.  

The temperature of the hot spring pool was high, and the stone steps were even hotter, like a hard s*x organ against his lower body.  

Obviously, he was here to soak in the hot spring…..


Although he knew that he could do more than just simply soaking in the hot spring, it didn’t take long for him to feel aroused after entering the pool, which made Li Ming a little embarrassed and even a little vague aggravation.   

Such a deformed body… the water was too hot, he thought in a daze. When others knew it, they would only want to invade him ruthlessly. As for his own will, it was probably not in the other party’s consideration at all.

Thinking so, there was a sudden heat on his lips.  

The fingertips on his shoulders were hot, and he was easily imprisoned in this small area of ​​water. The kiss that fell on his lips was extremely light, stained with mist. The tip of the tongue entangled, and then kissed the corners of his lips again and again, carefully nibbling the delicate softness.  

He didn’t know how long it took. Finally, they separated reluctantly.  

Fang Yan panted and glanced at Li Ming, who was so dizzy after being kissed, then he held on to the edge of the pool.  

Forget it.  

His lower body was about to explode as he gritted his teeth.  

Let’s not cause trouble.

He was about to jump out of the hot spring pool, then a snow-white calf stretched out to block his way.  

He was so breathless after being kissed, there was a bit of water mist on his eyelashes, and his always cold eyes were also wet.  

He raised his face and looked at Fang Yan. Seeing the other party still frozen there, blushing, Li Ming rubbed against him. 

This time Fang Yan could no longer bear it.  

The water stirred up a large wave from the impact as Fang Yan pressed Li Ming against the edge of the pool.  


Li Ming’s voice was shaking, “Be gentle…..” 

Obviously, he was trying to hold back just now. There was no time to tear off the bathrobe. Fang Yan directly grabbed the n!pple tip through the thin layer of transparent fabric.  

The two bright red milk beads had long become excited. It already bulged sharply, like coral beads decorated on the snow-white chest. Being held at this moment, it swelled up hard. Obviously he knew how to tease. The tip of his tongue licked back and forth on the milk bead, then circled around the areola, finally he bit it with his canine teeth.  

The delicate and sensitive tip couldn’t bear such fierce play. Unconsciously raising his chest, Li Ming whispered in a small voice: “No…don’t.” 

He couldn’t help rubbing against Fang Yan, then his snow-white calf was caught.  

HIs lower body was still immersed in the hot spring, his legs were separated, but the other party did not enter immediately.  

He sucked on the flat chest until the red marks were interlaced with slight plumpness, before he willing to raise his head. Under the sparkling water surface, Fang Yan stretched out his hand and held the flower h0le in his palm.  

The swimming trunks were too tight, so the contour of the bulging on the fabric was particularly obvious. He wasn’t in a hurry to pull off the swimming trunks. His fingers traced the shape of the c*nt very provocatively through the slippery fabric, causing the tightened squishy p*ssy lips to become puffy and trembling. Then he vigorously rubbed the erected nub with a bad heart. 

With his heavy rub, Li Ming’s eyes turned red and his thighs instantly tensed up.

Fang Yan, however, didn’t seem to notice his predicament.

“Baby.” Feeling the person in his arms trembling, not only did he not withdraw his hand, he instead came up to Li Ming’s ear and blew, “Do you want it?” 

While saying so, he released his painful s*x organ from his swimming trunks.  

There was a warm breath in his ears. His lower body was played by the other party, and occasionally there was a hot, stiff glan hitting his erected cl*t. Li Ming couldn’t resist it, he whimpered impatiently: “I want…”  

“What do you want?” Fang Yan almost exploded but he was still very patient.  

Across the swimming trunks, the s*x organ thrusted and grinded on the wet mound several times.

Li Ming immediately cried out: “I want you… I want you to f*ck me!” 

The moment when his voice just fell, his swimming trunks were torn off.  

The last bit of patience disappeared without a trace. He held his s*x organ and indiscriminately rubbed the slit a few times. When he straightened his waist, Fang Yan rammed into it.  

“Wu…” Li Ming raised his neck.  

The feeling of doing it in the hot spring was very strange. Immersing in the water, he could hardly tell whether it was the hot spring water or the horrible thick s*x organ in his body that separated the female p*ssy. Especially at this time, Fang Yan also got a bad idea in his heart. Holding the snow-white waist, he took out the whole root and didn’t enter. The spring water poured in while the female hole was opened, and went to the palace mouth with the pumping action.  


He felt that his lower body was about to melt.  

Li Ming’s eyelashes trembled, “It’s hot…” 

The wet, soft and greasy kinky liquid was mixed with spring water, and the female hole became more and more moist. His legs were spread apart, and each hit was pushed to the deepest point. The top of the hot s*x organ hit the tender c*rvix severely, forcing it to twitch slightly and then opening a tiny slit.  

Fang Yan was about to force open that slit.  

“Hello.” Instead, a voice came from the compartment, “Your lunch reservation has arrived.”


Easter egg content

His consciousness was chaotic.

Hearing the voice, Li Ming couldn’t help but clamped the s*x organ in his body.

“Some…” The female hole convulsed uncontrollably. He subconsciously grabbed Fang Yan’s shoulder, “Someone…”

Originally, he thought Fang Yan would tell the service staff to come later.


“Okay.” Fang Yan raised his voice slightly, “You can come in and make arrangements.”


Li Ming’s eyes widened incredulously in an instant.

The wing room and the hot spring pool were not far away. If one looked over here, they would see him being pressed against the edge of the pool. Anyone would know what’s going on.

He was so scared that he wanted to run away immediately. Instead, he was restrained.

Fang Yan squeezed his waist, confining Li Ming in his arms, then changing the position with his back to the wing room. He hugged Li Ming in his arms and kissed him delicately on his nape: “It’s okay.”

Being nailed to that sexual organ, he couldn’t move. Li Ming could only listen as the service staff walked in.

He didn’t dare to move, he even breathed lightly, but Fang Yan stretched out his hand badly at this time and directly caught the slightly swollen n*pple tips.

The movements were slightly rough, regardless of the redness and swelling of the milk beads. The rough fingertips forcefully grinded the tip of the milk beads, each time provoking a slight trembling Li Ming.

His waist became limp. Biting his lip, he tried to keep himself from moaning.

The fierce thing in the cavity was also restless. It pused up slightly, and pressed against the soft and slippery gap at the uterus opening, grinding it for a long time. It forced the female cave to twitch and shrink, dripping sticky and hot juice.


At this moment, the attendant came this way again, “Your lunch is ready.”

Li Ming bit his lips tightly. He just wanted to survive this wave.

The tip of the n*pples was rubbed hard, and the burning s*x organ inside his body became more and more swollen and fierce, without waiting for him to resist, it went directly towards the cervix.


Being f*cked until it became soft and tender, the cervix was instantly poked open. The stiff glan squeezed through the small soft opening, the greasy liquid dripped from the gap, but more hot spring water poured in. With the pumping of the s*x organ, it gurgled and flowed in the uterine cavity.

He couldn’t stand this kind of stimulation.

He powerlessly kicked his legs twice. The female acupoint spasmed convulsively. Leaning in Fang Yan’s arms absent-mindedly, Li Ming couldn’t hear anything.

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      Lol now that u mentioned it i realized they mostly do it outdoors…. 🤣

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      True 😂 It gets exciting when they’re about to get discovered tho lol

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