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MBRCE Chapter 19

Important Plot 2

Translator: Hua

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Who would have thought that the sweet and beautiful voice on the other end of the phone came from Li Ming’s aunt.    

Fang Yan suddenly widened his eyes.  He was in shock, he hadn’t come back to his senses until Li Ming signaled him to hang up the phone.  

“What, what’s wrong?” Fang Yan asked.  

He finally found his words but he still stumbled a bit with his speech. 


Li Ming lowered his head to continue the experiment. His tone was flat, “It’s nothing, it’s just that my mom died.” 

Fang Yan: “Oh…???” 

You call this nothing???


He almost thought he’d heard wrong. After exchanging horrified glances with Zheng Cong, he realized that it wasn’t only him.  

He was absorbed in the experiment, and completely didn’t notice the bizarre expressions of the two people next to him. After correcting the wrong data for Zheng Cong, Li Ming raised his head: “Okay, let’s have dinner.” 

Fang Yan, Zheng Cong: “?????” 


What dinner?  

Is this the time to eat?   


His face was calm, as if he hadn’t seen their horror at all. After packing up his things, Li Ming took his bag and left.  

The dinner was death silent.  

Zheng only dared to sit on the opposite side of the chair, tremblingly trying to maintain his balance while desperately shooting a signal at Fang Yan with his eyes.

——Is he too heart broken and overwhelmed with a nervous breakdown?  

——Isn’t he too calm when encountering such a thing?  

For a while, he couldn’t figure out what was going on. Fang Yan could only stare back, signaling Zheng Cong not to make small movements and eat obediently.  

With his eyes hanging low, he could clearly see the two people staring at each other through his peripheral vision. 

Li Ming picked up the plate: “I’m done.” 

Fang Yan didn’t even touch a bite of rice. He motioned  Zheng Cong to eat his own meal while getting up to chase after Li Ming. 


The walk from the cafeteria back to the dormitory wasn’t long, but the autumn night was humid and cold. When he returned to the dormitory, he already felt chilly. Only after a shower did he barely feel a little warm.  

He came out of the bathroom and dried his hair. Seeing Fang Yan’s cautious and hesitant expression, Li Ming said nothing. He just walked over, then pulled the other party’s waistband.  

Fang Yan subconsciously raised his hand to stop Li Ming’s movements. He was about to speak but was preempted by Li Ming.   

He stared at him quietly for a while. There was no expression on his normally indifferent face.  

“I want to do it.” Li Ming said calmly.  

He didn’t say a word more, only looking at the other party quietly.

There was a stalemate for a while, finally Fang Yan was defeated: “You…” 

He clearly wanted to say something, but he was stared at by those dark eyes with imperceptible emotions. He could only lower his head to kiss Li Ming.  

Just like the previous silent supper, this was an almost silent affair.  

They entangled in one place, neither of them spoke, only the gasping sound showed the intensity of their s*xual affair.  

Biting his lip, he shut all the moans in his mouth.  

Until the s*x organ contained in his body ej*culated into his womb, and his toes tightened, only then did  Li Ming reach out to wrap his arms around Fang Yan.   

“I hate her.” 

There was a strange soreness in his lower abdomen.  

The tightened the female h*le prevented Fang Yan from pulling it out. Lying on his shoulders, his voice was very soft. He seemed to mutter to himself, “She thinks I’m a disgusting monster.” 

His biological mother never came to find him on her own initiative. But in junior high school, Li Ming once met the other party on the street by accident.  

In fact, he just thought that the woman in the floral skirt was a bit familiar. For a moment of curiosity, he stopped and looked for a little while. As a result, when the woman looked up, they both actually recognized each other.  

Strangely enough, they hadn’t seen each other for nearly ten years, but he didn’t understand how they recognized each other intuitively.  

Placing it on other people, it was a good story of blood thicker than water. Unfortunately, when it came to him, it turned into a complete farce.  

Still holding the arm of the man on her side, she realized that the boy in front of her was the child she had given birth to many years ago.  

Her eyes widened instantly, then she pulled the man and left. Before leaving, the woman didn’t forget to turn her head and warned him silently with her lips.  

It was a simple word.  



Since then, he had never met his birth mother again.  

But at midnight, Li Ming often woke up from nightmares. In his dreams, the other party was still the same as he saw in junior high school. Over and over again, she asked him to scram.  

“I hate her.” He repeated it again.  

Lying on Fang Yan’s shoulder, Li Ming’s voice was muffled, “I don’t want to go to her funeral.” 

In fact, when Li Yue asked him if he wanted to go a few hours ago, he had already refused. After all, there was no familial affection between the two of them. They hadn’t seen each other for so many years. They were even more unfamiliar than strangers, so there was no need for a special trip.  

When refusing, he even had the pleasure of revenge. Since she didn’t treat him as a son, then he won’t go to see her for the last time.  

This should have been the best possible way to handle it. But Li Ming didn’t know why his heart felt upset.

It was as if he was back in junior high school, the feeling of being scolded and alienated on the street had returned. He even began to vaguely doubt whether he was really the same as the other party had said. He was a monster that shouldn’t be born. Everyone was very anxious to stay away from him.  

“Don’t think about it.” 

Fang Yan sensed that the arms around his neck tightened slightly, he hugged Li Ming, “You are the best.” 

Afraid that he would not believe it, he kissed him carefully, from the forehead to the corner of his lips: “If you don’t want to go, then don’t go, it doesn’t matter.” 

He obediently let Fang Yan kiss him. There was a long period of silence before Li Ming said: “I…want to go.” 

It wasn’t like he had a “blood thicker than water” sentiment with his birth mother. He just thought that maybe after going there… he wouldn’t have those horrible nightmares anymore.  


Kissing the corners of his lips again, Fang Yan held him in his arms: “Then I will accompany you.” 


It just so happened that he wasn’t really busy recently. Li Ming took a week off and got on the plane to go home.  

In fact, after he slowly calmed down, he didn’t want Fang Yan to come with him. As a result, as soon as he said something, he was pressed on the bed and flogged. When he recovered, the other party had already booked the plane ticket.  

With no way out, he could only let him follow.  

Seemingly afraid that he was in a bad mood, Fang Yan’s mouth did not stop all the way. He told him all the funny things that happened in the laboratory. Finally, there was really nothing to say, so he just leaned into his ear: “Don’t stay in the hotel, come to my house.” 

He didn’t tell his aunt that he was coming back to attend the funeral, so he couldn’t go home. Li Ming originally wanted to stay in a hotel.  

Stay at Fang Yan’s house?  

He glanced at the other person, and subconsciously refused: “No.” 

What kind of talk is this?

How can a stranger rush to stay at someone else’s house?  

“My parents are traveling around the world, so they are not at home.” Knowing that Li Ming would refuse, Fang Yan wasn’t discouraged, “There is no one else at home except me, so come over.” 

As he said, he gently scratched Li Ming’s palm with his fingers.  

With the slight itch on his palm, he was pestered until having no choice. Li Ming could only reluctantly agree.

Three hours later, the plane landed.  

Without any luggage, he walked through the arrival exit, but Li Ming was suddenly stopped.  

“Xiao Ming?”  

It seemed that he didn’t expect to meet him at the airport.  The look on Ji Pingzhi’s face had a bit of pleasant surprise, then he suppressed it, “Why are you back? Is it for…” 

Li Ming also didn’t expect Ji Pingzhi to appear here.  He was keenly aware that Fang Yan’s face had sunken.  

Li Ming smiled: “Brother, why are you here?” 

“Oh…” Seeing Fang Yan’s obvious displeased expression, Ji Pingzhi smoothly moved away from the topic, “I’m picking up someone. Who knows I can meet you again.” 

“Lin Hu!” 

While talking, he waved behind Li Ming, “Here! I’m over here!” 

Li Ming thought this name was very familiar. He turned around and was startled.

Indeed, he should be familiar with this name, because coming towards them was no other than his high school classmate.  

To be more accurate, he was his desk mate for two years after he divided his subjects in high school.  

“You…” It was a little unexpected that Lin Hu and Ji Pingzhi were so familiar. He looked at Ji Pingzhi, “Do you know him?” 

The already approaching Lin Hu heard the question, then he laughed. 

He was completely opposite to Li Ming’s personality. He was naturally a lively and cheerful type. He glanced at Li Ming with a smile, then at the expressionless Fang Yan on the side. Li Hu froze and quickly looked away.  

“Why don’t you tell Li Ming.” 

Lin Hu took Ji Pingzhi’s hand very naturally and smiled, “Pingzhi is my boyfriend.”

This Lin Hu is very sus. ಠಿ_ಠ
Can’t give any spoiler because I read while translating. U_U

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  1. Avatar OHtheNovelty says:

    I already read the raws so I knooow~

    But no spoilers from me either!

    Thanks for the chapter! 😘

  2. Avatar nix says:

    owo now I’m curious, he seem to know Fang Yan? >,< btw, I might have forgot it, but is this Pingzhi's first appearance? Is he a blood-related brother or just a friend of Li Ming?

    1. Hua Hua says:

      Ping Zhi is the step brother that came to visit Li Ming previously.

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