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MBRCE Chapter 18

Important Plot 1

Translator: Hua


He didn’t know if it was high professionalism or he really didn’t see it. In short, the waiter didn’t express any surprises, and after another signal, he quietly left.   

Li Ming was still immersed in post o*gasm.    

After a long time in a daze, he came back to his senses and realized what happened just now. Ashamed and angry, Li Ming pushed Fang Yan away and wanted to go back to the shore. As a result, when he got up, he was shocked by his wet transparent bathrobe.  

Actually, he didn’t know what kind of expression he was showing, because the next second, Fang Yan, who had not eaten enough, dragged him back into the pool again, and unrestrainedly messed around several times. It was not until he was almost out of strength to beg for mercy that Fang Yan was willing to take him back to the wing room.  

Lunch was naturally cold. 

It could only be ordered again. 

At the end of autumn, the sunlight was getting shorter. The sky had already darkened after eating.

There was too much tossing today.  

He didn’t even want to move his fingertips.  

Lazily nestled in bed, despite the air conditioning, Li Ming still covered himself up with the blanket.   

Fang Yan didn’t seem to be afraid of the cold.  

He came out of the bathroom, not in a hurry to put on pajamas, with only boxer shorts, he wandered around the room topless, and finally asked Li Ming: “Wanna drink water?” 

The air-conditioned room was dry.  

Li Ming nodded.  

Fang Yan turned his back  to pour water, and his gaze swept over.  

He had a good figure, each muscle line was smooth and natural, and he was tall. It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that Fang Yan could simply tidy up a bit and he could make his debut as an advertising model and shoot magazine covers.  


His gaze was slightly frozen.  

Li Ming’s gaze stayed on Fang Yan’s back.  

From the left shoulder to the right waist, there was a long scar.  

It seemed that after a long time, the scar was already faint, a bit less hideous. But judging from the crisp and neat closing, it was obviously not a random bump, but a very sharp knife scratch.  

How did he get hurt like this?  

Fang Yan turned around and saw Li Ming staring at him motionless.  

Fang Yan laughed.  

“Is it terrible?” He handed the water over, and reached out to touch his back. His tone was very indifferent, “I fell in a gang fight during high school. Those grandson on the opposite side pitted me. They said one-on-one, but they rushed forward with seven or eight people.” 

He said it with ease. 

Li Ming froze for a moment. 

Fighting, gang fight?  

Although he knew that there were many students who were keen to fight in high school, he never thought that Fang Yan would fight. Somewhat at a loss, holding the cup for a while, he didn’t know what to say.  

“Look at this.” 

He seemed to feel that the injury on his back was not scary enough.  

Sitting down on the edge of the bed, Fang Yan bowed his head: “It’s this one on my head that hurts badly.”  

Usually, it was blocked by a slightly fluffy hairstyle. Only when the hair was separated could he see a scar from the forehead to the back of the head. Just like the scar on his back, after many years, only a faint whiteness remained. If you didn’t pay attention to it, you might even think it was a deliberately split hairline.  

“If I hadn’t been taken to the hospital on time, I probably would have died.” 

His tone was an understatement.  

Fang Yan seemed to be talking about something completely unrelated to him.  

Li Ming, however, was very frightened. 

“You…” He couldn’t help but stretch out his hand and gently touched the scar. “Were you… so fierce in those days?” 

Although his appearance was indeed a bit sharp on closer inspection, Fang Yan usually had a smiling face, and he was notoriously talkative in the laboratory. It was really hard to associate him with the concept of fighting and brawling.


He swept a glance at him lazily.  

Fang Yan leaned over and deliberately blew in his ear: “A good student like you despises me?” 

Warm exhaled breath blew in the ear. 

Li Ming’s eyelashes trembled.  

“I’m sleepy.” Without answering his question, he put the water glass back in Fang Yan’s hand, and then went back into the quilt.  

A low chuckle came from behind.   

Lying in bed, Li Ming did not fall asleep.  

Lying on his side, with his eyes closed, he was still thinking about what Fang Yan had just said.   

He had never been very sociable. It was already pretty good if he was able to recognize his classmates in his three years of high school. Li Ming wasn’t familiar with the group of students who were keen to fight and brawl, but he occasionally met them on campus.  

In fact, it was difficult for anyone to ignore them completely.  

They never wore school uniforms, and without anywhere to vent their energy, those 16 or 17-year-old teenagers even walked on rampage. Laughing and swaggering in school shoulder to shoulder, anyone who saw them had to carefully avoid them.  

Was Fang Yan one of them?  

He tried hard to remember the appearance of those gangsters, in fact, Li Ming really remembered a few. Because he had accidentally blocked their way, he was aggressively blocked in the corridor. That time he almost thought he was going to be beaten up, after all, it wasn’t like the other side hadn’t done this before. 

But strangely enough, when he was silently thinking about where to protect himself while taking a beating, those teenagers just stared at him with a ferocious expression for a long time, and in the end they didn’t do anything, not even cursing at him. They just gave him deathly glare. After staring enough in speechless dismay, they came and went like wind.  

At that time, he saw their faces clearly.  

Fang Yan was indeed not there.  

He really didn’t know if Fang Yan had any contact with those teenagers.  

While still pondering over this matter, Li Ming’s waist sank. 

The big bed in the VIP room was surprisingly big, and two adult men lying on it was nothing. But Fang Yan insisted on coming to his side. Unsatisfied when he came closer, he put his arm around him. 

“Don’t despise me.” He rubbed against the crook of his  neck. Fang Yan’s tone sounded aggrieved: “I haven’t had a fight in many years.” 

Li Ming: “……” 

It seemed that he used to fight often.  

Being hugged to sleep from behind was actually uncomfortable, especially because the quilt was very thick and Fang Yan’s body temperature was high. After a while, a thin layer of sweat appeared on his forehead.  


But in the end, Li Ming didn’t break away from this overly warm embrace.  

He just whispered, “Good night.” 


After the trip to the hot springs, the weather quickly turned cold.  

There was little snow in the south, but the air was extremely cold and humid. Even if the air conditioner was turned on, the room wasn’t very warm.  

“Brother Li! Brother Ming! Dad!” 

In the laboratory, Zheng Cong dragged Li Ming to keep him from leaving, “Please! Help me look at the data, I really don’t understand what’s wrong! Please, please!” 

Li Ming: “……” 

Why didn’t he beg him when he deliberately put the erotic yukata in the room.   

In the end, Zheng Cong had helped him, it wasn’t good to not say anything.  Fang Yan put in some good words for him: “Just help him take a look at it. When you’re done, we can go to dinner.” 

Li Ming was too lazy to deal with these two guys who one sang and one chimed. He knew Zheng Cong’s amazing academic level, so Li Ming decided to do the experiment again by himself.  

When the experiment was half done, the phone placed aside rang.  

He was proceeding to a critical step and did not intend to answer, but the other party called three times in a row. He could only look up and motion to Fang Yan to answer it for him.  

Standing to the side, Zheng Cong then watched Fang Yan smilingly pick it up. Then the smile instantly solidified on his face.  

“It’s a woman!” Covering the phone, he glared at Li Ming, “It’s a sweet voice calling you Xiao Ming!” 

What’s going on here? 

Still covering the phone, Fang Yan’s expression was extremely unkind. He drove away an older brother last time. Is it a younger sister this time?  

As soon as he heard Fang Yan say that, Li Ming understood. He gestured for Fang Yan to put the phone to his ear. 

Under Fang Yan’s jealous and indignant expression and Zheng Cong’s inquisitive gossip eyes, Li Ming said calmly, “Auntie.” 

With his father running away and mother remarrying, Li Ming was raised by his aunt Li Yue.  

She studied vocal music at university and after graduation, she stayed as a teacher. She had a sweet voice and an excellent figure. Even though she was over forty, Li Yue looked extremely young, and her voice was as clear and beautiful as a little girl. As soon as she opened her mouth, everyone in the audience would be attracted.  

Li Ming had a deep affection for this aunt.  

The impression of his biological father and mother was extremely vague, but he still remembered that when he was a child, Li Yue often took him to the park and spent a whole day playing with him. When he finally played enough, the pair of aunt and nephew would buy an ice cream and go home while eating. 

Since childhood, Li Yue had never missed any of his parents’ meetings. No matter how busy she was, she would take some time off to attend. Wearing the most beautiful clothes and putting on beautiful makeup, she would sit in the first row with all the attention, listening to the class teacher praise him.  

Above all things, for more than twenty years, She had never been married.  

When he was eight years old, Li Ming remembered that an enthusiastic aunt from the neighborhood committee came to the door to introduce someone to Li Yue. At that time, Li Yue was pulling him to watch a popular Korean drama on TV. Her beautiful eyes were red with tears, she told that aunt while choking and wiping her tears: “I won’t marry unless I can find the man in the drama!” 

That auntie passed the news among themselves the fastest. Soon after, everyone knew that Teacher Li who was almost 30 years old still had a teenage girl’s heart. But how can TV dramas be regarded as reality?  

With her crying like that, that aunt who introduced a person on their own initiative no longer came.  

At that time, Li Ming was young and thought that Li Yue really liked the handsome and gentle president in the TV drama. But later, after the other party repeatedly refused and rejected the pursuit of successful young men in the real world, he slowly understood.  


The so-called idol drama standard was just an excuse.  

Li Yue didn’t want to marry at all.  

As for the reason, he understood without saying.  

In fact, most of the men who pursued Li Yue didn’t mind him, an extra child, at all. They had the money and power, so raising a child wasn’t a problem. Some people even took the agreement directly, claiming that as long as they got married, they would give him one-third of the property.  

But Li Yue didn’t agree. She was afraid that those people might hurt him.  

Living under the same roof, there was no secret that could be completely hidden. She was unwilling to gamble, even if there was only one in ten thousand possibilities.  

Li Yue never mentioned these things to Li Ming, but he was well aware.  

His aunt’s character was innocent and artless. A person in her forties still loved to watch dog-blood romantic dramas. She would also be swindled of money by a con man on the street, and then call him while crying in a low voice. Perhaps because all the considerations in her life were all spent on him, so for the rest of the time, she was naturally innocent like a girl who hadn’t seen the world.  

“Is something wrong at home?” 

He couldn’t help but worry whether Li Yue had been tricked again. 

Li Ming frowned slightly. 

“Nothing, nothing!” At the other end of the phone, Li Yue’s voice was as sweet as ever,  “I saw the weather forecast on your side will cool down tomorrow. Do you have thick clothes to wear? I just transferred you a sum of money. If it’s cold, quickly go to the mall and buy some clothes, don’t bear the cold!” 

After talking about the weather, she asked about Li Ming’s studies again. In the end, it seemed that there was really nothing to ask. She remained silent for a long time, but did not hang up.  


With a tight frown, Li Ming said in a deep voice, “You tell me the truth, what happened?” 

She just made three calls in a row. It couldn’t be merely for these little things.  

“Xiao Ming…” Sure enough, when his tone was serious, Li Yue’s voice became softer in an instant, which was her subconscious reaction when something was wrong.  

“Xiao Ming.” 

After thinking about it, it’s better to let Li Ming decide by himself. Li Yue said, “I got a call today. Your mother, she… passed away.”

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