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MBRCE Chapter 20

Important Plot 3

Translator: Hua

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He never thought that these two people would be a couple, Li Ming was stunned: “When did you guys…”

“I still want to thank you.” Holding Ji Pingzhi’s hand, Lin Hu giggled:  “If Pingzhi hadn’t come over to see you every day in high school, the two of us wouldn’t have had the chance to meet each other.”

High school? 

Li Ming glanced at Ji Pingzhi with no visible expression on his face.

Listening to Lin Hu’s tone, they must have been in a relationship for several years. Obviously he already had a boyfriend, why did the other party come to see him last time…

With Li Ming giving him such a look, Jing Pingzhi seemed a little uncomfortable. He touched the tip of his nose: “Okay, let’s talk about these things later.”

Finally remembering that he had come to help Ji Pingzhi organize the funeral, Lin Hu said a few polite words to Li Ming and walk away holding Ji Pingzhi’s hand.

Frowning, Li Ming was still thinking about how these two people came together when he heard Fang Yan snorted disdainfully: “I’m sick.”

“It’s a coincidence.” Knowing that he didn’t like Ji Pingzhi, Li Ming was not surprised, “He wasn’t here to pick me up.”

“I didn’t mean your good brother.”

Although he still thought Ji Pingzhi was annoying, Fang Yan wasn’t referring to the other party, “How to say it, your classmate is so…” bitchy.

Fang Yan didn’t say the last half sentence, but he understood what Lin Hu was trying to say just now.

When he said Ji Pingzhi went to school every day to find Li Ming, he clearly told this to him. If his brain was a little damaged, he might be suspicious of Li Ming and Ji Pingzhi’s previous relationship.

“He was also like this before.”

Li Ming was thinking about the funeral. He didn’t want to care too much. 


Fang Yan couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows. It was a miracle that Lin Hu hadn’t been beaten to death for so many years1Refers to Lin Hu’s provocative mouth.

“Let’s go.” The other party had nothing to do with him. He was happy to see Ji Pingzhi pick up such a bad thing. Since Li Ming didn’t care, Fang Yan didn’t say anything. 

The two returned to Fang’s house together. 

Although he knew that Fang Yan’s family should be well off, Li Ming frowned slightly when the taxi slowly drove into the city center and entered the upscale villa area. 

“Uh…” Fang Yan rarely had such a guilty conscience. “The driver and nanny usually live in the side building. They won’t come to the main building If I didn’t ask.”

Therefore, it was true that there were no others at home, right? 

Li Ming: “……”

It must have been really difficult for such a noble and precious young master to live with him in a double dormitory. 

Thinking of this, he quickly understood why Fang Yan didn’t rent a house off campus. His expression instantly became unspeakable. 

Fang Yan was all the more guilty. In the hall, he called the housekeeper auntie to come over and cook dinner. Then he dragged Li Ming to the second floor. 

He was extremely adaptable, and it took him only half a minute to accept the fact that the other person lived on an entire floor by himself. Fang Yan went downstairs to discuss with auntie what to eat in the evening, leaving Li Ming idly wandering on the second floor by himself, which could accommodate five or six ordinary families. 

The design was arbitrary, the walls on both sides of the living room were nailed with transparent glass cabinets dedicated to putting handicrafts of various colors. After staring at the colorful figurines for a while and losing interest, Li Ming proceeded to go inside. 

Through one room after another, he soon arrived at the master bedroom. 

The floor was covered with snow-white fur carpet, and it was soft to step on. Fortunately, the big bed in the center was of normal size, and didn’t take up hundreds of square meters of space like in Mary Su’s novels. 

In the most private space, the owner’s hobbies were unreservedly displayed. Boxing gloves were hung on the wall, metal nunchaku2 were thrown in the corners, and there was even a knife rack next to the French windows with a well-made Chinese long knife. 

Li Ming: “……”

Is it too late for him to say he wants to go out and stay in a hotel? 

He was stunned by the furnishings of the master bedroom. Li Ming planned to leave, but when his eyes turned, he saw the picture frame on the bedside table. 

His mind moved slightly as he walked towards the bed. 

He thought it was Fang Yan’s photo, so he wanted to take this opportunity to see if he could remember what happened in high school. Picking up the photo frame, Li Ming was stunned. 

The person in the frame was not Fang Yan. 

It was himself. 

Wearing the blue and white uniform that was characteristic of high school while standing in the shade of the tree, the young man looked cold and unapproachable. But the sunlight passing through the gaps between the leaves, sprinkled a piece of crystal clear light on his eyelashes, and the indifferent expression became inexplicably gentle as a result. 

It was incompatible with other tough and murderous furnishings. 

 Being placed on the head of the bed, as soon as the owner opened his eyes, he would catch sight of it. 

He gripped the frame. Looked at the cold-looking boy in the photo, Li Ming slightly pursed his lips and smiled silently. 


At first, he just thought Fang Yan was afraid that something would happen if he came back alone. But soon Li Ming realized Fang Yan was here to make trouble.

On the second day after returning here, Fang Yan first invited a private tailor to customize the suit for attending the funeral, and then dragged him to cut his hair. While the stylist was clicking and waving the scissors, he heard Fang Yan talking on the phone, “Is your GTR3A car but I’m not sure which model. still there? Call your driver to drive over in a few days, and call Lao Xu to get together a team for me.”

He usually didn’t pay much attention to cars. 

But GTR was so famous that anyone who had read the initial D4GTR and Initial D was originally written in Raw. Not sure what it means. T_T knew what Fang Yan was going to do. Li Ming couldn’t help turning his head. 

“Sports cars look good.” 

He didn’t understand what he meant at all. 

Fang Yan explained, “Otherwise, just drive the few Bentleys at home.”

Li Ming: “???”

No matter how slow he was, he also understood the other party’s intentions at this time. 

He decisively refused: “It’s not necessary.”

He was going to the funeral, not a glorious homecoming. There was no need to fuss about it.

“It is necessary.”

He had always listened to Li Ming, but this time, Fang Yan had a rare moment of disobedience. As if thinking of something again, he coldly hooked the corner of his mouth, “To tell you the truth, at first I wanted to hire a singing and dancing troupe to sing an auspicious day song over there.”

Li Ming: “……”

Before, he might have taken it as a joke. But after seeing those things in the master bedroom, he vaguely perceived that the other party’s temperament didn’t seem to be as gentle as usual. He felt that there was a high probability that Fang Yan would do something like this. 

In the end, he couldn’t dissuade him, so he could only go along. 


The day of the funeral. 

After marrying father Ji, mother Li didn’t give birth to another child so her funeral could only be handled by Ji Pingzhi. Father Ji was a businessman, and the arrangement was quite extravagant so they wouldn’t be looked down on by others. Ji Pingzhi was so busy that if it weren’t for Lin Hu’s help, he was afraid the guests who came to mourn would see them as a joke. 

With mental exhaustion, Ji Pingzhi stood next to the coffin and received the comfort of the guests. His consciousness was drifting when in the next instant, he was awakened by the roar of the engine. 

“The splendor is big enough.”

“Which company did Old Ji do business with?”

Listening to the guests’ whispers, Ji Pingzhi couldn’t help raising his eyes. Then his face was stiff. 

The arrangement wasn’t stingy, but there were several expensive sports cars with smooth lines parked at the door, and the engine was ringing low, which made the mourning scene turn upside down. 

And this wasn’t the worst yet.

It was difficult to move his gaze away. Ji Pingzhi watched as Fang Yan opened the car door for Li Ming. 

He was no longer the youthful teenager wearing the blue and white uniform in high school during those years. He was dressed in a pure black suit with a silk tie. The young man standing in the doorway with sharp eyebrows and a calm demeanor easily attracted the attention of the entire audience without having to open his mouth.

“Xiao Ji.” A curious guest asked Ji Pingzhi, “Who is that?”

Ji Pingzhi opened his mouth but he couldn’t utter a word. 

He couldn’t look away at all, he stared blankly at Li Ming walking towards this side then turned around to the guest area. 

“Not going over?”

Following Li Ming step by step, Fang Yan asked. 

He looked up, his eyes scanned the black and white photo in the center of the mourning hall. 

Li Ming’s eyelashes trembled slightly: “No need, that’s not necessary.”

There was a little apprehension before leaving, and even a vague feeling of unease when the car was parked, but when he stepped into the mourning hall and saw that woman surrounded by the wreath, he instantly felt nothing. 

It was a far cry from the face in his memory. 

He had no recollection of the woman in the black-and-white photo. No matter how much he looked at it, he couldn’t find a sense of familiarity, just like looking at a stranger who had nothing to do with him. 

Staring at him quietly, those eyes that were no longer young didn’t have any emotions, there was no love or disgust. 

It was hollow. 

Looking around, except for Ji Pingzhi beside the coffin, he did not see the man who was held by that woman. Perhaps the business was too busy, perhaps the lack of affection for his deceased wife, or perhaps it was due to other reasons. In short, the other party did not show up at the funeral site.

Li Ming suddenly felt ridiculous. 

At that time, she was so afraid that he would become a blemish in her life, afraid of being looked down upon and cast aside by her husband after he found out. In the end, the one who came to send her off was actually this unwanted child. 

It was really laughable.

Until Fang Yan pulled his sleeve, only then did Li Ming notice his gaffe. 

He reduced the smile on his lips and shook his head at Fang Yan: “I’m fine.”

It was nothing but a sad and wretched person. He was no longer the child who was at a loss. He wouldn’t feel sad anymore. 


All his attention was drawn away by Li Ming. Until the memorial speech was over, Ji Pingzhi was still muddleheaded.

The local custom was to accept the condolences from guests on the day of the funeral, the next day, the family would then send the deceased to the crematorium for cremation. After the long and complicated ceremony ended, the guests gradually dispersed, and there were few people left in the mourning hall. 

“Excuse me.” After hesitating for a long time, he finally walked forward. Ji Pingzhi looked at Fang Yan, “Can I have a few words with Xiao Ming alone?”

He subconsciously wanted to refuse, but after glancing at Li Ming, Fang Yan said coldly: “Ten minutes.”

Ji Pingzhi showed a slightly bitter smile, said thank you in a low voice, and led Li Ming into the hall. 

This was originally the Ji family’s old house. Feeling a little sorry for not attending the funeral, father Ji referred to this place as the mourning hall. In the end, he still had a bit of decency left. 

There were winding paths everywhere. They came to a secluded place within a few steps. Ji Pingzhi stopped in his tracks.

“Thank you.” With red eyes, he said to Li Ming, “Thank you for coming.”

After all, there was no big conflict between the two of them, no one was perfect, and Li Ming didn’t care too much about Ji Pingzhi’s little thought. 

“Take care of yourself.” He responded faintly. 

Hearing the estrangement in Li Ming’s tone, he was silent for a while. Ji Pingzhi was about to speak. 

“Ji Pingzhi!”

Then he was interrupted by a scream. 

It was hard to imagine that a man could make that kind of shrill voice. Lin Hu rushed over and slapped Ji Pingzhi in the face: “You are so cheap! Is it so cool to lick5Dog licking is an internet slang term meaning that you try to pursue the person who doesn’t like you by disregarding your own bottom line and dignity. Although you know the other person doesn’t like you, you will still do everything to please them. someone else?”

This slap was extremely heavy. 

It was not only stunned Ji Pingzhi, but Li Ming was also dumbfounded. 

“Lin Hu…” Realizing that the other party might have misunderstood something, he said, “We didn’t…”

“Shut up!”

After having been busy with the funeral for a long time, he was already tired. Seeing Ji Pingzhi and Li Ming hiding here, Lin Hu almost collapsed, “You have Fang Yan! Can’t you leave me alone? Why do you have to steal Pingzhi from me?”

Li Ming was taken aback. 

“Fang Yan?” He couldn’t help asking, “How do you know his name?”

If he remembered correctly, Fang Yan did not introduce himself when he was at the airport that day. 

How did Lin Hu know? 

He didn’t expect him to ask that. 

Lin Hu was also taken aback. 

He immediately looked at Ji Pingzhi. In fact, it was just an unconscious action. But after seeing the warning look in the other party’s eyes, he burst out laughing. 

“How do I know?” While laughing, Lin Hu pointed to Ji Pingzhi, “Why don’t you ask your good brother? Ask him why I know?”

“Lin Hu!”

He didn’t have much reaction when was slapped, but hearing this sentence, Ji Pingzhi’s face abruptly sank. 

“Why?” Laughing so hard that tears flowed out of his eyes, Lin Hu covered his abdomen, his expression was a bit sad, “You don’t dare to let him know what you’ve done? What are you afraid of? Anyway, no matter how you stop them, they are still together, aren’t they?”

If he hadn’t figured things out before, when these few words came out, Li Ming shuddered. 

“You…” He looked at Lin Hu, then at Ji Pingzhi, “You guys…”

The one thing he couldn’t figure out no matter what was why Fang Yan’s love letters were all thrown away. 

With so many love letters, one or two should have been received, but none of them were delivered to him, and they were all thrown into the trash can. He couldn’t think of anyone who could stop them every time. 

But Linhu could. 

Sitting next to him, he could see the movement over here by just raising his eyes. With a little reach, he could get the love letter originally given to him, then throw it directly into the trash can at the back door. 

He thought about many possibilities, but never thought that Lin Hu would be the one who did it.

Li Ming’s voice was shaking when he opened his mouth.

“Why?” When he spoke, his mouth was filled with the taste of blood as he tried to restrain himself, “Why!”

To be fair, throughout his high school years, he did not do anything wrong to Lin Hu. 

Why did he treat him this way? 

“Pingzhi, Pingzhi!”

He didn’t answer, he slapped Ji Ping’s face severely earlier, but for some reason, Lin Hu’s momentum instantly weakened. 

“I was wrong, I was wrong!” Rushing toward Ji Pingzhi, he hugged the other party’s leg, crying and begging desperately, “Whatever you want me to do, I’ll do it, don’t break up with me! Please! Don’t break up with me!”

He looked very miserable. He cried and begged Ji Pingzhi to forgive him, yet the latter didn’t have a single expression on his face. 

Shedding off his gentle and elegant disguise, Ji Pingzhi looked down at Lin Hu coldly and kicked him.

This kick was very strong. Lin Hu’s head knocked on the steps and he was immediately silent.

He was surprised by the other party’s sudden atrocities. After a few seconds, Li Ming turned around and ran, keenly aware that the current situation was not right. 

However, after he ran for a few steps, there was a sharp pain in the back of the head.

  • 1
    Refers to Lin Hu’s provocative mouth.
  • 2
  • 3
    A car but I’m not sure which model.
  • 4
    GTR and Initial D was originally written in Raw. Not sure what it means. T_T
  • 5
    Dog licking is an internet slang term meaning that you try to pursue the person who doesn’t like you by disregarding your own bottom line and dignity. Although you know the other person doesn’t like you, you will still do everything to please them.
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